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15 Camping Hacks To Improve Your Outdoor Adventure

15 Camping Hacks To Improve Your Outdoor Adventure

So, you’re getting ready to set off on an outdoor adventure and looking for useful camping tips and tricks to elevate your experience. Good for you! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve never camped before, you can always improve your trip with careful planning ahead of time.

Camping is a truly magical adventure. It allows you to return to nature and soak up the beauty of your surroundings without being confined by bricks and mortar. It’s no wonder that Australians spent 54.5 million nights caravanning and camping in the year ending March 2019.

Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or setting off into the wilderness solo, we’ve gathered the 15 best hacks for camping to help you have the best outdoor trip of your life.

1. Electrify your campsite with a portable power station

Portable power stations are a great way to increase the convenience and flexibility of your next camping trip. Imagine returning back to your campsite after a long day of adventuring. Within a matter of moments, you can illuminate your area, get dinner underway on your electric stove and settle in with some music by the fire.

Image source: WhichCar

The versatility of a portable power station opens up a world of possibilities, from inflating air mattresses to powering speakers, laptops and lighting setups. This means you can stay connected, entertained, and comfortable even when off the grid.

It's the perfect companion for creating a comfortable and connected campsite. Even the smaller models pack enough energy to keep your devices charged and your campsite well-lit.

2. Invest in a powered cooler

A decent cooler will keep your supplies fresh for days. We’re not talking about the disposable boxes you must manually fill with ice, as while these units are cheap, they have an expiry date. Instead, invest in a cooler that plugs into a lithium battery. That way, you can keep your camping meals fresh for days, so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get your next meal.

Elevate your camping trips even further by bringing pre-prepared meals with you. That way, you can skip food prep time, heat your food on the camp stove, and explore your surroundings.

3. Bring a fire starter kit

Ready for a good old-fashioned campfire? You won’t get very far without a fire starter kit! This camping tip isn’t just useful for staying warm in cold weather. In summer, you can light a campfire to keep mosquitos away and cook easy camping meals after a long day of exploring.

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4. Take a gallon jug to stay hydrated

Spending time outdoors, especially on a hot Australian day, requires drinking plenty of fluids. Make sure you take plenty of water jugs or containers filled with water before setting off, especially if you’re camping remotely.

Gallon jugs of water should be number one on your camping checklist. Also, remember to bring a travel mug or water bottle to avoid spilling excess water.

5. Prioritise comfort with a camping pillow

There’s nothing wrong with bringing home comforts to improve your camping experiences.

Image source: Gear Lab

While not camping essentials, they guarantee a better night's sleep. Invest in a blow-up camping pillow to improve your posture and ensure your time camping is as comfortable as possible.

6. Embrace nature comfortably with a portable toilet

Taking a portable toilet on your next caravanning adventure can add a touch of convenience and comfort. Whether you're setting up in a bustling caravan park or finding solitude in remote camping spots, portable toilets are an essential accessory. Available in a range of sizes and designs, there's a model to fit your needs and space.

One of the biggest benefits of a portable toilet is the convenience. Instead of trudging to a public toilet in the middle of the night or resorting to digging a hole, you have a private toilet right at your caravan. They're also hygenic, contributing to cleaner and more sanitary campgrounds.

7. Make life easy with an electric kettle

Investing in a portable power station can open you to a world of opportunity, including using an electric kettle. Instead of using fossil fuel emitting wood or gas, boil your water with electricity. This is a great tool for making tea and coffee and heating water for cleaning up.

Like at home, you must clean and stack your dishes before bed. Remember to bring washcloths, water containers, paper towels, and Ziploc bags to make cleaning up easier.

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8. Warm your tent with a hot water bottle

Staying warm at night in the colder Australian months can be hard. While you probably already have sleeping bags, bringing a hot water bottle might be a good idea. Wondering how you can fill your bottle at night?

Image source: Healthline

You can bring an electric kettle to heat your water quickly by taking a lithium battery. To avoid being cold in the middle of the night, consider bringing hot water bottles for you and the family.

9. Camping with kids? Bring plenty of games

Our useful camping tips don’t just include boring old camping supplies. If you’re taking kids camping, you must reevaluate your plan and ensure they’re in for a fun camping experience.

Image source: Gone Camping Again

The best way to do that is by bringing games to entertain them. We’re not talking about handheld games and consoles. Instead, encourage your children to enjoy the great outdoors with ball games, pack and plays for toddlers, and even by setting up a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are a fun and exciting way for children to explore the great outdoors. Hide clues and toys outside and inside your tent, but don’t extend the hunt too far from view.

10. Feel fresh with coffee bags

If you’re used to a hot cup of coffee in the morning, don’t miss out just because you’re camping in the great outdoors! Coffee bags are single-use, portioned, and preground, so you can easily make a great cup of coffee. All you need to do is fill it with water and get drinking.

11. Stay warm and clean with a portable shower

If you want an easy way to stay clean while camping, solar camping showers are a portable, user-friendly solution to staying fresh outdoors. Harnessing the power of the sun to warm up the water, solar camping showers keep you feeling fresh no matter how secluded your camping spot.

The portability allows you to set it up wherever the sun is shining, no electricity needed. So you can enjoy the comfort of a warm wash, regardless of where your adventure takes you.

12. Maximise comfort by packing blankets, socks, and chairs

When road trip packing, think about what camping gear will give you the most comfortable experience. While exploring the great outdoors is partially about getting away from your home comforts, there’s no harm in feeling cozy and content.

Image source: Gear Patrol

Items you might want to bring include:

  • Socks for sleeping.
  • A sleeping pad or air mattress.
  • Portable picnic tables.
  • Microfiber towels for easy drying.
  • Camping cots for infants and toddlers.
  • Extra blankets for cold nights.

These camping ideas will help you have a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

13. Protect yourself with a rechargeable mosquito zapper

As you plan your next camping trip, consider where you’re staying and how you’ll be sleeping. If you’re going to a secluded area and staying in a tent rather than car camping, it’s worth bringing something to defend against unwanted pests. Protecting your family against bugs is essential, as mosquitos can lead to itchy bites and make you sick.

For a genius camping hack, bring a rechargeable mosquito zapper. These tools give a little light on a dark night and keep mosquitos and creepy crawlies from ruining your camping experience.

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14. Plan your outdoor adventure

This may seem obvious, but one of the best camping hacks is to be prepared for any eventuality. You need to carefully practice travel planning before setting off. Pay attention to the following:

  • Plan meals and bring plenty of nutritious food. Pack tic tac containers to store any leftovers.
  • Bring paracetamol and anti-sickness tablets.
  • Bring hand sanitiser and your hand washing station to prevent food poisoning.
  • Stay hydrated with jugs of water.
  • Consider where you’re staying. Are there washing machines on site? If so, bring a detergent bottle. Are there shower facilities? If not, antibacterial wipes or baby wipes are essential.
  • Bring microfiber towels to stay dry.
  • Going hiking? Bring first aid kits in case of emergency.

15. Bring all-important travel resources

You can’t rely on technology when you’re in the great outdoors. Sure, your smartphone may have built-in maps, but what happens when there’s no signal? Avoid getting lost by bringing a map of your favourite camping spot.

Image source: Mortons On The Move

A compass will also stop you from getting disorientated and losing your way. This is especially important if you’re not staying at a campsite and venturing into the wilderness.

Use these tried and tested tips for camping to improve your next adventure

By using these 15 camping hacks, you’ll soon become a pro at exploring the outdoors. However, bringing the right camping tools is essential. Browse Outbax’s supplies online for quality camping gear and equipment at a great price. Whether you need a quality camping mattress for a goodnight's sleep or a 100Ah lithium battery to power your electronics, Outbax will have the right equipment that suits your needs.