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Portable Power Stations

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A portable power station works like a portable generator in that it offers you a bank of electrical power supply you can use anywhere, but instead of running on diesel or petrol, your portable power station is actually a big rechargeable battery. Here at Outbax we've teamed up with trusted car-makers Hyundai for the most forward-thinking technology in power stations.

They are also called inverter generators and generally speaking they will come equipped with an AC outlet, DC carport and USB output ports. This will keep your phones and tablets charged as well as run a 12V fridge.

We are home to Australia’s power needs while you are out on the road, powering a site or looking for a backup power unit to use at home in the event of a significant power outage. Our complete range of power equipment and 4WD accessories have been chosen by experts who know what Aussies need while they are camping, caravanning or prepping. We are the enthusiasts who use these products which is why we have collected high-quality portable power suppliers and are offering them at such affordable prices. We know what it is like to go searching for the best battery pack and maximum power output for the most affordable price. And, we are doing it right based on the reviews across our entire range of products, so you don’t have to just take our word for it. You can check what our happy customers are saying about our range of portable power stations and lithium battery products, as well as our range of solar panels and accessories.

What is the best portable Power Station?

The best portable power station for you will depend on your budget and your power requirements. Our Hyundai portable power stations are generally a smaller and lighter option than conventional portable generators. Our range of power stations are powerful, lightweight and can handle a range of appliances you'll be taking with you on your next camping trip. We also offer silent generators.

Our range solar products include panels available as either fixed, folding and flexible. You can use these panels to recharge your portable Hyundai power station while you are on the road or out at your favourite adventure sites, ensuring you have plenty of battery life for running appliances like your CPAP machine, your television, charging your devices and for cooking and heating.

You can also maximise the power output of any portable power station that you choose by making smart decisions about what you are powering and when. To create an efficient power plan, make a list of the appliances and devices that you need to run and both their starting and running wattage. Totaling up the wattage you need for everything will look a bit alarming at first but by introducing a power management plan you can create an efficient way of running everything you need at specific times to ensure you have enough power when you want it.

How does a portable Power Station work?

The beauty of a portable power station is in its simplicity. It doesn’t need petrol or diesel to run which already makes them a lot quieter straight off the bat. They don’t typically come in as high a power capacity as other portable generators can, but they can be recharged using solar power and this will save you time, money and space.

If you are using a smart energy plan and staggering what appliances you are using and when, you can comfortably power your holiday in the bush, outback, along the coast, out on the road with a portable power station.

What is the best portable power pack for camping?

You'll want a portable power station that offers you a rechargeable lithium battery as our Hyundai power stations do. These types of power stations offer a maximum output of 2000W which is usually enough to comfortably power your refrigerator, microwave and television as well as your cooking appliances and lights. Be savvy and switch off unnecessary appliances when you don't need them, conserving your battery power and ensuring that you can recharge your portable power station as sparingly as possible. If you are relying on solar power for your recharge, then plan your power needs around recharging for as little interruption to your day as possible.

If you are not sure which type of power station is the right one for your needs, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are available for live chats online through our website as well as via email or over the phone. Our expert customer service personnel will help you compare our high performing and low cost models to ensure you are purchasing the best portable power station for your needs.

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