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SRNE VoltX 12V 50A MPPT DC to DC Lithium Battery Charger

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  • Dual Battery
  • Dual Input - Alternator + Solar
  • Integrated overheating, over-current, short circuit, and open circuit protection
  • High quality aluminium radiator for reliable operation under various working conditions
  • Suitable for Dual Battery system

Every solar power system needs an equally efficient regulator, like this SRNE VOLTX 12V 50A MPPT DC to DC Lithium Battery Charger. Designed based on an advanced multi-phase synchronous rectifier technology and MPPT control algorithm, it delivers rapid response speed, high reliability, and high industrialised standard. 

This solar charge controller stands out with an impressive conversion efficiency under any charging power and the ability to track the maximum power point of solar panels to obtain a sufficient amount of energy. 

It's perfect for charging an auxiliary battery in a dual battery system with an improved overall charging efficiency and light energy utilisation plus, can also be used in DC-DC control circuits for voltage & current regulation.

On top of these, you also win in versatility here as it has 4 charging phases suitable for charging lead-acid batteries and 3 generator charging modes for recharging through a vehicle generator. Easy to monitor and equipped with built-in protective features, this is a must-have for anyone going solar!

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SRNE VoltX 12V 50A MPPT DC to DC Lithium Battery Charger

$329.99 $799.00


Model: MD1250N05
Backup Battery System Voltage: 12V
Backup Battery Voltage Range: 9~16V DC
Backup Battery Type: Sealed Battery, Gel Battery, Vented Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, User-defined Battery
Rated Charging Current: 50A
Maximum PV Input Voltage: 55V DC
Max. power point voltage range: 17~36V
Maximum PV Input Current: 45A
Solar Panel Charging Mode: Buck MPPT
MPPT Efficiency: >99%
PV input power is recommended: 700W
Generator (Starter Battery) System Voltage: 12/24V
Starter Battery Type: Lead-acid Battery
Max. Generator Input Voltage: 32V DC
Maximum Generator Input Current 35A
Conventional Generator: 13.2~16V/26.4~32V DC
Intelligent (Euro 6 Standard) Generator: 12~16V/24~32V DC
Generator charging mode: Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost
12V Backup Battery: 700W
Charging Voltage: 13.8V
Charging Current: ≤25A
No-load loss: <0.6W
Max. Charging Conversion Efficiency: 98%
Communication method: TTL
Operating temperature: -35℃~65℃
Altitude: ≤3000m
Waterproof level: IP32
Warranty: 3 Years


Dimensions: 221 x 175.8 x 82.4mm


1 x DC to DC Lithium Battery Charger
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