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It's often easy to find local batteries in Australia. Power packs are widely used all over the country whether for commercial, industrial, household, or recreational purposes. Whether you need standard AAA batteries for your remote controls or a bigger 12V battery for camping, you're likely to have a lot of options and get one here pretty fast. 

There are several battery shops you can also visit, plus online stores for those who prefer the modern way of shopping. Of course, choosing among local batteries requires some work on your end too. Having numerous options is great but also poses disadvantages like unreliable providers that sell inferior batteries. This usually happens when consumers try to opt for cheap batteries, which is understandable since these usually lean on the expensive side. 

If you're keen on finding affordable batteries, do your research first. Determine what type of battery best fits your needs, browse through user reviews of your chosen supplier, get a copy of the battery specs, and inspect the battery for any signs of external damage. You want something that guarantees maximum efficiency, lasts long, and is safe to use.  

What Are the Best Shops For Local Batteries?

Searching for "batteries Australia" will give you tons of results. Some specialise in batteries alone while some are camping stores that provide portable power sources as well. A few of the famous local battery providers in the country include Battery World, Century Batteries, Every Battery, and of course, Outbax. These power pack providers are known for their stellar reputation, top-quality batteries, and wide range of choices for all your power needs. 

Some of these mentioned names either have a physical store or online service, while some offer both. Here at Outbax, we mainly provide lithium batteries, specifically lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries. These batteries stand out with their safer, more efficient design that features a built-in battery management system (BMS). It ensures a smooth performance plus automatic protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. 

LiFePO4 batteries are quite pricey, and this is where the advantage of getting yours from Outbax enters. We offer ours at budget-friendly price tags without compromising on quality so no need to break the bank here just to get a good battery! You can even browse through our customer reviews on the website before selecting your local batteries. 

What Are the Most Popular Types of Local Batteries in Australia?

Aside from the standard AAA or AA batteries to power your small home devices, camping batteries and RV batteries are also in demand in Australia. The majority of Aussies love exploring the outdoors and packing a good battery to run their outdoor gear is a must. Recreational batteries are usually classified into lead-acid or lithium batteries. 

For the lead-acid category, the most commonly used is the Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM Battery. This is one ideal battery pack with its high power output and reliability. Some of the downsides of it are sensitivity to overcharging, although, with its fairly lower price, it still gives a good overall performance in outdoor settings.

Deep cycle batteries, particularly lithium deep cycle batteries, see high sales as well. The special thing about a lithium-based deep cycle battery is that it has 80% of useable capacity, unlike conventional batteries that can only be discharged for up to 50%. This makes it a great option for off-grid camping, boating, and in 4WD dual battery setups

The use of solar energy is another avenue for local batteries to showcase their value. There is a growing number of households and campers switching to renewable energy by pairing solar panels and solar batteries. Currently, the Tesla Powerwall Series is widely preferred but if you want to slash a bit of the upfront costs, you can also use solar lithium batteries like a LiFePO4. 

Campers are also starting to either install a solar system for their RV or bring portable solar panels during their outdoor trips. This allows them to camp even in remote locations and avoid crowded campsites plus, nothing beats the extra peace of mind knowing you'll never run out of power, especially on a sunny day. 

Lastly, battery backups are handy in most households too since cities in Australia sometimes experience power outages during harsh weather conditions. Having a stable source of power like a lithium deep cycle battery makes all the difference as it allows you to keep your most essential appliances/devices running like fridges and laptops.

How Much Are Local Batteries in Australia?

If we're talking about local AA and AAA batteries, these will obviously hardly dent your pocket money. However, battery prices of bigger power packs are more expensive, with lead-acid being the most affordable one. These cost a few hundred dollars only-around $100 to $500. Lithium batteries are much higher especially LiFePO4, starting from around $700 to $3,000.

Despite the higher price tag, going for LiFePO4 batteries are much more cost-effective in the long run. They have a lifespan of up to a decade, which is several times more than a single conventional battery. You also win in quality here, so every penny is definitely worth it. 

Perhaps one of the priciest local batteries anywhere would be solar power batteries. The Tesla Powerwall batteries alone start at $11,000 and this does not include installation fees yet! However, just like batteries, it proves to be a good long-term investment too, provided that you live in an area favourable to solar energy use. 

Looking for quality batteries that won't leave your wallet empty? Try shopping at Outbax. Our camping gear including batteries retail for competitive prices to accommodate all outdoor lovers. They're proven and tested in terms of performance too and you'll have an entire collection of different power packs to choose from!

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Outbax has you covered when it comes to local batteries for sale or any portable power source. We even have the famous slimline lithium battery for incredible power in space-savvy form! 

While choosing your battery, you might want to check out our other items too. There's a section for inverter generators, solar panels and even leisure items like inflatable spas! We love the outdoors as much as you do, so we make sure your shopping experience is as awesome as our products too. All you need to do is choose, buy, and we'll have it delivered fast and for free within Australia. Don't miss out on great deals and shop now!

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