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Like a lot of places in Australia, Busselton is home to a great outdoor space especially if you love a beach camping trip. If you're planning a relaxing weekend in the area, you're probably in search of Busselton batteries or battery suppliers in Busselton. However, before you go looking for the nearest Battery All Types or Battery World, you might want to have a look at Outbax first. We offer quality camping batteries and caravan batteries for every outdoor lover at an affordable price so you get to save a little bit for your next trip.

Are Battery Boxes Good For Camping?

A battery box serves as a container to place your heavy-duty batteries in. It helps keep your batteries safe and portable, plus, it also has ports for easy plugging and charging. Another benefit of this is being able to change your battery without having to discard the entire unit. Battery boxes are among the ways you can effectively power your camping site. You can run essential appliances and electronic gadgets with it such as lights, mini-fridges, and laptops. Pair it with a good inverter and you can even operate larger, 240V equipment with it. 

What Is the Best Battery For Camping?

The best battery for camping is deep-cycle batteries in terms of performance. They provide long stream of power even at an 80% discharge rate and have an extended lifespan as well, perfect for avid campers. When it comes to application, there is no exact answer to what batteries are best since each type has its own advantages which might be more suited to what you need. For instance, while it's common knowledge that lithium batteries are great for RVs, you can also go for AGM batteries at times. They are better in colder climates and make a reliable, cheaper alternative too. 

However, if you're in for some serious camping that will last for more than a day, it's highly recommended to choose lithium deep-cycle batteries, particularly LiFEPO4. They're 50% lighter than traditional batteries and are able to pack higher capacity to power your appliances and equipment for longer periods of time. Your biggest takeaway with a LiFEPO4 is added safety. This battery type allows you to enjoy camping without worrying about your battery overheating or bursting because a LiFEPO4 is incombustible and has non-toxic components as well. It also has built-in protection against overcharging, undercharging, and short circuits that help prevent damage to prolong your battery's life. 

If you’re wondering if you can use your car battery as a camping battery, the answer is no. Unlike portable lithium battery packs, a vehicle’s starter battery is not suitable for powering appliances and gadgets. It will only be a matter of a short time before you find yourself with a flat battery as car batteries are designed to provide short, concentrated bursts of power best fitted for kick-starting engines. 

How Long Will a 200Ah Lithium Battery Last?

A 200Ah lithium battery will give you ample capacity to run most of your campsite essentials. Some of the appliances it can power include ceiling fans, coffee makers, water filters, laptop computers, and fridges. Since a fridge is one of the most important must-haves for campers, let's have a quick overview of how long it will run on a 200Ah battery. A fridge typically has around 400W but this does not necessarily equate to its overall power especially because the compressor motor continuously starts and stops. However, since a 400W fridge will draw about 40W per hour, it's safe to say that a 200Ah battery can run it for up to 25 hours. 

Do You Need an Inverter For a Battery Box?

If you need to run 240V devices, then you definitely need an inverter. These would include your toasters, microwaves, electric cookers-anything with a normal plug you see in most household appliances. The main purpose of an inverter is to convert the 12v DC power of the battery, to 240v AC power for your devices. To know what size of inverter you need to buy, calculate the average power consumption you will need first. You can do this by listing the devices you'll be bringing, taking note of their starting and running watts, then adding them for a rough estimate.

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