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Imagine getting to your camping area all hot and sweaty from the blistering Australian sun. You set up everything, prop down for a drink and realise that your refreshments aren't as cold as you want them to be. Bummer, right? This is why coolers are a must-have for any outdoor adventure. They may seem like a comfort item but really-you'll know soon enough that they're actually a must-have, especially during summer.  A quality cooling box, esky, ice box or anything to keep your drinks chilled does wonders to keep you comfortable outdoors.

There are several types of this but based on our experience, it's always best to go for a hard-shell portable cooler. It fits a lot of food items, stays compact, and is sturdier for long-lasting use as well. 

If you're looking for a brand-new cooler check out our range here at Outbax. Yes-aside from camping equipment, we offer other essentials too. We even have camping chairs and tables to pair with your ice box so you can sit back and relax with your favourite drink wherever your RV takes you!

What Are The Types Of Coolers?

Hard Coolers

As the name suggests, this type of ice box is made with heavy-duty materials. It's usually made of plastic and can come with hinges, latches, or even wheels. For extra durability, some campers go for rotomolded coolers, which are considered one of the bests in the market. 

Soft Coolers

This type of cooler for camping looks like a cooler bag. Lightweight and collapsible, it's perfect for camping that requires a bit of hike and limited RV spaces as well. You could go for one with pockets, a padded handle, and several other features according to your preference. 

Travel Coolers

The best ice boxes for travelling are easy to carry, sturdy, and have lots of extra features. Some models have storage spaces for electronic gadgets, while some even support a plugged-in lifestyle. Travel ice boxes are best for camping and RV travelling as well. 

Fishing Coolers

If you're going fishing, your cooler should ideally have no wheels and be built with hard material. Some models even design theirs with a ruler that allows users to quickly measure their catch. 

Patio Coolers

Holding a BBQ or a backyard party? A wheeled, table-like patio cooler is perfect for you. While this is easy to transport and has a lot of space, patio cooling box are best for home use since they are not designed to be portable.

How Long Does Ice Last In Coolers?

Ice retention is one of the most important factors to look for when buying an ice box cooler. This will determine how long it can keep your drinks cold and also, no one wants to lug a container filled with melting ice around!

Styrofoam Coolers - 12 to 30 Hours

This is perhaps the cheapest way to store eyes. If left in favourable conditions (not exposed to the sun), regular ice can even stay frozen here even for overnight trips!

Soft Coolers - 12 to 18 hours

Ideal for short camping trips, quality soft cooling bags can keep ice frozen for less than 24 hours. They're more durable than styrofoam and make a great water cooler for hikes or picnics.

Hard Coolers - 2 to 6 Days

Durable and known for impressive ice retention capabilities, these compact containers are pricier but can keep ice from melting for almost a week! It's definitely one of the best picks for the summer season.

What Factors Affect Ice Retention In Coolers?

Type of ice

Water ice is good but if you want an extra long time to keep your food items cool, go for dry ice instead. They last longer but will also cost more since you can't make it at home. 

Ice volume

The rule here is the more ice, the longer they will last. A larger quantity of ice will eliminate the air space inside the cooler which helps keep everything frozen for an extended period. 

Outside temperature

Bringing your cooler on a hot summer afternoon? Keep in mind that it's best not to expose it directly to the sun. A temperature of over 40°C will cause the ice to melt exceptionally faster compared to colder days. 

Temperature of contents

To really keep everything at optimal temperature, it's always a good idea to chill or freeze everything you'll be putting in the ice box beforehand. 

Overall content

Try to keep your ice cooler box nice and full, similar to the concept of filling the esky with ice and not leaving lots of empty air space. 

Cooler type

When it comes to coolers, you get what you pay for. Choosing premium hard types with a long life can be a bit more expensive, but these are sure to last for years of outdoor trips. 

Keep cool wherever your adventurous self wanders. Browse through a variety of high-quality coolers at Outbax and skip manually searching "ice boxes Australia." All our models here are built with excellent materials and offer impressive insulation to keep all your drinks and food fresh for a long time. 

Need a large esky? Or perhaps a cooler with wheels? Check out our collection for great choices online. We also have other outdoor must-haves here that you might want to have a look at such as camping lanterns and tents. 

If you're concerned about powering a campsite, make sure to visit our portable power range. We offer the best LiFePO4 batteries, camping generators, and even power bundles, perfect for anyone looking to ensure that every appliance runs smoothly whether at home or outdoors.

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