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The use of solar energy in the country has continuously seen an increase in recent years up to now. Millions of households currently have solar panels, while some have even opted for a full solar power system complete with batteries and inverter. How do solar panels work, anyway? These units are made from a semiconductor material (usually silicon) attached to a metal frame with a glass casing. When this material is exposed to sunlight, it releases electrons and produces an electric charge.

This then creates an electric current in the form of DC electricity. However, this is not the suitable energy form for powering appliances, so you would need an inverter to convert it to AC current, which is the type of electrical current used when you plug your electronics into wall sockets.

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How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power A House?

To power your entire house using solar panels, you must first know your daily kilowatt-hours consumption. On average, a household consumes about 10kWh of electricity per day but of course, this will vary on each home. The easiest way to get an idea of your average consumption is through your previous energy bills and once you have an estimate, you can go to the next step: determining your location's peak sun hours.

Knowing how much sun exposure your location gets is crucial as it can impact your solar panels' efficiency. Peak sun hours refer to any hour of the day when the sunlight's intensity is at an average of 1000W per square meter. There are online tools to help you get this before proceeding to choose your solar panel's rating.

Solar panel ratings range from 200W to 450W. If you have limited roof space, you can consider getting a higher power rating to use fewer panels.

To calculate how many solar panels it takes to power a house, this is the equation to use:

Daily energy consumption / peak sun hours / solar panel wattage

Let's add some values for a clearer computation. If you have 25kWh of daily energy consumption, 5 peak sun exposure, and would like a 400W solar panel, the computation would be:

25,000Wh / 5 peak sun hours / 400W = 12.5 solar panels

You'd need about 13 solar panels to effectively power your whole house and offset electricity costs by 100%.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

Solar panel installation can vary in terms of price. This is highly dependent on factors including panel quality, consumption, number of panels needed, location, and additional components.

On average, installation costs between $2,900 and $14,100 in Australia. A basic 2kW system can be priced around $2,800 - $5,600, while a large-scale, 10kW setup can range from $7,600-$14,000.

It's also important to keep in mind that if you're going for a full solar setup with a lithium battery storage, solar charge controller, and inverter, this could incur more costs. However, while it can be pricey to go solar initially, it has been proven to be effective in reducing monthly bills which will help pay you back from the initial cost you took out.

There are also solar rebates and solar incentives available in every location which can help you save up more annually.

What Can You Run Off A 200W Solar Panel?

Aside from solar panels for home, portable solar panels are also quite popular, especially for avid outdoor adventurers. There are tons of camping solar panels available online and in physical stores, with 200W panels being the most popular in terms of rating.

A 200W 12V solar panel can easily power small electronics including a coffee maker, a microwave, a laptop, and a couple of lights. It's the perfect size for a beach day or a road trip, especially when paired with an equally reliable solar battery.

Got extra appliances you wish to power? You can either opt for another 200W solar panel or go for a higher-rated one such as a 300W or 400W solar panel.

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