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Inflatable Spas

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Are you a fan of warm, cosy hot tub dips? If you are, you will love having an inflatable spa at home. Just imagine sinking yourself in a soothing bubble bath with massage jets anytime you want! It's one of the best ways to de-stress, bond with your family and friends, or even host a small catch-up with your best pals.

What is an inflatable spa? This is an inflated version of a hard-shell portable spa, meaning it's more affordable, easier to set up, and extra convenient to carry.

It seats 2 to 6 people and has massage jets for the ultimate relaxing experience. Equipped with a heating pump, this is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly night or unwind after a week of hard work. It's no wonder Aussies love having this in their homes!

Let's get on to what an inflatable spa is not. First, it is not a spa pool. It is not designed for water games, so it is usually played in a spacious swimming pool. It is also not a swim spa, so you cannot practice those lapses here.

This portable spa offers a thermal bath and is more suitable for relaxing. Think Friday night hanging out in your garden while sipping your favourite wine, and add an authentic spa experience to the picture—tempting, right?

Now, where can you buy an inflatable spa in Australia? Good news: They're widely available in both physical and online stores.

If you're considering buying one, we recommend Bestway Inflatable Spas. They're among the best on the market and are available at our Outbax store, so all you have to do is add to the cart! Even better, if you're lucky, you could get a discount from one of our seasonal promos! 

How Much Is an Inflatable Spa?

An inflatable portable spa can start at around $400 for a 2-person spa and go up to $2,500 for a 6-person spa. It can be a little pricey, but you get a great deal compared to a hard-shell portable spa, which can go up to $7,000.

Moreover, inflatable spas don't require extra installation fees. You can also take them on travels instead of permanently fixing them in one corner of your home. Assemble it in less than an hour, and you have an excellent spot to soak all the stress! Once you're done, you can easily clean, deflate, and store it neatly.

So, are inflatable spas worth it? They most definitely are! Aside from a convenient setup, this instantly elevates the fun whether you have company or enjoy a bit of me-time.

The benefits of an inflatable spa for your health are also noteworthy. If you're still considering purchasing, read about inflatable spas. We bet you'll be searching for the nearest spa for sale afterwards!

What Are the Benefits of an Inflatable Spa?

Simple installation

As mentioned earlier, inflatable spas are relatively easy to install. They won't tire you out or drain your wallet, so we're all about the relaxing experience. There's no need for professional help or complex tools. Just inflate, fill with water and heat, and dive into a unique outdoor spa experience.

Easy maintenance

A built-in spa can be challenging to drain and clean. On the other hand, an inflatable spa is more convenient to maintain due to the absence of critical parts. You can even buy spa accessories, such as filters, to help keep your spa dirt-free. It's easier to lift, too, so cleaning, draining, and refilling is a breeze.


Nothing beats a thermal bath with hundreds of massage jets loosening those tight muscles. The hydrotherapy benefits of an inflatable spa will leave you feeling like you've had a week's worth of rest, perfect after a workout session or a busy day of work.

In addition, many doctors prescribe hydrotherapy for certain diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, and tendonitis!

Better Sleep

Inflatable spas are scientifically proven to improve sleep. They help release endorphins (pleasure hormones), making you feel relaxed throughout the night. If you're having trouble getting the zzz, a lovely outdoor spa bath can help!

Enhanced Circulation

Experts say a dip in an inflatable hot tub can help lower blood pressure. The warm water also allows blood to flow more easily, improving overall circulation. It's sometimes even used to ease symptoms of heart and blood vessel conditions linked to high blood pressure.

Stress Management

Hectic week? A dip in your inflatable outdoor spa can help you reduce stress and anxiety. It has been proven that soaking in warm water de-stresses the body and mind after being used in several stress-related pathologies. If you're having a tough day, this is a delight to come home to.

How To Choose Your Inflatable Spa

First-time buyer? No worries. Here are the top factors to consider before deciding which spa for sale is the best one. Read on before shopping!

Measure your available space

Imagine what a disaster it would be to purchase an inflatable spa only to find out it doesn't fit the space in which you plan to put it. Before heading out or visiting your preferred online portable spa store, measure your available area first. It shouldn't be too cramped and free from sharp objects that might damage the spa. You must also consider whether a round or square spa would fit your space better.

Your desired spa size should be aligned with the size of the area you have for set up. A 2-person spa is generally easier to fit in most corners, but if you want more legroom and a 6-person hot tub, you need to find an indoor or outdoor area that can accommodate it without crowding the space left for your other furniture.

Research the brand you're eyeing

A single online search for an inflatable spa in Australia will bring you several brand names. Do your research before taking your pick. Search reviews, materials and technology used, and features. These will give you helpful information that you can compare among different brands to guide you in choosing the best inflatable spa.

Pro tip: Always prioritise durability to ensure long-lasting use. We recommend Tritech material spas, like our Bestway inflatable spas collection at Outbax. In addition to an extra-strong build, our inflatable hot tubs are backed by Freze Shield Technology, which keeps them from freezing during winter.

Familiarise yourself with maintenance

While an inflatable spa is easier to maintain than a hard-shell portable spa, it's still important to be well-versed in how to keep it in good condition. These things can be pricey, so you want to avoid buying a new one yearly due to damage.

Research what chemicals you need to purchase, such as chlorine and test strips. Usually, these can be bought by the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility. Follow the instructions on how to use them properly and on setting up and storing your inflatable spa after use.

Align your budget and preferences

Consider your spending limit first, then look for quality inflatable spas that fit your budget. Also, remember that the bigger the spa, the more expensive it will be.

If you use your inflatable spa mostly for solo relaxation, you can choose a 2- or 4-person spa, but family bonding would be more comfortable in a bigger hot tub. Additional features like LED lights would also cost more. 

Decide the add-ons you want

It may not be a swim spa or a spa pool, but you can still inject extra fun into your inflatable spa experience with some spa accessories. For example, purchase drink holders and headrests to elevate your experience. Are you throwing a spa party? Get a model with changing LED lights to set the vibe!

Inflatable Spas: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to buy your blow-up spa? Let us answer some of your questions first to help you prepare for shopping!

Can I leave a spa on overnight?

You can keep the spa running by leaving the heater function on; the pump unit will then regulate the water temperature. If you plan to use the spa frequently, consistently using this method is the most economical way to maintain the water temperature.

Do inflatable spas pop easily?

An inflatable spa differs from the standard inflatable pool accessories in terms of build. These are often sturdier, with double-welded seams to prevent punctures. The extra cushioning is also geared to provide more comfort on your back as you relax in your hot tub. Also, it's important to note that although most spas are sturdy, they are not puncture-proof.

How often should water be changed in an inflatable hot tub?

It's recommended that you change your inflatable spa water every three months. However, you must change it immediately if you notice it getting dirtier sooner. If you want your water to stay clean longer, you can use a spa cover to keep dust and debris from falling in when it's not in use.

When is the best time to buy an inflatable hot tub?

If you're looking for a spa for sale, the best time to buy is during fall and winter. These are the peak seasons for pools and spas, so you'll likely score great deals during this time.

How long do inflatable spas last?

An excellent inflatable spa should last you for at least five years. Routine maintenance, proper assembly, usage, and storage are crucial to maximising the lifespan of your blow-up spa. Choosing a reputable provider when buying the spa is also a good idea for the utmost quality and warranty period.

Why choose Outbax?

Outbax is a reliable and customer-focused company that provides all outdoor power needs. It offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lithium batteries, ensuring a dependable power source for camping trips, caravanning adventures, or boating excursions.

In addition to its extensive power equipment selection, Outbax also offers an impressive range of leisure items, including inflatable spas. We have a collection of premium Bestway Lay-Z-Spas in different shapes and sizes, perfect for anyone wanting to elevate their home relaxation and bonding activities.

Our inflatable spa selection is among the best on the market. They boast a Tritech material build coupled with double-welded seams for long-lasting durability. Equipped with a maximum of 180 massage jets and an independent pump for rapid heating, all our spa models are designed for the ultimate soothing experience.

If you're after a space-savvy inflatable hot tub, we highly recommend our best-selling Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Sydney for a weekend unwinding with a refreshing drink. Meanwhile, those who love backyard parties will be thrilled with our famous 7-person Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Santorini with its wide surface that allows more room for you and your guests to move around. It even has LED lights that alternate between seven colours, perfect for a night dip! 

At Outbax, we are committed to providing a safe, accessible, and fun experience, whether you're looking for adventure or a peaceful day enjoying the comfort of your home. Visit our website today for top-quality camping equipment and leisure items at budget-friendly prices.

Experience the convenience and reliability of Outbax's Bestway spa range on your next holiday or backyard party. Aside from unrivalled products, Outbax also offers many service benefits. For instance, we'll process your order promptly and dispatch it within twenty-four hours. Afterwards, you can expect your package to arrive within three to twelve working days.

Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing you'll get support whenever you have any burning questions about our spas or other products.

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