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200 Amp Hour Slimline Lithium Battery

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Lithium iron phosphate batteries or simply LiFEPO4 have been carving their name in the camping scene recently. Backed by modern technology, these lithium batteries are built to be more efficient and are designed to carry bigger capacities despite their compact, lightweight form. LiFEPO4 stands out mostly because of its built-in battery management system. This BMS is responsible for ensuring every cell in the battery performs optimally and improves user safety as well. During charging, it automatically protects your battery from overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. This, along with the LiFEPO4s incombustible form, makes it a highly-preferred battery pack for outdoor use. 

LiFEPO4s are also famous for being space-savvy, but do you know that there are even thinner versions of it? Yes, there are slimline lithium batteries available now. They even come in a variety of capacities such as 100Ah slimline lithium batteries, 150Ah slimline lithium batteries, or 200Ah slimline lithium batteries. Focusing on the 200Ah batteries, these are usually great if you want to make sure you can run your battery for a longer period of time, like for overnight camping trips. The mid-range capacity is more than enough to run essential appliances and if you pair it with other power sources like solar panels, you won't have to worry about losing power wherever you are.

What Is a Slimline Battery?

Here's a quick introduction if you're still unfamiliar about slimline batteries. These are basically just your standard LiFEPO4 packed into a thinner yet durable case. It's one of the new innovations surrounding lithium batteries that allow for more options during installation. For the best camping battery setup, try installing a slim deep-cycle battery. You win both in performance and portability, plus, the lifespan of deep-cycle batteries makes it even more worth the price. Here at Outbax, we have some of the best slimline batteries in Australia. Check out our Ultra-Light Slim Blade LiFEPO4 and our Slim Blade LiFEPO4 with Power Voltage Display. These are significantly narrower than our usual batteries for sale, but are just as powerful and efficient for your off-grid camping adventures.

How Long Will a Slimline 200Ah Battery Last?

At 25 amps, you can expect your 200Ah lithium battery to last for up to 8 hours. However, depending on the appliances you want to run, you cannot guarantee that you will be spending exactly 25 amps per hour with each device. The general rule for batteries of any type or capacity depends on the size of load connected to it and other factors like discharge level too. For example, a 200Ah LiFEPO4 connected to a 400W load with 80% of charge will last for about five hours. It's still best to list down your wattage requirements first and how long you will be using your appliances to accurately work out if your power needs can be suppliedby a 200Ah battery. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge a 200Ah Lithium Battery?

A 200Ah 12V slimline lithium battery can take 12 to 24 hours to fully charge using a 10-amp charger. Using solar panels for charging? Your charging time will depends on the wattage of the solar panels you will use. Remember, the higher the wattage, the faster your lithium battery will charge. You can easily calculate how much solar panel watts you need by multiplying your battery's amp-hours by its voltage so if you have a 200AH 12V battery, you will need solar panels that provide up to 2400W. Let's say you have two 350W solar panels. These can top off your battery in 5 hours or less but if you want to cut down on time, you can actually recharge it in about 2 hours with five 300W solar panels. Additionally, it’s safer to get solar panels with a wattage that is slightly higher than your requirements in case of cloudy weather conditions where your solar panels can’t produce higher power. 

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Slimline lithium batteries are definitely one of the greatest upgrades for LiFEPO4. This eliminates the need to move around appliances in your caravan to make room for your battery and if you're camping requires a bit of hiking, this is a pretty convenient battery power pack to bring too. For more slimline battery choices, check out our range at Outbax. We have a variety of them, plus other camping essentials like inverter generators, air mattresses, and power stations. Best of all, everything retails for an affordable price to give you quality outdoor gear without breaking the bank.

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