This Bestway Spa Will Take Your Chill Days To A New Level!

This Bestway Spa Will Take Your Chill Days To A New Level!

Picture this: You lounging on a cosy inflatable spa with your favourite drink on a weekend night, sipping on a glass of wine. Sounds heavenly, right?

The next question is, what's stopping you from actually living the experience? Many portable hot tubs are available online and in physical stores. One search on the internet and you'll get numerous optionsthere's an inflatable spa Big W, inflatable spa Bunnings, inflatable spa Kmart, and so on. These are priced around $500 to $1,700 depending on size and are the perfect self-care gift you can give to yourself!

A portable hot tub looks grand but is easy to set up. First, inflate it, attach the pump, fill it with water and heat it to your desired temperature. You can also add in spa accessories to keep the water clean or for general maintenance.

The features of a portable spa also vary. Some have LED lights, others have backrests, extra massage jets, and so on. If you're looking for the best inflatable spa, we personally recommend a Bestway inflatable spa. The Bestway range is quite popular for its range of quality blow up hot tubs available in different sizes.

Want something more specific? Try the Bestway Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs. For lower than $1,000, you get a 6 person spa fitted with 140 jets that will leave you feeling like you've had a week's worth of rest! How cool is that? Keep reading and you might just find yourself rushing to get one for your backyard.

More Reasons To Love the Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs

Premium Build

Crafted with only the best materials, this Bestway spa is designed for years of use. The exterior is made of Tritech for a luxurious feel while the thick layering ensures your spa is protected from punctures or stretching. Even the floors are padded, the seams are double welded, and the entire spa has a taller structure that allows it to hold in more water than other choices in the market.

Easy Maintenance

The goal is for you to focus on relaxation, so this hot tub was designed with everything that lessens your maintenance worries. Water clean-up? It has dual filters that prevent dirt from floating back up when you turn the spa off. Want to keep the water warm? There are safety lock clips and a built-in chamber for insulation. All you have to do is sit back, unwind, and enjoy your cosy outdoor bath.

User-Friendly Design

There's no need for guessing games here. Thanks to it's digital control panel, this Bestway inflatable spa is extremely easy to use whether you're changing settings or switching off the tub. The heating system is also timer-controlled for extra convenience and power-saving benefits.

Safe Enjoyment

Another special feature of the Bestway Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs is the independent control pump, which increases safety for both the spa and the users compared to integrated pumps. It's also equipped with a grounding fault detection system that provides protection against electrical danger so you get to chill out with complete peace of mind.

Year-round Relaxation

Whether you want a refreshing dip or a warm, luxurious soak, this is the leisure item for you. All Bestway spas are also backed by Freeze Shield technology, which automatically prevents the water from freezing and damaging the spa during winter so you can enjoy your tub all year round.

Are Inflatable Spas Expensive To Run?

Ah, one of the most common concerns among potential inflatable hot tub buyers. This is actually difficult to provide a straight answer to since there are several factors that may contribute to the overall costs of running a blow up spa.

First off, you need to consider the temperature of your surroundings. The quality of your spa also matters, so see to it that you opt for something with quality insulation, a good heating system, and durable construction.

If you're planning to use the spa every weekend, chances are, it's going to incur higher costs too, just like anything that runs on electricity. The best way to get a good estimate of how much running expenses to expect with a spa is to discuss it with your retailer or any professional that you can reach out to.

Inflatable Spas at Outbax

Got your eye on Bestway inflatable spas? Visit Outbax for a wide range of them! Aside from our Bestway Lay-Z Spa Palm Springs, we have more choices to offer hereall at superb prices!

If you prefer a smaller, 2 person spa, check out our best-selling Bestway Lay-Z Spa Sydney fitted with 120 extra-strong massage jets! We also have a selection of above-ground pools and premium camping gear including portable generators, 100-amp batteries, solar panels and more!

Here at Outbax, we're all about enjoying the great outdoors, so browse through our collection today and you might just end up buying more than a spa!

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