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Batteries in Gympie

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Gympie is an exceptional city situated in Queensland. It's surrounded mostly by an agricultural district and is also home to stunning nature and beautiful open spaces. The everyday hustle and bustle in the area also call for reliable power, which is why batteries in Gympie are fairly in demand too. They're mainly useful for locals as battery backups, recreational batteries, and in some cases, for industrial or commercial purposes. 

If you're outside the city and are planning for a drive there to enjoy the outdoors, you're likely to find batteries in Gympie fast. Your main focus should be on ensuring that the portable battery pack you have is of quality. This is an area that enjoys a fair share of summer months and rainy season, with a short period of winter too. Your battery should be versatile and durable enough to handle all types of weather, long-lasting, and of course safe to use. 

Interested in knowing more about batteries in Gympie? Keep reading to find out where to buy them and which types are popular & most useful in the city. You might just get tips on getting affordable power packs too!

Is It Easy To Get Batteries in Gympie?

Local batteries are pretty easy to get anywhere in Australia. There are several battery shops in every city including Gympie. You can easily visit a Battery World Gympie outlet or their famous Positive Batteries & Camping shop. Another option would be to order your batteries online. Whether you're after batteries in Gympie, batteries in Perth, or batteries in Brisbane, you can have them delivered to you and prepare for your outdoor trip in advance. 

Pro tip: If you're going to get batteries in Gympie online, try shopping at Outbax. We're pretty popular for our quality yet affordable camping gear including batteries. Outbax mostly specialises in lithium batteries, particularly LiFePO4 batteries. They're the safest batteries in the market for having an incombustible feature and non-toxic composition. These batteries are also well-known for having a built-in battery management system for cell optimisation and automatic protection against overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. 

LiFePO4 batteries are considered deep cycle batteries too. A deep cycle battery has 80% of usable capacity, unlike a lead-acid battery which can only be used up to 50%. It's ideal for extended periods of use and also has a good lifespan that lasts up to a decade. Despite having a higher price, investing in a lithium deep cycle battery like a LiFePO4 is a more cost-effective move instead of going for cheap batteries that only last for a couple of years. 

What Are the Commonly Used Batteries in Gympie?

Camping or RV batteries

Gympie is blessed with beautiful outdoor areas perfect for those who want to enjoy some fresh air. Camping batteries or RV batteries would be handy to have here, especially if they are LiFePO4 based. You get maximum efficiency, safety, and longevity in a single battery which lets you spend more time enjoying your outing instead of minding your power pack from time to time. 

If you're using a lithium RV battery, you also have the option to pair it with solar panels. A lot of RV owners who often travel do this since it's a surefire way of not running out of power sources. Basically, the solar panels you have installed will be connected to your solar battery storage so it can bank the energy generated by the panels for later use. 

It's good to note that this type of setup needs installation and additional materials too, such as a solar charge controller. While it sounds efficient, this combo is better suited for avid campers or those who stay on the road majority of the time. 

Backup Batteries

Power outages sometimes occur in parts of Australia, and Gympie is no exception. It's always an advantage to have a portable battery on standby to avoid interruptions in your daily activities and be able to keep your essential appliances running. A lithium deep cycle battery would be the most ideal for this purpose to allow for longer operation without needing a recharge. 

You can find a lot of choices for deep cycle batteries at Outbax and at budget-friendly price tags too. We even have available slimline lithium batteries if you want something less bulky yet as effective as its regular-sized counterparts. 

Solar Batteries

The use of solar energy is not confined to recreational vehicles. A good number of households use solar batteries in Gympie to cut down costs and switch to an eco-friendly way of powering up their homes. It's usually incorporated in an entire solar system and can be extremely pricey, but if you live in an area well-suited for solar power use, you'll definitely get the investment back and more. 

Are Solar Batteries in Gympie Efficient?

The climate in Gympie allows for ample sun exposure in most months so it's natural for solar essentials including battery packs to be common in the area. 

Roughly 34% of households in the city use solar energy and an average rooftop in Gympie gets approximately 5.5 hours of peak sun each day. The usual size of a solar energy system is around 3.071kW for both residential and commercial establishments. If for example, one house with a 5kW system has an overall efficiency rate of 80%, it can produce up to 22kWh per day which is a good output if your main goal is to reduce your monthly electricity bills. 

Given the weather conditions, peak sun hours, and the number of solar providers and installers in the city, it's safe to say that your solar batteries in Gympie are worth the money. Currently, the Tesla Powerwall Series remains the most popular solar battery for homes in the country but you can also opt for something less pricey like lithium solar batteries (LiFePO4). 

More from Outbax

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We have standard 100Ah deep cycle batteries here or if you need more output, our 200Ah slimline battery will make sure you get that extra runtime without crowding your campsite. If you're interested in going solar, our range of solar panels might help you decide what to get for your RV or home. Outbax even has inverter generators for sale for those who prefer something handier with less setup to do. Shop now and catch some of our best deals!

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