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There are always a ton of ideas associated with battery power packs and more often than not, most of these are actually correct. A battery power pack refers to any set of batteries or battery cells grouped together or connected in parallel or series to provide users with capacity, desired voltage, and power density. A battery power pack can pertain to a jump starter, the set of AA batteries you picked up from the grocery store last week, your new wireless charger, your everyday portable power bank, or even a handy power station you usually bring during day trips. 

Another well-known type of this is those 12V battery packs often used for outdoor recreational applications. These are the battery power packs for camping, which also make great RV batteries and even battery backups. They are also classified into types such as flooded wet cell lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries. If you're a fan of the great outdoors, you'd probably have a background on these portable power packs. All of these portable battery packs are still widely used up to now, although they differ in terms of quality. Lithium is by far the best overall, specifically the lithium iron phosphate battery or LiFePO4. Despite its significantly higher price, a LiFePO4 battery beats conventional lead-acid batteries with its longer lifespan, higher energy density, and safety features. Backed with an intelligent battery management system (BMS), this incombustible battery is designed to provide you with stable, consistent camping power wherever and whenever you need it.

What Are LiFePO4 Batteries Used For?

While LiFePO4 batteries make ideal camping batteries, they also work well in a wide variety of applications, including as part of solar systems. LiFePO4 batteries are deep-cycle batteries too, so they're suited for extended periods of use. Below are more of its functions as well as its benefits.

Small electric vehicles: LiFePO4 batteries are 1/4 the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries, making them suitable for powering garbage trucks, lawnmowers, and golf carts. They can also last for up to 10,000 cycles, great for repeated use without incurring any damage. 

Robotics, storage systems, & APU: Lithium battery systems can maintain a high voltage level and are able to charge faster. Some models can even be discharged to 100% without declining. For these reasons, they're suitable for high-power applications like robotics, auxiliary power units, and solar battery storage.

Tracking devices and recreational equipment: A LiFePO4's ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit makes it ideal for monitoring tools, gas pipeline equipment and depth finders. Its versatility coupled with higher energy density, meanwhile, makes it suitable for playground equipment.

What Voltage Is a LiFePO4 Battery?

The nominal voltage of a single LiFePO4 cell is 3.2V. If they're fully charged, the voltage level is at 3.65V and 2.5V when fully drained. Buying individual LiFePO4 cells can be a bit of a challenge compared to finding 12V batteries or 24V batteries since they're usually used for the manufacture of lithium batteries. Instead, you can buy multiple batteries and connect them in series or parallel if you need more capacity and voltage output. Camping batteries come in different levels of capacity-there are 100Ah lithium batteries, 200Ah lithium batteries, and so on. You just need to calculate your power requirements before you choose one so you don't end up short on power.

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