Spa Buying Guide

Spa Buying Guide

Invest in an inflatable spa for a luxurious soaking experience

A hot tub is an excellent way to wind down after a long day. They have many known health and well-being benefits, such as pain relief, stress relief, and improved sleep.

People looking to own a personal spa consider a hot tub a great investment. But they are expensive and can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $20,000, depending upon the size and type and any accessories you decide to add.

Portable inflatable spas, on the other hand, offer everything that a hot tub has to offer minus the exorbitant price and installation-related stress.

But what is a portable inflatable spa?

A portable inflatable spa is like a hot water tub that is big enough to accommodate at least two people. They are designed to be used by several people at once. Imagine being in a get-together while being massaged by your personal masseurs.

The most significant difference between a hot tub and an inflatable spa is portability. While the hot tubs need installation by a professional, portable inflatable spas can be inflated using a pump and set up anywhere all you need is electricity and flat ground.

And because they are portable, they give you the flexibility of outdoor or indoor soaking experience, i.e., you can inflate and use them indoors during winter and set them up in a lawn or open space during the summer months.

Choosing the inflatable spa that is right for you

Safety, durability, and comfort are three primary factors when purchasing an inflatable spa.

But before you consider these factors, you need to be sure of the size you want for yourself. As we said, you could seat between 2 to 7 people in different size spas.


Unlike inflatable pools targeted at kids, the inflatable spa is not a plaything designed for the occasional amusement of children.

It is meant to be used by 2 to 7 adults, and you must ensure it has a body robust enough for you to snugly lean back into it without it losing its shape or risking your safety.

Then comes safety issues arising from the lack of cleanliness. Cleaning a spa regularly is very important because there is a constant risk of contamination owing to moisture. You need to be sure your spa is safe whenever you feel like taking a quick dip.


Depending on the model, brand, and quality of the product, you can come across spas made of different materials. Good-quality spas use multiple material layers, especially for the spa walls.

These materials include polyester mesh, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a UV protection layer, drop stitch fabric, laminated fabric, etc. Some manufacturers also use frost and tear-resistant fabrics.

Lay-Z-Spa inflatable spa range available at Outbax is made up of
high-performing PVC material resistant to scrapes and knocks.

Our spas use extra strength 3-ply reinforced Tritech material
with a polyester mesh core and encase it in two layers of
laminated PVC-with-rayon-coating.

The result is a super-strong material designed not to stretch
or puncture.


It is helpful to understand that there are in-built features, and then there are comfort accessories, such as cup holders, snack trays, overhead tents, etc., that you could buy later to enhance the experience.

The most basic feature to look for is Jets. Since you are investing in a spa and not a bathtub, your purchase must have some technology that massages your muscles as you soak yourself in a spa. The higher the number of jets, the denser the massage and the larger the muscle groups the spa could cover. We recommend opting for something with 120-180 message jets for maximum relaxation.

Next comes temperature control. Imagine entertaining your guests in a cold spa during winter! Your ability to use a spa significantly reduces if it doesn't come with temperature control.

The spa range at Outbax features water heaters capable of
reaching temperatures up to 40 C.

Setting up the temperature is one thing, and maintaining it is quite another. Opt for spas that have some mechanism to prevent the water from falling below your comfort level.

The spa range at Outbax uses Freeze Shield„¢, an automatic
heating function to prevent water from freezing in the spa, water
lines, or pumps. It means our spas come with built-in sensors, so
water temperature never falls below your comfort level.

The filtration system is another key feature. In spas with poor filtration systems, dirt can float back up when you turn the spa off. This can be particularly damaging to the spa and quite a dampener as far as your experience is concerned.

There are options available today that come with dual filters, where each filter is covered with a one-way valve, ensuring a cleaner spa that conforms to mandatory safety standards in Australia.

The Control panel is often overlooked among a host of other features. Make sure you opt for an independent control pump with an adjustable panel, so you can easily access it from inside the spa.

The old spas used to come with a flat sky-facing panel, and the user had to be on top of it to access its features. Some spas today smartly use the space around the digital panel so the users can use it for keeping their keys, drinks, phones, etc.

Factoring in these main features should help you choose an inflatable spa that is just right for you.

Then come the extras. Some spas, for instance, come with spa covers that help keep foreign objects out of the water while the spa is not in use. These covers also help trap the heat in your spa so you can hop out for a while and not worry about heating the water again before hopping back in.

Some models are equipped with remote-controlled LED lights, perfect for setting the right mood at night.

Why buy from Outbax?

Outbax range offers a wide range of spas to meet requirements of different kinds, whether home or outdoor. We also provide spa accessories to enrich your experience.

Each one of our spas has an affordable price tag. What's not to loveit's top-notch quality at a budget-friendly price. And did we mention the fast and free shipping?

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