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12v Battery

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Battery power packs usually come in 12V, as this is like a standard for camping batteries, RV batteries, or even backup batteries. Generally, a 12V battery is not confined to battery boxes alone and even comes in smaller sizes such as an a23 battery. However, if intended to power appliances, these would really pertain to the bigger battery packs we usually see in camping sites or caravans. 

What Is 12V Battery Used For?

Since 12V batteries are the most diverse ones in the market and can come in different sizes, they have a wide variety of applications too. The most common one would be car batteries, which are usually recharged as it only needs current to start the vehicle. After that, the alternator takes over and runs the electrical system. Some small 12V batteries are found in children's mini vehicles. They are also available as a non-rechargeable or rechargeable battery. The first one is quite expensive especially if you're going to use it to power electrical devices. It's more recommended to opt for rechargeable batteries instead, like a 12V AGM battery, 12V lead-acid battery, or 12V lithium battery. These are often used as camping batteries, as part of a caravan battery setup, and in some cases, as house batteries.

Lead-acid battery is the oldest and cheapest among 12V battery types. While they were widely used before, lead-acid batteries are also the lowest in terms of overall performance, especially with the emergence of new batteries. It's heavy yet has a low specific energy and a limited life cycle as well. AGM batteries have a slight edge over them plus, they are the most popular battery type in Australia as of now. AGM batteries are spill-proof and shock-resistant so they require minimal maintenance. However, they are extremely sensitive to overcharging and high voltages, making them difficult to charge. You would need to track your voltage levels so in this case, a 12V battery monitor would come in handy. The last and best type of 12V battery would be lithium batteries. They're lightweight yet have 25-50% more usable capacity than their counterparts and are inherently safe due to their built-in battery management system or BMS. A 12V lithium battery pack is definitely a great companion for enjoying the great outdoors, specifically if it's a lithium iron phosphate or LiFEPO4

Having a lithium 12V battery will allow you to run most portable camping appliances like microwave ovens, lights, and coffee makers. Aside from these essentials, they can also be used to power small houses, solar panel setups, and even surveillance or alarm systems. 

How Long Will a 12V Battery Last?

When it comes to overall lifespan, 12V AGM batteries have an average of five to six years, while lithium batteries like LiFEPO4 last for five to 10 years or over 3,000 cycles. It has a significantly better longevity rate since it's a deep-cycle battery as well. Deep-cycle batteries are famous for their long-lasting features and their capacity to provide reliable power at an 80% discharge rate, making them excellent off-grid batteries. If we’re talking about how long your battery will last without needing to be recharged, this will depend on how much capacity it packs and the power requirements of all your appliances. Usually, campers go for a 100Ah lithium battery or 200Ah lithium battery. Keep in mind that your battery's lifespan is determined by how you handle and maintain it too, so make sure you know the basic ways of caring for your 12V battery pack.

What Type of Battery is a LiFEPO4?

A LiFEPO4 is a type of lithium battery. It has been around for quite some time although it's gaining traction just recently. Dubbed as the safest battery in the market, LiFEPO4 batteries are composed of non-toxic elements and do not burst nor catch fire even when punctured. It's also known for having an integrated BMS, ensuring optimal performance every time. Equipped with protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, and short circuits, this is the perfect battery for both seasoned and newbie campers. The only downside of a LiFEPO4 is probably the cost, which tends to be more expensive compared to other 12V batteries. However, the increased capacity and up to a decade of lifespan make up for it, particularly if you're an avid camper looking for a long-term battery. 

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