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Car Accessories

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A reliable ride deserves equally reliable car accessories. Whether it's the latest four-wheeled model or an RV, having your vehicle's essentials ready plus a few extras for comfort is just what it takes to ensure great travels every time. Car accessories can either be necessities or additional luxuries. The first one mostly covers must-haves for quick repairs or safety items while you're on the road.

These should be kept in your car at all times for just-in-case moments-say for example you got a flat tire on your way to work or you'd like a handy navigator when driving through unfamiliar areas.

Additional car accessories, meanwhile, refer to items that you specifically want either for comfort or convenience purposes. These could be a car sun shade, a particular colour of car seat covers, car mats, and more.

Most of these are readily available in almost all car accessories stores with varying prices. If you prefer online shopping, one search of 'car accessories near me' will give you numerous options and offers. Here at Outbax, we go beyond offering quality camping gear by adding quality car essentials as well, all available at a reasonable price.

What Are Must-have Car Accessories?

Car Head Up Display

This innovative technology allows you to see important information projected on your vehicle's windshield. It functions both as an information tool and a safety feature, displaying data such as speed, navigation instructions, kilometres, and more so you never have to take your eyes off the road!

Want this for a budget-friendly price tag? Try our Car Head Up Display at Outbax. It boasts a nano-technology for improved quality, a built-in speed alarm, and a multicolour 3.5 HD display for convenient checking of driving data!

Electric Winch

Car stuck in the mud? Having an electric winch can help you get out of that. This tool is designed to pull a vehicle out of a problematic area or tug boat to safety. It usually has a capacity of 500 pounds and above, perfect for most types of cars.

Tyre Repair Kit

You don't want to head off without this. It's your go-to set for any tyre issue be it tightening, inflating, or replacing. Make sure the tyre repair kit you're getting has the basic tools you'd need such as a wrench, electric jack, and pump.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

This handy device allows for proper inflation and easy maintenance of all your tyres. It keeps track of your tyre pressure and temperature, increasing fuel efficiency and safety while you're driving. Keep this in your car at all times to improve the lifespan of your tyres.

Smart Battery Charger

A battery car charger is the handiest for those who have leisure vehicles such as 4WDs and caravans. For convenience, go for something compatible with most battery types such as AGM, gel, and lithium batteries. Another good feature of a vehicle battery charger is good resistance to dust and moisture, such as an IP65 rating.

Bleeder Testing Kit

Keep your brakes functioning at their best for utmost safety. Your bleeder testing kit should include basics such as vacuum hoses, bleeder valves, and connectors. Regular brake bleeding removes air bubbles from your brake system, allowing for more reactive braking.

GPS Navigator

Never get lost in a new area again. Having a GPS navigator is a necessity nowadays for locating unfamiliar routes or discovering new shortcuts to cut down your travel time! Buying one for the first time? Try our Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator and enjoy multiple features including a road warning function and pre-loaded street maps!

Diagnostic Tool

Car trouble? Find out what's wrong with a car diagnostic tool. This car accessory provides life and stored data for review, allowing you to determine what sort of car issues you're having. Usually, this tool gives information on PCM, DTC and more, plus advanced detection of any underlying problems for easy maintenance and added safety.

USB Inverter

A USB inverter may seem like a non-essential accessory but we're all heavily reliant on our gadgets nowadays-it's impossible not to have that one day when you need to top off your phone while on the road. Choose an inverter with more than one port for extra convenience, especially for family trips or road trips with friends.

Jump Starter

The main function of jump starters is cranking up your engine to help start your vehicle. For even better performance, look for a high-power, multipurpose one that can also function as a power bank or light source.

Rearview camera

Dashcams are great, but a rearview camera is just as important for similar reasons. This will help you a lot when backing away or parking your car, especially in low-light settings. If possible, opt for a wireless one with a good waterproof rating for easy installation and extra durability during rainy days.

Which Car Accessories Are Optional To Have?

Scratch Repair Pen

Minor car scratches can easily be covered up with scratch repair pens. They're very easy to apply and deliver great results with just a few strokes. Save yourself from a costly car repair with a couple of these.

LED Strip Lights

Decorative lights are usually part of car interior accessories. You can use them to set the mood inside your vehicle with and even choose lights that can be synced to your car music. Whether it's a normal day or a weekend road trip, this will make every drive awesome.


Car or caravan covers provide extra protection against outdoor conditions such as rain and dust. Easily put them on while your vehicle is parked and fold them neatly once you're ready to drive again.

Car Organisers

If you have a lot of items inside your car, a boot organiser is an easy way to keep everything tidy. Check out this Orbis 4-in-1 Car Seat and Boot Organiser at Outbax. It's durable with multiple pockets for both small and large items, ideal for keeping your ride mess-free!

Have you decided which car essentials and extras to get yet? Visit Outbax today for more options! This is your one-stop shop for cool car accessories and camping equipment as well. We offer everything from car polishers to portable power sources like camping generators and power stations. Need lithium batteries for caravans? We got them too!

Just take your pick, purchase online, and wait for your item to be delivered. We aim to provide quality outdoor must-haves at an affordable price with FAST, reliable shipping, so don't forget to browse through our page for your next trip down the road.

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