What To Love About Gentrax's Superstar Generator

What To Love About Gentrax's Superstar Generator

Any seasoned generator user in the country would've heard of Gentrax, especially its best-selling unit: the Gentrax 3.5kW Inverter Generator.

This baby comes in a compact, 28kg form that allows you to pack a lot of power without weighing down your camping gear must-haves. Lightweight but powerful, it allows you to power small to large appliances like washers and fridges. It's a best-seller for a reason and if you're considering purchasing your own unit, you're definitely going for a best-value choice.

What To Love About Gentrax 3.5kW Inverter Generator?

Stellar Reviews

Any Gentrax generator is backed by impressive feedback from hundreds of customers, especially this one. From 5-star ratings to outdoor junkies raving about how well their unit did during their recent campout, our Gentrax 3.5kW is proven and tested by users across Australia.

4th-time Best Generator Winner

Yup, that's rightour star generator recently won its fourth Best Generator Award from Product Reviews! We've been snagging this award since 2018, so if you're ever on the lookout for a good camping generator, skip manually typing "best inverter generator Australia" and go straight for this one instead.

Special Offers

Our best-selling 3.5kW generator for sale currently retails at $829. A pretty good deal, right? It doesn't stop there too, as you can get extra shopping perks when you buy at Outbax! We offer free shipping to most locations, a flexible buy now & pay later system, plus seasonal discounts!


Ideal for camping, backup power, and even construction, this one is a total performer. You'd really get long-lasting reliable power in an ultra-portable unit that you can take just about anywhere. Whether you want to keep your heater powered on a chilly winter evening or bring your mini fridge on a sunny day at your favourite campsite, our Gentrax 3.5kW inverter generator for sale has your back.

WOW Features of the Gentrax 3.5kW Inverter Generator

Pure Sine Wave

Our 3.5kW portable inverter generator produces a pure sine wave output which also translates to cleaner, more stable portable power. You get grid-quality electricity with this, which also makes it suitable for running sensitive electronics such as laptops and mobile phones.

Massive Fuel Tank

Equipped with a high 5.7L fuel tank, this generator can continuously run for up to 6.2 hours at 50% load! For something so handy, you'd be thrilled at the capacity and run time you can get with this, making it even more perfect for outdoor trips.

Several Ports

Simultaneous problem isn't a problem here. Fitted with multiple ports including a 12V 5amp outlet for charging batteries, this delivers efficiency & convenience, especially for outdoor lovers bringing their essential appliances on their adventures.

Super Quiet 58dB @ 7m Operation

If you're after a quiet generator, this is definitely it. Producing a noise level similar to that of a TV on low volume, you get to enjoy a peaceful outdoor experience here and save yourself from unwanted attention from your fellow campers!

Low Oil/Overload Protection

Easy maintenance & longer lifespan? You can achieve both with this low oil/overload automatic protection feature that allows you to easily see if your load has exceeded the capacity of your generator or if you're running out of oil.

Eco-mode Switch

One of the advantages of an inverter generator is fuel efficiency. Our 3.5kW unit in particular not only adjusts to your power requirements so you're not running at full speed all the timeit also has an eco-mode switch for extra fuel-saving power.

Multiple Certifications

Euro 5 certified for an eco-friendly operation, RCM Australian Standards Approved, and United States EPA Certifieddo we need to say more? This one's guaranteed in all aspects: safety, performance, and environmental-friendliness!

Loved what you've read so far? Wait until you try it out for yourself. Check out our portable generators for camping at Outbax. Whether you're up for a larger unit or a small one like the Gentrax 800W Generator, we got them all here!

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