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Solar Battery

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Solar batteries are among the modern power options available today whether for residential, industrial, or recreational use. A solar battery makes a great addition to a solar power system as it stores excess electricity generated by the solar panels. You can use this stored energy to run essential devices in case of a power outage, or in the evening to help cut down your monthly electricity bills. Its main difference from regular batteries is how it recharges. When you have a solar battery, you can top it off with a good set of solar panels especially during sunny days, even when you don't have access to a mains power.

Solar batteries are also mostly used in homes for cost-reduction purposes and to add value to the house. One of the most popular home solar batteries is the Tesla Powerwall. Introduced in 2015, the Powerwall series serves as a home battery system that stores energy from the sun and makes it available upon demand. These batteries are priced at around $11,000 and above including installation fees. In most cases, solar batteries are also referred to as solar battery storage.

Are Lithium Batteries Good For Solar Systems?

Yes, in fact, the best battery chemistry for solar applications is lithium, particularly the lithium iron phosphate battery or LiFePO4. This battery type is backed by newer technology geared to withstand deeper cycles and extra efficiency. It's also considered a premium energy storage option since its deep-cycling ability requires less overall capacity. Another thing with LiFePO4 is it has an integrated battery management system (BMS). This ensures optimal cell performance and protects against common battery issues including overheating. At the same time, the BMS allows you to expand your battery system easily, unlike with lead-acid systems where you have to deal with complex wirings. Lithium batteries have a longer lifespan of more than 2,000 cycles and can last longer without needing a recharge, making them even more suited for off-grid camping.

It is also important to remember that when connecting a lithium battery or any battery bank to solar systems, a solar charge controller is required. This is to regulate the current generated by the panels to will eventually be stored in your battery pack. A solar controller can either be an MPPT solar charge controller or a PWM regulator, depending on what is more suitable for the kind of solar panel setup that you have. 

What Are the Best Solar Batteries For Off-Grid Systems?

We’ve compiled the top three best solar battery storage you can incorporate in an off-grid solar panel setup. Whether it’s for a short camping trip or vacation home, these batteries are designed to give you maximum results. 

Discover 48V Lithium Battery: This Discover Battery LiFePO4 offers the lowest cost of energy per kWh. On top of this, it's suitable for up to 5x faster recharging and has twice the energy output compared to lead-acid batteries. Boasting a 95% round-trip efficiency and high charge/discharge rate coupled with its ability to connect with multiple batteries in series, this battery is one of the most reliable options for areas far from a mains power.

Crown CR430 FLA Battery: This lead-acid battery is perfect for those on a budget. Ideal for off-grid homes, this 430 amp-hour battery is built with superior durability. It features Crown's very own Snap Caps for extended intervals between adding distilled water. This deep-cycle battery is a win in performance and requires less maintenance, offering you great value at a competitive price.

Fullriver DC400-6 AGM Battery: Got a vacation home that you visit occasionally? This AGM sealed battery from Fullriver is best for you. It's built with heavier plates with chemistry designed to provide an extended cycle life. The Fullriver DC400-6 lasts for up to 885 mins at 25 amps and for boats, RVs, electronic vehicles, and cleaning machines.

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Solar panel battery prices are known for being quite high, falling at around $5,000 and above. We’re not even talking about installation fees yet. Despite this, there are a few battery outlets that offer good quality ones at a more affordable range. Here at Outbax, our lithium solar power batteries for sale are all LiFePO4-based to ensure excellent performance and a longer lifespan. Planning on installing a solar system for your RV? Get your solar panels here as well! Choose from our wide array of flexible solar panels, folding solar panels, solar panel kits, and even solar panel accessories. We make sure every outdoor lover gets the best, wallet-friendly camping experience, so we offer every portable power source you and other essentials you might need while you’re out and about including inverter generators and power stations too. Shop now!

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