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The inflatable spa is a relatively newer concept in Australia. Enjoying years of popularity in the UK and the US, these elegant blown-up tubs are now available for Aussies to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a hot tub at an affordable cost and unmatched flexibility.

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The inflatable spa is a relatively newer concept in Australia. Enjoying years of popularity in the UK and the US, these elegant blown-up tubs are now available for Aussies to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a hot tub at an affordable cost and unmatched flexibility.

Our selection of inflatable spas offers several choices, and the bigger sizes can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults. You can set them up outside during warmer months or bring them indoors when it is cold and experience the warm massaging jets soothe your mind and body..

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

At Outbax, we have made it our mission to bring our customers the highest quality products at affordable prices, including our range of inflatable spas. If you’ve never heard of an inflatable spa, let us help you understand why these hot tubs make the perfect addition to any home or camping trip.

First up, they are entirely portable. You can set them up almost anywhere. All you need is a reliable electricity connection and some flat ground.

They’re effortless to set up, and you can inflate them in a few minutes using the Spa Jet Pump (included with your purchase of the inflatable spa). Once set up, fill it with plenty of water and see your senses surrender as the AirjetsTM work around calming your mind and body.

If you are after a warm soaking experience, switch on the heater for a couple of hours after filling up the water and then hop in to enjoy your inflatable portable spa by yourself or with your family and friends.

An inflatable spa allows you to have the best of a swimming pool and a hot tub without having you compromise the available space. So, if you’ve been struggling to decide between installing a swimming pool or a hot tub, let us tell you that you are better off buying an inflatable spa.

Secondly, they’re more robust than they look. The Lay-Z-Spa inflatable spa range is made up using high-performing PVC material that is resistant to scrapes and knocks.

We use extra strength 3-ply reinforced Tritech material with a polyester mesh core and encase it in two layers of laminated PVC-with-rayon-coating. The result is a super-strong material designed not to stretch or puncture.

Unlike inflatable pools targeted at kids, the inflatable spa is not a plaything designed for the occasional amusement of children. It holds a firm and comfortable shape, and you can snugly lean back into it while the jets massage your muscles.

The inflatable spas at Outbax come with a control panel and a jet system that work like any other 2-person spa, 4-person spa, or 6-person spa.

We also sell a range of spa accessories at Outbax to add to your comfort. So, whether you are looking for a cup holder, a snack tray, or an overhead tent, we've everything that could make your soaking experience extra enjoyable.

Your inflatable spa comes with everything you need to set it up and start enjoying it immediately, including jet pumps and a water heater capable of reaching temperatures up to 40C. 

Some models are equipped with remote-controlled LED lights, perfect for setting the right mood at night. These spas also have a handy drain for easy emptying when it's time to pack. 

Each model is equipped with handles for ease of movement - you can drain your spa, move it out of the way without having to deflate it and then bring it back out when you're ready to use it. Or deflate your inflatable spa and store it for the season, knowing it's ready to go again whenever you want.

Looking for the complete set-up at home or while you're camping? You'll be amazed by the products we have to enhance your experience. Our pools & spas range includes rectangular above-ground pools in various sizes that are perfect for adults and children.

We also sell smaller round above-ground pools ideal for maximizing your available space. And don't forget to check out our pool accessories while you're at it.

What is the Best Inflatable Spa?

Our staff has weighed in, advising which products they personally prefer. And we must admit, we are a bunch of Lay-Z-Spa inflatable spa range fans.

Your choice, however, will depend on what you’re looking for, how many people you want to accommodate, and the general dimensions of the available space.

For instance, if you’re seeking a spa that will accommodate up to 4 adults, your choice will vary significantly from someone with access to a bigger space and a larger family or friend circle with whom they wish to share their spa experience.

Then come the extras. Some of our spas, for instance, come with spa covers that help keep foreign objects out of the water while the spa is not in use. It also helps trap the heat in your spa so you can hop out for a while and not worry about heating the water again before hopping back in.

While we love Lay-Z-Spa, we study and examine almost every spa that enters the Australian market to improve our products further, if required.

Based on our study and after comparing the quality and features of our spas (against the competition), we’re very excited to inform you that our selection of portable spas is just about the best.

Rely on our commitment to creating high-quality, feature-loaded, fast heating and easy-to-use portable spas that are tastefully styled in a modern color palette and equipped with special filters to ensure your spa stays clean and ready for use.

If you’re unsure which of our products is the best style or design for you, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We’re experts across our entire range of products and will happily talk you through the features of each of our available portable spas to help you find the best one for your needs.

Whether you’re seeking increased circulation throughout your body, a way to de-stress, gently repair your muscles, or just someplace warm to relax, an inflatable spa is a versatile and space-saving solution.

You can set it up in the yard, on the deck or veranda, or inside the home in spaces like your sunroom. Browse our range of inflatable spas online and enjoy significant savings across our entire product selection.

You’ll always find the most affordable products at Outbax, and we offer free Australia-wide shipping on most of our products (across categories). All inflatable spas available at Outbax are made using high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last a long time.

We sell spas in the following states: New South Wales Victoria Queensland South Australia Tasmania Western Australia Australian Capital Territory Northern Territory

If you have never tried ordering an Inflatable Spa online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.