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Portable power has been a staple in many Aussie households and outdoor activities. Being big on adventure, sustainability, and cost-saving, the concept of alternative energy brought by batteries, portable generators, and solar panels is extremely attractive and is already seen in day-to-day happenings. This is also the reason why these power sources got bigger, coming in bundles or even in entire system sets you can avail of. After all, having a power bundle is a lot easier for several setups like off-grid, extended camping trips, and power outage backup. 

If you're on the lookout for the best power bundles online, head straight to Outbax for a range of premium equipment fused together for extra reliable power whether at home or outdoors. We even have off grid systems and dual battery systems for larger power requirements!

What Are The Most Popular Portable Power Sources?


The use of batteries is mostly prevalent in households and recreational vehicles such as caravans and 4x4s. These come in different types with lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, and lithium batteries being the most popular ones. Among these, the overall quality and performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries or simply LiFePO4 batteries has always stood out, which is why seasoned battery users have a high preference for them. 

A single LiFePO4 battery has tons of edge over the traditional lead-acid battery from weight down to lifespan. It's significantly lighter yet packs more capacity with a higher density and has a safer build that is less prone to catching fire. On top of these, LiFePO4 batteries have outstanding deep cycling capabilities, a built-in BMS for optimal runtime, and unmatched versatility in terms of performance under varying temperatures. 

Portable Generators

Generators are a hit in the camping scene as well as on road trips. At present, inverter generators in particular are taking over the field of portable power due to their many advantages over traditional units. For one, they are quieter, lighter, and have more advanced features.

The top win for inverter generators would be their fuel efficiency. These units are designed to adjust their engine speed according to load, using less fuel and operating more discreetly too. Our Gentrax generators at Outbax in particular are known for their superior quality, delivering a Pure Sine Wave output safe for running sensitive devices. 

Solar Panels

Solar power has been widespread in the country given the continuous rise of energy prices. These are not just a great way to save on electricity costs but also a proven-and-tested way to power up the eco-friendly way. 

There are various types of solar panels in the market. You could go for traditional fixed solar panels, try the famous flexible solar panels, or opt for portable solar mats. For best results, opt for monocrystalline solar panels as these are considered the best in terms of efficiency.

Power Stations

Power stations are great for hassle-free, plug-and-play electricity sources you can easily bring anywhere. This is like a powerbank but with more capacity to run bigger appliances such as RV fridges and cookers. As with all power equipment, your portable power station should be sized properly to ensure sufficient output in accordance with your requirements. 

Is It Worth Getting A Power Station? 

Definitely! If you're someone who loves exploring the outdoors from time to time, a power station would be terrific to pack for a beach day or a short camping trip. These may not be as big on power compared to battery packs, generators, and power systems but are great for backup and smaller-scale applications. 

The great thing about power stations is convenience. There's no need for additional setups here - just plug in what you need and start using it! While most units are used as temporary sources of power outdoors or at home, it's good to note that there are now bigger, expandable power station models that can power much more than standard ones. 

Should I Get A Lithium Battery Or An Inverter Generator?

Both portable generators and batteries make a great pick for alternative energy. If you're torn between getting one of them, it's best to consider surrounding factors first, as the pros and cons of both equipment might affect these. 

For instance, do you have high-current appliances? These are better off powered by a generator then. At the same time, if you want a silent operation with zero emissions, a battery would be more suited for you. Knowing your needs, preferences, and setting inside-out will help you determine which power component is suited for you. 

What Power Bundles Are Available At Outbax?

Here at Outbax, you'll find premium power components paired together in bundles, offering great deals for shoppers. Check our most popular sets and get your own power bundle before stocks run out!

4.2kW Generator + 12V 100Ah Battery

Our most versatile generator is made even more powerful with our best-selling 12V battery alongside it. Get an inverter generator that's parallel capable, highly portable with wheels and an ergonomic handle, and has a pure sine wave output. Pair it with a LiFePO4 battery with grade-A prismatic cells and you've got an unmatched power duo perfect for recreational and backup purposes. 

12V 100Ah Battery + 12V 160W Solar Panel

You'll never go wrong with putting solar panels and batteries together. Make this combo extra powerful by choosing our best-selling LiFePO4 battery with built-in BMS and monocrystalline 12V solar panel with up to 23.5% efficiency! Tick off that adventure. Shield your home from power outages. 

12V 100Ah Battery + Battery Box

Here's something to make our best-selling 100Ah lithium battery more efficient: A 12V battery box! This is not just your ordinary battery container. It has a digital voltage display and multiple ports, plus, it comes fully functional and pre-wired, ready for use.

More From Outbax

Ready to purchase your first power bundle? Head to our website at Outbax and start marking those picks! You can also check out items separately - we have a lot more to offer here including high-capacity power packs such as a 300Ah lithium battery. You might want to pack our 4-time award-winning 3.5kW inverter generator as well and discover why everyone's raving about it!

The best part? Our products retail at competitive prices and we also offer some of the most awesome deals you can find online. We aim to make high-quality outdoor gear accessible while contributing to the global push towards greener, more sustainable energy. Add to cart and shop your favourites now.

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