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Battery Chargers

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If you're a first-time lithium battery owner, you might be wondering what the best battery charger you can use for it. After all, battery charging is a crucial process for all power packs and can affect their quality and performance significantly. While it's not entirely prohibited to use a lead-acid or AGM battery charger to top off a LiFePO4 lithium battery, this could lead to inefficient charging and even irreversible damage.

Different chargers have different voltage levels, so it's important to use a compatible one with whatever battery you have to preserve its health. 

Does LiFePO4 Need A Special Battery Charger?

Ideally, lithium batteries such as LiFePO4 should be charged using a charger with a lithium-specific charge profile. These are quite easy to get a hold of since a lot of chargers on the market at present have a lithium charging profile to keep up with the continuous rise of lithium in the battery field. 

Charging a LiFePO4 using a non-lithium battery charger can result in an extremely slow pace due to lower voltage, which you also cannot adjust due to safety reasons. For instance, if a lead-acid battery charger is used at a voltage that goes beyond the recommended level, it could pose a risk of fire.

Here at Outbax, you can easily get a quality 12V battery charger compatible with lithium batteries. We have a range of MPPT DC to DC chargers here, all equipped with the latest technology to ensure an optimal charging process with every use. 

What Is A DC-to-DC Battery Charger?

A DC-DC battery charger allows you to top off your battery via two sources: your vehicle's alternator and solar panels. This type of charger is mostly used in RVs such as caravans or campervans that normally have a dual battery system. 

You need this type of charger because typically, your vehicle's battery would be a lead-acid power pack so your alternator would be designed to charge this type of power pack as well. However, for your auxiliary battery which should ideally be a lithium battery with a different charging profile, you need a DC-DC charger to ensure your battery charges within its required parameters. 

Most DC-DC chargers also have an MPPT solar charge controller function, allowing you to successfully recharge using solar panels as well. As we know, solar charge controllers regulate the energy generated by your solar panels to your battery to prevent overcharge. With a DC to DC charger, you no longer have to install this separately, plus, you get another charging option as well for cloudy days when your panels might not be able to generate enough energy.

What Are the Benefits Of Using A DC to DC Charger?

Optimal Charging With Smart Alternators

Many vans/RVs are now equipped with smart alternators to minimise power output, which means they cannot charge a secondary battery due to load restrictions. A DC-to-DC charger provides a solution to this by isolating the main battery from the alternator. 

Charges Main Battery To A Maximum

A DC to DC charger maximises the charge of your vehicle's main battery. It can convert an amperage up to 13.5V for quick and efficient charging, giving you almost 100% of charge after several hours of continuous driving.

Can Be Used Without Solar Power

Having a DC to DC charger can save you on a cloudy day when your solar panels might not generate sufficient solar energy to top off your power pack. It's a great backup for travellers, ensuring their battery charges at all times. 

Suited For Different Batteries

This charger is adaptable and can be used as a lithium battery, AGM battery, or even lithium-ion battery charger. It saves you from replacing your charger every time you buy a new battery, making it a practical choice for anyone.

Why choose a DC-DC battery charger from Outbax?

Here at Outbax, our SRNE VoltX 12V MPPT DC-to-DC Charger is equipped with all the best features for utmost efficiency, optimal charging process, and safe operation. Below are just some of the benefits you get from this 12V lithium battery charger:

Built-in Protection Features

Get a longer lifespan and maintenance-free operation with integrated overheating, over-current, short circuit, and open circuit protection.

Easy Monitoring

Keep track of your charging process in one glance through mobile apps and PC monitoring software.

Highly Versatile

Get the most versatile charger with 4 charging phases for topping off lead-acid batteries and 3 generator charging modes.

Maximum Efficiency

Our VoltX DC to DC charger boasts an impressive conversion efficiency and an improved light energy utilisation which can also be used in DC-DC control units for voltage & current regulation. 

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Outbax is a haven for high-quality power equipment. Whether you need to power your RV or want to make sure you have backup at home in case of a power outage, you can get industry-leading components here-and at the most affordable price tags too!

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