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Lithium Battery Boxes

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Picture this: you want to pack an extra camping battery for your adventure but don't have any more space to mount it on and you're worried about damaging it if you prop it on its own outdoors. The best solution to it? A battery box! A 12V battery box is one surefire way to protect your battery from the elements and use it conveniently. These containers usually come as big as a typical 12V battery and have all the necessary ports, plugs, and switches for convenient use. 

This is also a great accessory for different setups including camping, boating, four-wheel driving and more. Ideally, a portable battery box should be lightweight for easy transport, yet made of sturdy materials that can withstand varying conditions. 

If you're on the lookout for a good battery case, some of the popular names you might encounter would be the Kings battery Box or the Kickass battery box. Here at Outbax, we also have a range of these, such as our 100Ah lithium battery box designed specifically for our VoltX LiFePO4 battery. Retailing at $79.00, this is one of the best upgrades to your existing lithium power pack whether you're using it as a home backup or outdoor battery. 

What Are The Benefits of A Battery Box?


Having another layer of protection on your battery can help prevent it from making contact with other metal objects which can cause short circuits. Moreover, it keeps connections secure, minimising the risk of users getting shocked. 


Enjoy portability, easy access to ports, and extra protection all with a high-quality battery box. This also makes the entire battery setup a lot more convenient especially for RVs and boats.


A battery box is your best pick to keep your power pack secure. This is crucial during transport, when you're using the battery outdoors, and for boating where it's more vulnerable to moisture which eventually leads to corrosion. 

How To Choose A Good Battery Box?

There are tons of battery boxes available both online and in physical stores. While most of them tend to look similar externally, they differ a lot in overall quality. If you’re planning to get one for your power pack, here are the factors to consider to ensure a good purchase.


Usually, battery boxes have side handles for carrying with both hands. This helps ensure an even weight distribution for the user, however, some prefer having a top handle that allows you to pick it up single-handedly. It boils down to preferences, although those with side handles are more recommended by seasoned battery users for easier lifting.


Not all power pack boxes have a display screen that allows you to keep track of your charge level. This is a great feature to have though, especially one that has a voltmeter to give you an idea of when to recharge or slow down your power consumption. 


Battery box prices vary and can range from around $70 to $500. If you're leaning more on the affordable side, there are less expensive options in the market with reliable quality, such as our very own VoltX 12V 100Ah Battery Box.


All battery boxes are fitted with fuses and isolator switches that automatically shuts down the unit when the power flow exceeds normal levels. What you want to check here is if the ports in your box allow sufficient flow for the device you want to power. 


Aside from using a quality battery charger, see to it that your battery box is equipped with positive and negative power terminals for easy charging. It would also help if it comes with Anderson plugs, which allow you to directly connect solar panels into your unit in case you want to charge using solar power.

Shop The Best Battery Box At Outbax

If you're looking for an excellent battery box that won't break the bank, check out our range at Outbax. Sturdy, feature-packed, and affordable, they’re a must-have for any battery owner especially those who use their power pack outdoors. 

Our 12 volt battery box in particular is perfect for our 100Ah LiFePO4 battery with an ultra-strong polypropylene build and weather-proof plugs for safe charging and connection to other power equipment. 

Best of all, it's backed by a resettable circuit breaker for additional protection in any situation. It comes fully functional and pre-wired for easy setup and even has a digital voltage display for easy monitoring. This is the perfect addition to your RV, 4x4, and home battery!

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