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Staying in powered camping sites or going for an off-grid camping adventure both require your own power pack. Sure, it's nice to have access to a mains power-until the camping season starts and there are a hundred other campers drawing power from it as well. Having your own source of camping power whether as a backup or as a primary source of electricity is still beneficial and when it comes to this, outdoor enthusiasts have a lot of options they can try. There are gas generators, portable batteries, wind/water turbines, power banks, and more. The most common of these are usually generators, solar energy, power stations, and of course, camping batteries

Let's briefly tackle generators first. At present, inverter generators are the most recommended type of camping generator due to their efficiency, quieter runtime, and lower emissions. Pure sine wave inverter generators in particular can power even the most sensitive electronic equipment such as laptops and tablets. Going for a day trip or short camp out only? A camping power station should be enough to power your basic appliances, especially if they're on the smaller side. Meanwhile, if you plan on getting power through solar energy, installing camping solar panels would be ideal as well, especially for RV owners. A fixed solar panel on the roof of your vehicle will allow you to camp out even in remote locations, while a portable solar panel for camping like flexible solar panels are better if you want to easily "chase the sun" while driving or during stopovers. 

Last but definitely not least, we have the batteries. There are several types of these as well like AGM and flooded lead-acid batteries to name a few. Most of them are still being used up to this day but if you're willing to invest in long-lasting quality, it's best to go for lithium batteries, specifically LiFePO4 batteries. These battery power packs are equipped with a built-in battery management system that automatically protects against over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, and short circuits. Choosing a LiFePO4 will give you not just increased capacity and overall improved performance but also added safety since these batteries are designed to be incombustible. 

Can You Use a Car Battery For Camping?

Lithium battery prices can be quite high, which is why a lot of campers are opting for their lead-acid counterparts despite the gap in quality. Some are even considering using their car batteries as a source of power. This is possible but not recommended. A car battery is designed to provide short bursts of power for kickstarting your engine. Using it to power appliances and gadgets will cause it to drain in just a short time, leaving you with no means to start your car. This is where the purpose of 12V dual battery systems come in. Having a dual battery means installing an auxiliary battery aside from your car battery for running your appliances. Ideally, your secondary battery should be a deep-cycle battery. Deep-cycle batteries allow for a longer run time since they can be discharged down to 80% without incurring any damage, as opposed to traditional lead-acid batteries that can only be discharged up to 50%. Here at Outbax, we have several lithium deep-cycle batteries for campers to choose from. Combining the benefits of LiFePO4 and deep-cycle batteries, our battery packs for camping are guaranteed to deliver quality results for years.

How Do You Charge a 12V Battery While Camping?

Usually, campers opt for 12V batteries since it's a size good enough for most outdoor trips and can produce enough power output to run basic appliances. There are a number of ways to recharge your 12V battery during camping. You can either use a stand-alone battery charger as long as it's the correct one for your battery type. You can also pack an inverter generator with an outlet for charging your battery. Thinking of a more eco-friendly way to enjoy the outdoors? Install a solar panel setup on your RV or bring portable panels to pair with your battery. You get to have a renewable source of energy and at the same time, you won't have to worry about losing power even during off-grid campings as long as you get enough sunlight exposure. However, keep in mind that when topping off your battery bank using solar energy, a solar charge controller is required to regulate the energy collected by your solar panels that will be stored in your battery.

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