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When you say "house batteries," the first thing that would come to mind for sure are the types of batteries used to power our homes. These can include the usual double or triple A batteries for our devices and the battery backups that some houses have. A lot of houses in Australia are getting these as an alternative source of electricity. Solar batteries in particular are the most commonly used, with the Tesla Powerwall Series being a popular pick. Another not-so-famous meaning of house batteries would be the secondary batteries used in 4WD dual battery setups.

It basically does the same function it does for households, which is to power essential appliances and gadgets. A lot of RVs, 4x4 vehicles and boats have this kind of battery system since a starting battery alone won't be enough to run everything. Having dual batteries ensures that you get to smoothly start your ride and operate all electrical equipment you have in there. 

How Long Can a House Battery Power Your Home? 

Whether you're using solar house batteries like Tesla or something connected to the grid, a good home battery should be able to provide you with long-lasting power. Home batteries often range from having as little as 1kWh of capacity to 10kWh. If you're using it as a whole house battery, a 10kWh battery should be enough to power your basic appliances for a day or two. Of course, this can still vary depending on each appliance's usage, power requirements, and run time. For example, a refrigerator mostly consumes around 1-2 kWh of electricity a day, while an air conditioner that runs for six hours a day can draw up to 9kWh of capacity. If you can conserve electricity by limiting the use of appliances that you can let go during a power outage, your house battery should be able to last you for longer. 

Overall, a household can limit its energy consumption to around 5kWh to 6kWh per day. This amount of power can be provided with a home battery alone especially if it has a big capacity. However, if you want to extend its use or if you're planning to save up by using your battery solely in the evenings, try pairing it with solar panels. A quality set of solar panels will generate enough power to fully charge your battery for later use, given that the weather is ideal and your panels are mounted at the right angle. 

How Long Does Tesla Powerwall Last?

The Tesla Powerwall Series lasts from 12 to 24 hours depending on the number of batteries installed. Based on a study of an average household consuming around 28kWh per day, one Powerwall can power the entire house for 12 hours, two Powerwalls can do the same in 18 hours, and three Powerwalls can run your home for 24 hours. Seems like a good deal, right? However, installing a Tesla House Battery or any other house battery for that matter won't guarantee great results. It will all depend on surrounding factors especially if you're using it as a solar battery. These can include your solar panel's efficiency, home location, and even overall battery quality. House battery costs are definitely not on the cheaper side- the Tesla Powerwall alone starts at around $11,000 in Australia, so it is important that you make sure you meet all the necessary factors that would give you maximum results. If you don't want to pair it with solar though, you also have the option to charge it from the grid.

Looking for more affordable alternatives? Try our lithium solar batteries at Outbax. They're perfect for battery backups and are built to efficiently power your home with their LiFePO4-based composition. All our LiFePO4 batteries boast a built-in BMS and are compatible with solar. You get not just extra safety from an incombustible battery but also unrivalled efficiency as it optimises every battery in your cell for superior performance every time. A LiFePO4 also offers automatic protection against common battery issues like overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. At Outbax, we sell a wide variety of these at a discounted price including 12V batteries, caravan batteries, and even marine batteries

What Is the Best House Battery For Dual Battery Setups?

Let's talk about the other type of house batteries. These are the power packs paired with your vehicle's starter battery to help run your appliances in it like a mini-fridge, a fan, or your favourite coffee maker. The most recommended type of battery to use for this purpose is a deep-cycle battery. This battery type has an edge over other batteries in terms of capacity. It can be discharged down to 80% without incurring any damage, compared to conventional lead-acid batteries that can only be used for up to 50% of their charge. Having a deep-cycle battery allows you to run your electronics for longer, perfect for off-grid campings where you have no access to a mains power. It also has an impressive life cycle that can last up to a decade with proper maintenance. Want something even better? Go for lithium deep cycle batteries like LiFePO4 batteries. You get the best of both worlds here-extended lifespan, longer run time, utmost efficiency, and added safety. It's one of the best rechargeable batteries you can avail whether for outdoor or home applications! 

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Buy the best house batteries at Outbax now. Get quality power without breaking the bank and browse through our collection of lithium batteries for sale. We have different kinds of power packs here that will make excellent house batteries for your home or RV. Need extra space? Try our famous slimline lithium batteries. How about something with higher voltage? Our transparent-case batteries are perfect for you. We even have a section for solar panels and solar panel accessories to help you out in case you want to pair your batteries with it. Outbax houses a lot of camping essentials including portable power sources and leisure items. Backed by a team of outdoor experts and an easy online transaction, we aim to make shopping as convenient as possible for every adventurer out there. Make sure to give us a visit the next time you plan that outdoor trip!

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