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Camping Lanterns

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A campout usually requires tons of items-some are considered a necessity, while others are more focused on comfort. With camping gear such as inverter generators or batteries usually leading the list of essentials, another important thing that is sometimes overlooked are camping lanterns. You could have the comfiest camping chairs and tables, your favourite leisure items, and food items but all of these will not be as good without something to light up your campsite. Who wants to work in the dark, anyway?

Camping lights and lanterns are crucial for obvious reasons. In the case of camping flashlights, they illuminate your path when you need a quick trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, search through your backpack, or check a nearby spot in your campgrounds. A camping lantern, meanwhile, also lets you do all of these and more hands-free. 

This is especially important for tasks that involve both of your hands like cooking, pitching tents, or cleaning up. Also, you don't really want to be holding a flashlight throughout the night. It's still best to have a temporary light that you can hang or prop somewhere to keep your area well-lit. Luckily, these are pretty easy to find. 

A single type of "camping lantern Kmart" or "camping lantern Bunnings" will give you numerous results if you want to buy from popular local stores. You also have a lot of options online. For instance, we have camping lanterns here at Outbax all designed to give you quality long-lasting light outdoors!

What Are The Types of Camping Lanterns?

Mostly, camping lanterns differ by fuel source. You'd know which one suits you best depending on where you're camping, what other gear you have, and how much light is required for your entire trip. 


An electric camp lantern works by plugging it into an outlet. It's a fuss-free way of lighting up your campsite however, since it only powers via a socket, your outdoor trip may be limited to parks or public campsites where outlets are available.


Fuel-burning camping lanterns are quite old. These use either butane, kerosene, propane, or blended fuel to produce light. While they produce ample light and don't require electrical outlets, these types of lanterns can be dangerous and hard to maintain unless in stable campsites.


Candle lanterns are also quite old school and come surrounded with glass or other DIY shrouds. These won't light up a huge area but if you're using citronella candles, they may help keep insects away outdoors. Extreme care is also needed when using candle-powered lanterns.


Solar camping lanterns are extremely convenient outdoors, especially when paired with highly efficient solar panels. They're often built with LED camping lights for extreme safety and maximum longevity. The only downside of solar camping lights is that in case the stored power runs out at night, you'll have to wait until morning to recharge them.


A battery-operated camping lantern is one of the most versatile camping lights you can use. This is another type of rechargeable camping lantern and is designed typically with LED lights as well for utmost convenience. 

How To Choose Camping Lanterns?

Shopping for camp lanterns? Here are the factors you should consider before making that purchase:

Size and Weight

It's ideal to bring a compact and lightweight camping lantern especially if you need to do a bit of a hike to get to your campsite. However, keep in mind that size and weight largely affect a lantern's light output. Larger ones will weigh more but will also light up a larger space for longer, so it's best to consider how big your area is first and how long your stay will be.


Of course, one of the most important things to look for in any camping light is the brightness level. This is measured through lumens. Go for something with around 100 lumens and above for sufficient light. Refer to this: Anything under 100 lumens is ideal for tent light, the entire campsite would need around 200 lumens, while a huge campground will require 300+ lumens.    

Adjustable Feature

While a high number of lumens is great, keep in mind that this means more energy is consumed as well. This is why adjustability is a great feature in a camping lantern-you want to be able to set it to a certain brightness only depending on how much light you need.

Type of Lantern

Make sure the lantern you'll choose is suited to your outdoor setup. Fuel or gas lanterns can be messy, candle-powered ones can be riskier in the woods, while solar camp lanterns may not be sufficient in cloudy weather. Also, you might want specific lantern features. For example, there are multi-purpose lights in the market such as this Komodo 2-in-1 Tent LED Camping Fan which is great for those with limited space in their campsite. 


A lantern's runtime is crucial, especially in off grid camping. Thanks to the emergence of LED lights, some lanterns can last for 50 hours nowadays, which is equal to 4 or 5 nights. Battery-powered ones are your best picks if you're after long hours of performance, unlike solar powered lights that may not last that long. 

Water Resistance

Your camp lantern will probably be exposed to outdoor conditions including changing weather conditions. See to it that you get a waterproof one, preferably something with an IPX-4 rating and above. For best water resistance, opt for an IPX-8 rating which maintains functionality after or during submersion of up to 3 meters. 

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