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Meet The VoltX 12V Blade-Like Slim Lithium Battery

Meet The VoltX 12V Blade-Like Slim Lithium Battery

We all know that lithium battery is great, but have you heard of a slim lithium battery? Yes, you heard that rightit's a space-saving version of the best battery chemistry on the market!

An ultra-handy exterior is just one of the many developments that lithium batteries have undergone. This is common in LiFePO4 batteries in particular, which makes this power pack all the more superior. Imagine safety, efficiency, high capacity, and now extra portability in a single power pack. That's really something, especially for adventurers who are always on the go.

LiFePO4 Batteries Made More Outdoor-Friendly

A slim line lithium battery offers convenience for outdoor enthusiasts in terms of packing power and allowing more space in a campsite. An adventure requires you to bring only your essentials and a heavy, bulky battery won't help with this.

Opting for a lighter one that's easier to carry makes all the difference, specifically for trips that need a bit of hiking. Just imagine carrying a 100Ah lithium battery that is significantly more lightweight than a standard-sized battery of the same capacity!

If you're bringing an RV, the main perk of a slim lithium battery is allowing you to save space. Filling your vehicle with appliances such as a fridge, an air conditioner, an electric cooker, etc., can crowd your available area, not to mention adding a huge battery to the setup. This is why a slimmer lithium caravan battery would be more beneficial compared to a larger-sized one, or a conventional power pack such as an AGM battery.

A thinner battery is also great for a variety of applications. For instance, a slim lithium battery 12V would be a terrific choice for a boat battery as boats have a maximum weight limit. They also look better as home backups with a sleek, more discreet appearance yet powerful operation.

What To Expect From the VoltX Slimline Lithium Battery?

Lighter Than Ever

At 15.5kgs, this is one of the easiest batteries to pack! Nothing beats reliable power that won't weigh you down so you can enjoy your adventure without sweating from carrying a hefty battery pack.

Top-Notch Composition

Our VoltX 12V 100Ah Slimline Lithium Battery boasts a premium LiFePO4 chemistry which guarantees increased safety & a more stable runtime. Inside are 36 batteries and grade-A prismatic cells, plus a built-in battery management system that ensures optimal performance with every use.

Built To Last

Backed by up to 4000 cycles or over 7 years of service life, this slim battery will give you great value for your money. It's definitely worth every penny, especially for avid campers and those who live in areas prone to power outages.

Parallel & Series Capable

Need a higher capacity? Forget typing "200Ah lithium battery slim" in your search bar. Our VoltX Slim Blade Battery is suitable for parallel and series connections of up to 6 batteries, and two of these are still slimmer than the average lithium battery size which means more space!


Thanks to its built-in BMS and sealed design, this power pack lets you enjoy more and worry less about maintenance. The BMS provides automatic protection against common battery issues such as overcharging and short circuits while the leakproof build allows you to safely mount it in any orientation.

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