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Singles' Day 11.11 Camping Discounts

What is Singles Day 11.11 Sale?

Originally from China, Singles' Day is a massive shopping event geared for singles to treat themselves by shopping, fine dining, and travelling. Numerous businesses and e-commerce stores participate during this day, offering the biggest discounts and awesome deals for a 24-hour period. Singles' Day is celebrated every 11th of November and has quickly gained popularity in other countries including Australia.

How is Singles Day 11.11 Sale celebrated?

Basically, Singles' Day is like a "treat yourself" day. You celebrate it however you want to, but make sure you take advantage of the price slash to make the most out of it! In China, even the tech and e-commerce giant Alibaba offers price cuts on their items—a move which was eventually followed by several other online shopping sites. This is pretty much the same for Australia. It's one of the best days to go shopping along with mega sale events like Black Friday!

What can you buy on Singles' Day?

Almost every shopping sectors offer discounts on Singles' Day! Whether you're into fashion, electronics, food, outdoor gear, and even real estate, you'll get to enjoy an impressive price slash. Pro tip: Prepare a list of the items you'll be shopping for before the big day. This way, you can organise which stores to check out first and have more time to compare discounts in different shops.

Why shop at Outbax?

Every outdoor lover knows that camping can be expensive. This is your chance to enjoy huge savings on generators, batteries, and solar panels! Outbax prepares the most awesome deals on Singles' Day, so it's the best time to either upgrade your outdoor gear or buy a new one.

We're known to offer top-notch quality items at budget-friendly price tags, so imagine how much more of a steal it would be during this event. On top of that, we offer free shipping & flexible payment methods within Australia too. It's like the best of the best pricing combos offered in one day!

What to expect during Singles' Day?

That affordable generator or inflatable spa you’ve been eyeing for months now could be priced even lower on Singles' Day. It’s a day for great discounts and fun shopping sprees, so get your online shopping carts ready!

Aside from outdoor gear, we offer more camping essentials here such as mattresses, lanterns, and portable kitchens. Outbax is continuously evolving to deliver new product ranges and so far, you can now get car accessories, power tools, garden tools, and gym equipment here. Now that’s a lot of essentials for a variety of outdoor activities.

Stay tuned for 11.11 and be the first to check out your favourite items!