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Bicycles are definitely one of the best ways to get around these days. It's eco-friendly, healthy, and a lot cheaper too! You won't even have to worry that much about parking these slim rides plus, there are available folding bikes that can easily be carried or packed outdoors.

Whether you're commuting to the office, running a weekend errand, or just simply want to enjoy some fresh air, a good quality bicycle is a wise investment for you. Lately, more and more people are considering getting their own bike. In line with this, there are tons of bicycles online you can avail of aside from numerous bicycle store options.

You won't even need to google "bicycle shop near me" or "bikes for men and women" anymore. You have many options left and right such as the Bicycle Superstore and Bicycles Express, to name some of the most popular ones.

Bike prices vary depending on the type and specs, starting at around $200 to a thousand dollars and up. Ultimately, the bike you'll purchase should be the correct type for where you're going to use it and quality-tested to ensure maximum road safety.

Which Brands Are the Best For Bicycles?

Below are some of the most popular bike brands in Australia.

Marin Nicasio

This one tops other brands for overall quality. Sporting a unique, modern look, Nicasio bicycles are perfect for both daily and adventure rides. Their main stand-out feature is the smooth disc brakes, which allow for better control and stopping. Effortless to manoeuvre and fitted with sturdy tyres, this is your best pick for quality rides every time.


If you're after a good mountain bike, go for Polygon. Their Siskiu T8 fuses a Shimano drivetrain with a Fox suspension for a robust ride that can withstand most adventure trails. It's also ideal for both pro bikes and beginners as it allows a quick change of gears and smooth stopping for ultimate safety.

Polygon also has lots of great commuting bikes for those who want to start cycling on the way to work.


Electric bikes are also gaining traction lately, and Leitner is among the frontrunners in this category. Their Libelle model is considered the most impressive with puncture-resistant tyres and a foldable design. Best of all, it's backed with Samsung lithium battery cells that can last for up to 50km with a single charge only! You can even upgrade to bigger battery capacities plus, it also comes with accessories including front and rear lights.

Another well-known bicycle name would be the Fortis bikes. They’re perfect if you’re after affordable yet quality bikes and have a lot of choices as well including road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes.

Which Type of Bicycle Is Best For Daily Use?

Planning to switch to bikes as your mode of everyday transportation? Go for single-speed and multi-gear bicycles like 18-speed or 21-speed. These are convenient for daily use.

There are several types of bikes, some of which were already mentioned above. Using one regularly would most likely mean it's for commuting, so browse through available road bikes online or in-store.

A good bicycle suggestion for daily use would be a hybrid bike. You get the speed of a road bike and sturdiness of a mountain bike with this, plus, hybrid bikes are known to have powerful disc brakes which is important for ensuring safety on busy roads. Electric bicycles are also a great option, especially for beginners who want a little assistance while driving.

E-bikes are perfect if you want to arrive for work a little less sweaty or if you're unsure whether you can take on longer rides in case you work somewhere far. They're built for comfort too but can be on the expensive side mostly because of the technology used behind them.

How Do I Choose a Bicycle?

Is it your first time buying a bike? If yes, then you're in for quite a ride (pun intended). You don't just choose which one looks good and if it fits your budget. It also requires research especially if you're a beginner since there are several bicycle types, parts, and accessories that you should know before hitting the bike store.

Here are some of the basic things to look out for before purchasing your bicycle.

Determine Where To Use Your Bike

Are you using your bike for recreational, commute, or adventure purposes? Or maybe you're after a kids bike? This will largely affect the features you should be looking for in your ride, so it's important to make sure you know exactly where you'll mostly be riding the bike for. You don't really want to make the mistake of riding a road bike meant for smooth terrains on a rocky, steep hill or using an inappropriate type of bike for long distances!

Choose Your Bike Shop

Bikes can be pricey, but don't let this tempt you into going for bike stores that offer cheaper models. There are certain providers known for affordability and superior quality, but keep in mind that not all shops will be like this. Look for specialist stores, research the best online bicycle retailers, and if you're really keen on following your budget, wait for bike sales instead.

Consider Your Budget

Ah, we're on to every buyer's favourite part. Here's a little estimate: Mid-range bikes typically cost $300 to $1,000. These are usually made with aluminium or lighter metals and are great for daily rides. You can also get quality wheels within this price point, as well as reliable durability that will last for years.

High-end bikes start at $1,000 and higher. Expensive bicycles are ultra-lightweight yet highly sturdy. These are constructed with carbon and titanium, ideal for rigorous or competitive rides. Feature-packed adventure bikes would fall into this range as well as lithium-powered e-bikes.

Size Your Bike

A comfortable ride requires not just a good bike, but a properly-sized one too. An awkward riding position may leave you stiff and can be harmful as well. Now, a bike's size doesn't just pertain to the saddle height-it includes the handlebars' height and reach too. Once you've chosen your bike, do a test ride and see if the size is right and you feel okay riding it even for long hours.

Get Familiar With Parts & Accessories

A bicycle can have multiple parts and accessories fitted to it based on your preference. Choose your must-haves carefully such as helmet and gloves, add an extra light or a bell, or install a bottle holder for your tumbler. This is usually the fun part, so make sure you get whichever will improve your cycling experience.

Are you an avid camper? Why not make your next trip better by bringing your new bike? Pack it along with your other camping gear such as inverter generators or camping mattresses for a superb combo of adventure and relaxation.

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