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Batteries Rockhampton

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If you're thinking of a holiday drive, try visiting Rockhampton. This city in Central Queensland will welcome you with statues of bovines and a captivating nature scenery teeming with caves, mountains, and gardens. For campers out there, this area has tons of campgrounds, caravan parks, and tourist parks you could stay in, so prepare a good camping battery just before you visit! There are battery shops you can check out here such as Battery World Rockhampton and Positive Batteries Rockhampton but if you prefer to buy online, you can always get yours from Outbax. 

Of course, when it comes to portable battery packs, we know that lithium batteries are a widely-recommended option for camping and caravanning. This battery type, especially the lithium iron phosphate battery or LiFEPO4, has numerous edges over conventional batteries. It's safer, more efficient, and can hold increased capacity to supply you with reliable camping power throughout your entire trip. 

What Are Lithium Batteries Used For?

Lithium batteries are usually confused with lithium-ion batteries although these two are different both in composition and applications. Li-ion batteries are mostly used in gadgets like laptops while lithium batteries are commonly used as a better substitute for alkaline batteries to power clocks and medical equipment. They can also come in the form of battery boxes for outdoor uses. Due to their longer lifespan and ability to withstand low temperatures, they are often the go-to camping batteries or caravan batteries. This battery power pack can also be used to run cordless power tools. 

How To Connect Batteries in Parallel and Series

You might have heard of this a lot when talking about batteries. If you need another battery pack, you can connect them to one or more batteries in either a parallel or series connection. Wiring batteries in a parallel connection is done to increase the available capacity rating while the voltage stays the same. To do this, use a jumper wire to connect the positive terminals, and another one to connect the negative terminals. You can put your load on one battery bank, and they will all drain equally. However, the most recommended way of maintaining your batteries' equalization is connecting it to the positive terminal at one end of the battery and the negative one at the other end of the pack. Also, make sure to use a heavier-duty cable when doing this to prevent the wires from burning out.

Let's now go to series connection. This type of wiring adds the voltage of two batteries but maintains the same amp-hours rating. For example, if you connect two 6V 10Ah batteries in series, they will produce 12V, but the total capacity of 10 amps will remain the same. To connect batteries in a series, use a jumper wire and connect the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the next battery. Use a separate set of cables to connect the open positive and negative terminals to your application. Never cross the remaining open positive and open negative terminals with each other to avoid short circuits, battery damage, and injuries. Also, make sure that the batteries you're connecting have the same voltage and capacity for efficient charging and to prevent battery decline.

How To Test Your Battery

Testing your battery is a must before taking off for your camping trip. You don't want to discover that you have a faulty or worse, completely dead one when you're already at the campsite. This is usually done through a voltmeter or multimeter. First, make sure your battery is not connected to a charging unit. Switch on the voltmeter and set the meter to be measured in volts. Then, locate your battery's positive and negative terminals and place your voltmeter's corresponding leads in it. Check the volts on the scale of your meter and compare them with the voltage given in your battery's manual. Multimeters, on the other hand, have two types: analog and digital. Analog multimeters are more complex and need careful handling. It has a needle that moves along the scale so it's ideal for detecting slow voltage changes, although it's not as accurate as digital multimeters. These are more expensive and have an LCD screen for easier reading and carrying. 

Whether you're using an analog type or a digital, multimeters have a red and black link plus three different ports. They are also usually fitted with knobs that allow you to easily select the appropriate function and range. After a full charging cycle is completed, make sure your multimeter can measure at least the maximum number of volts your battery can produce. Once you have worked on this setting, connect the black lead to the negative terminal of the battery and the red one to the positive. 

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Batteries in Rockhampton are not hard to find, be it car batteries or lithium batteries. You won't necessarily need to google "batteries near me" every time you need one, especially with so many online and in-store outlets. However, if you're particular about getting supercheap batteries that are not compromised in quality, Outbax is one of your best options. Check out our website for affordable battery prices and a range of reliable camping batteries perfect whether you're looking for batteries in Queensland, batteries in Toowoomba, or even batteries in the Sunshine Coast. We also have other outdoor gear available like solar panels and inverter generators. Happy shopping, campers!

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