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As the name suggests, Sunshine Coast is home to lots of beach resorts and surf spots in Australia. If you want to enjoy the sun while sailing out into the sea, this is one of the best areas in the country you could visit. Of course, before hopping on your boating adventure, you need to make sure you have good quality boat batteries first. There are loads of batteries in Sunshine Coast available in battery shops nearby, including Battery World. We also have deep-cycle batteries available here at Outbax, which would make excellent secondary batteries for powering electronic devices you have on board.

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Are Lithium Batteries Suitable For Boats?

Yes, lithium batteries are suitable as boat batteries or marine batteries. In fact, more boaters are choosing lithium marine batteries because of their benefits. For one, lithium batteries have an increased capacity but are significantly smaller and more lightweight compared to conventional batteries. This is an advantage since most boats have a weight limit and not all of them are spacious enough to comfortably fit a bulky battery along with your other essentials. Lithium deep-cycle batteries also last for 3,000 to 5,000 life cycles and require minimal maintenance only. This makes a great investment, especially for those who go boating from time to time. LiFePO4 packs have better power storage capacities and can be safely charged up to 80% without incurring damages, unlike most lead-acid batteries with a 50% DoD. Some manufacturers even offer batteries that can be discharged up to 100%, just like the deep-cycle batteries available at Outbax!

Why Do Boats Have Two Batteries?

If you're new to boating, you might wonder why there are two or sometimes more batteries in it. This is because a boat needs a separate starter battery and a "house battery." The starter battery is mainly used to crank up the engine and kickstart your boat, while the other one is used to power whatever electronic devices or appliances you have on board. These two are not interchangeable since they differ largely in both structure and application. Cranking batteries have very thin lead plates and are designed to provide short but concentrated bursts of power suited for starting engines. House batteries, which ideally should be deep-cycle batteries, have thicker plates and less surface area to accommodate constant vibration from the waves. Dubbed as the marathon runners in the battery field, they are built for longer use such as powering equipment and supply a consistent stream of current. If you want a battery that does both the job of starting and house batteries, you can opt for marine dual-purpose batteries as well.

How Long Do Boat Batteries Last?

Boat batteries usually last for 3-4 years but this can be extended to 6 years with proper care. The best step in keeping your boat battery in good condition is to connect it to a maintenance or multistage charger when not in use. Aside from this, regular testing and inspection are also key to making sure you never find yourself in the middle of the sea with a flat battery.

How Do I Know If My Boat Battery is Bad?

The telltale signs of a bad boat battery don't differ much from camping batteries. Physically, if your battery pack has signs of wear & tear, cracks, or bulges, these are clear indications that it's not advisable to use anymore. It's the same case if your battery has broken or loose terminals, as these may cause a short circuit. Your battery is likely to have a problem as well if your electronics are not working. When it comes to a boat that won't start, the issue could be either on the starting battery, engine, or motor. Want to make sure your battery does not have any damage before taking off? Better take it for load testing, or do a voltage reading yourself. If your voltage level falls below 12.4V even after a recharge or if it reaches 12.6V but eventually drops to 0, this means that your battery needs to be replaced already. 

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Ready for your boat ride yet? Get your deep-cycle batteries from Outbax now-we even have slim deep-cycle batteries for those who want something space-savvy! We're experts when it comes to anything about battery power so whether you're looking for 12V batteries in Sunshine Coast or lithium batteries in Sunshine Coast, we can help you out. Those who want an alternative can have a look at our marine generators too. Staying in another area? No worries, you could be after batteries in Osborne Park or batteries in Port Macquarie and Outbax can still deliver your batteries!

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