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You don’t have to google “battery shops near me” or “battery world near me” when searching for reliable power packs now. There are so many available ones online whether you’re looking for small batteries, lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, or car batteries. Even better, with new battery technologies constantly emerging, batteries nowadays have significantly upgraded for superior performance and enhanced safety. Both campers and homeowners are in luck, especially because aside from batteries, many portable power sources have seen improvements too, such as inverter generators and solar panels

Where Can I Get a Battery For a Good Price?

If we're talking about usual AA batteries or button-cell batteries used for powering toys and small electronics, you can just visit your typical go-to stores and you'll have your battery in no time. Some of the popular stores where you can get cheap batteries are Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. They offer batteries ranging from $2 to $26 depending on what you need so a few bills will go a long way here. 

However, if you're after battery packs like lead-acid batteries, AGM, or lithium batteries, you might need to visit specific physical or online battery shops focused on camping equipment or portable power units. Outbax is one example, especially if you want good quality that won't drain your wallet. You can find a range of deep cycle LiFEPO4 batteries here, which are currently considered the safest battery in the market. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are highly recommended by several outdoor enthusiasts because of their advanced features. Among these is the built-in battery management system (BMS) that protects your battery from overheating, voltage spikes, and short circuits for maximum safety during use. 

How Much Should I Pay For a New Battery?

Battery prices vary depending on how the amount of power you need, application, size, and quality. Car batteries are typically priced between $45 to $250. The cheapest batteries would be lead-acid batteries at $65-$130, while AGM batteries are somewhat in the mid-range at $200 and up. LiFEPO4 is the most expensive at $400 to over $1000. While you can always opt for the more affordable ones, keep in mind that a lithium battery specifically a LiFEPO4 requires minimal maintenance and could last you up to 10 years. This is almost triple the lifespan of conventional batteries so when you look at it in the long run, you'd be actually saving more with a single LiFEPO4 unit. 

When Should I Replace My Battery?

Although there are a lot of reliable batteries in the market, none of them would last forever. Generally, batteries need to be replaced every three years but this period could be shorter depending on how you maintain, use, and store your battery. When it comes to rechargeable batteries, the best you can go for if you're after a long lifespan would definitely be LiFEPO4 as it can supply you with reliable power for seven to ten years. Plus, this battery type's integrated safety features make maintenance a breeze, so you get to keep your unit for a long time without too much work on your end.

What Are the Signs of a Failing or Dead Battery?

Most of the time, you can tell when something is wrong with your battery or if its lifespan is starting to decline. This is especially handy because it saves you from getting stuck outdoors or during a power interruption with an almost-dead battery. Below are some of the telltale signs that it's time to replace your battery: 

  • For car batteries, an enlarged or misshapen battery usually means it's overcharged or exposed to extremely high temperatures and must be changed for user safety

  • Additionally, a leak is also one of the top signs of a damaged battery

  • When it comes to battery packs, if the self-discharge rate is high and the capacity is noticeably reduced, you might need to buy a new pack for your next outdoor trip

  • Bulges, cracks, or bumps in the case are the quickest ways to tell that your battery unit is bad and is not advisable to be used 

  • If your battery does not charge anymore, this could also be an indication that its lifespan has already reached its limit or it may be damaged

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Need a new battery or using one for the first time? Try buying from Outbax’s batteries for sale. You don’t just get affordable, quality batteries here-you also get the best customer service assistance from our team of outdoor experts. We will help you by going through our range of deep cycle batteries, LiFEPO4, and even other items you might need like solar panels, inverter generators, or portable power stations. When it comes to outdoor adventures, Outbax is your one-stop shop whether you're looking for camping gear, leisure items, or maintenance advice.

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