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Tackling Your Power Needs With the Gentrax 4.2kW Generator

Tackling Your Power Needs With the Gentrax 4.2kW Generator

Inverter generators have really taken over the field of portable power. Fair enough, these handy units deserve all the hype with how amazing they are. Imagine running an entire campsite for the weekend without having to do much or lug heavy equipment in your car. Now that's something to get excited about, especially for adventurous Aussies!

Portable generators also come in different sizes. If you're looking for something with just enough output for an overnight camping trip, we recommend going for something between a 3.5kW to 4.5kW unit. These are perfect for running a small fridge, a cooker, a couple of lights, and your most-used gadgets.

Here's another suggestion: Check out the Gentrax 4.2kW Max 3.5kW Rated Inverter Generator for sale at Outbax. At $1,249, you get all the best generator features, making it a great companion to your next campout or road trip.

Meet Our Most Versatile Generator Yet

The Gentrax 4.2kW Inverter Generator is an all-rounder. Ideal for the outdoors? Check. Works well as a backup power? Check. Runs power tools smoothly? Check. Aside from being suited for a variety of applications, the overall quality of it from the external features down to runtime also ensures an impressive performance with every use.

What's more, it's one of our parallel-capable generators, meaning you can safely hook up another unit of the same model for increased output. See? It can tackle bigger power requirements too!

More Reasons To Love the Gentrax 4.2kW Inverter Generator

Grid-quality Power

Feel at home anywhere with this handy companion. Run everything seamlessly from your caravan AC down to your laptops. All Gentrax generators produce a Pure Sine Wave output for steady waves of electricity that allows for zero interruptions, similar to being connected to a mains grid.

Winning Runtime

Fitted with a massive 8.8L fuel tank, this unit will give you up to 7 hours of run time at 50% load, perfect for day trips or weekend camping. This portable generator is also backed by a trusted engine supplier, so you can be confident that all its output claims are 100% true.

Modern Features

One portable generator, multiple awesome features. Need to check your unit's runtime? Do it real quick with the LCD display. Brought a lithium battery with you? Charge it via the 12V 5amp outlet. It even has an eco-mode switch for increased fuel efficiency & low oil/overload protection for a maintenance-free operation.


Forget carrying heavy, bulky generators. Our 4.2kW Gentrax inverter generator is not only lighter than most of its counterparts in the marketit comes with wheels and a handle too! Thanks to these, transporting your unit is much easier, especially for camping trips that require a bit of hiking.

Peace of Mind

Unwind in peace smoothly running appliances and a quiet generator with a noise level of 58dB @ 7m. Similar to the sound of a low-volume TV, this ensures a restful outdoor experience and saves you from unwanted attention from your fellow campers too!

Safe & Eco-Friendly

We're all about environment-friendly power equipment here, and our generators are no exception. All Gentrax products are Euro 5 certified and have passed all the necessary tests to ensure maximum user safety such as the RCM Australian Standards and US EPA.

Get Your Gentrax Generator From Outbax

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