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Ladders might seem fitter in worksites or garages but they are a must-have in gardens too, just like other tools such as diggers & pressure washers. A garden ladder helps you reach those overgrown hedges when it's time for trimming the same way it helps you put up Christmas decorations on trees and roof edges. 

These garden tools also come in different types instead of just one universal kind. After all, climbing jobs and the location you're working in vary. Using a single type of ladder for everything can be unproductive and sometimes even dangerous. 

Luckily, garden ladders are readily available both online and in-store. You could easily choose from Bunnings ladders or check out your options in online shops like Outbax.

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What Are The Types Of Ladders?

Step Ladders

A step ladder is one of the most common ladder types in the market. It features an upside-down "V" structure with only one climbable side. This allows for easy balance on almost all level ground without having to prop it against a wall. Often, these are also foldable for convenient transport and storage.  

Straight Ladders

These look like half of the step ladders. Also called a single ladder, they are non-supporting and require an anchor for setup. The good thing about them is that you get to go closer to your work area, perfect for roofing and gutter cleaning jobs. These ladders are also portable but do not have the hinges to shorten their height and minimise the space they occupy. 

Platform Ladders

Several gardening and repair tasks require a platform ladder. As the name says, this self-supporting ladder functions as a semi-work platform for high-reach jobs where you need to stay on top for long periods such as painting, decorating, and landscaping. You could liken it to a scaffolding ladder, but more for gardening instead of construction.

Extension Ladders

An extension ladder is another non-supporting type of ladder but is adjustable. It's usually divided into two to three sections to provide additional height as needed. Another well-known type of extendable ladder is the telescopic ladder, which differs as it uses patented technology to adjust and lock to your desired height for maximum versatility. 

Trestle Ladders

The best thing about trestle ladders is that they can support two people. These are like step ladders but with dual climbable sides, ideal for tasks that require company such as home renovations or cleaning projects.

Multi-Way Ladders

These are mostly suited for those who constantly work on a variety of projects that require different ladder types. Multi-way ladders incorporate one or two kinds of ladder in one ensemble for convenient switching between jobs. 

What Are The Most Common Ladder Materials?

The most popular ladder materials would be metal, wood, and fibreglass. If you're wondering which one best fits your need, you'd have to consider more than just the construction but also your budget, project needs, and transportation requirements. 

First material to discuss is metal, which is usually made from aluminium. Metal aluminium ladders are lightweight & easy to move around, ideal for jobs that require a lot of repositioning. They're quite affordable too and extra durable as they are rust-proof & won't deteriorate under harsh weather conditions. 

Perhaps the only downside of this material is that it can complete an electrical circuit so this may not be the best choice for electrical projects. It also reflects ambient temperature and can be uncomfortable to use under extreme heat or cold. 

A wooden ladder, on the other hand, is non-conductive, resistant to ambient temperature, and on the affordable side as well. However, they're often heavier and sometimes not as durable especially if left exposed to outdoor conditions for long periods. 

Last but not least, we have fibreglass ladders. These are the most expensive out of all three materials but are also by far the best. They're sturdy, temperature-resistant, and non-conducive. The only con of fibreglass in terms of quality is that it's a little bit heavier and hard to transport.

How To Shop For The Best Ladder?

As mentioned earlier, there are other factors to consider aside from the material of your ladder. Number one is your height requirement. Your ladder reach should allow you to work in comfort and full safety. If you're going for a step ladder, consider the approximate highest standing level and maximum reach. 

Extension ladders have an edge in this but still, it's best to know how much it can be adjusted to ensure it reaches the height you're aiming for. 

Another important consideration is weight capacity. This goes hand in hand with your ladder's construction since it deals with support. Garden or home ladders don't usually need a heavy-duty ladder-just one that can hold you and your tools well. 

Luckily, you can easily determine this through duty ratings, or categories assigned to a ladder based on the maximum weight it can safely hold. You can find these easily online and use them as a reference before hitting the hardware store, along with your list of other ladder preferences. 

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