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Lithium RV Battery

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No recreational vehicle is complete without a reliable battery in it. Since RVs like caravans, travel trailers, and campervans are often used for off-grid camping, it's a must to have a portable power source to run the appliances in it. Your RV will serve as your temporary home the entire time you're away from a mains power, so getting the best lithium battery for it should be a top priority before taking off to your destination. 

Why lithium battery? Well, aside from the fact that these batteries are gaining traction recently, they are also considered the future of RVs and camping. LiFEPO4 specifically is making waves in the market. Equipped with an integrated battery management system, this battery type delivers unrivalled quality performance and is dubbed the safest battery. Using a LiFEPO4 means you never have to worry about your battery pack exploding, and there's no need to keep monitoring it while charging. This battery automatically protects from common battery issues like overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits for easier maintenance. 

If you think that's all, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Lithium battery systems are also more convenient to install because of their compact, lightweight form. These batteries are 50% lighter than other battery packs so you won't weigh down your vehicle and have more room for your other essentials too. Want something that will last as long as your RV? Choose a lithium deep-cycle battery. RV deep-cycle batteries are known to last for up to a decade or 5,000 cycles with proper care. Additionally, it also provides more efficient power as you can safely discharge it until 20% without incurring any damage.

How Much Does a Lithium RV Battery Cost?

Undeniably, lithium battery prices are significantly higher compared to other battery types but if you look at the overall quality and lifespan, it's actually a cost-effective choice. Typically, a 100Ah battery costs around $1,000, which is almost three times the amount of a standard lead-acid battery. Of course, the higher the capacity, the higher the price as well so if you're after a 400Ah lithium battery for RV or even a 200Ah lithium battery, you'll most likely have to pay more. There are stores that offer top-notch quality lithium batteries for RVs though. Outbax, for instance, has a full range of lithium batteries for sale that retails for less than most LiFEPO4 prices, so you get to save more and still get a good battery pack at the same time. 

What Are the Common Misconceptions About Lithium RV Batteries?

Despite delivering maximum performance in all aspects, a lot of myths still surround lithium batteries. This is why some campers are still hesitant to switch their current RV battery to a lithium one. Below are some of the popular misconceptions about lithium batteries:

Lithium batteries are dangerous

Definitely not! This belief often springs from the confusion between lithium-ion and LiFEPO4. Lithium-ion battery is the technology used behind gadgets like cellphones and laptops, which are known to explode when mishandled during charging. RV lithium batteries like LiFEPO4 are made with an entirely different composition-a non-combustible one to be exact. These batteries will not overheat nor catch fire, so they're certainly safer than other deep-cycle batteries for camping

RV lithium batteries don't work in cold weather

While it is true that charging a lithium RV battery below freezing (32°F) temperature may cause irreversible damage, you can still top them up down to 24°F. Besides, no one really goes out camping in the freezing weather. When it comes to storing your battery, you can avoid letting it sit in the cold by using a temperature-controlled compartment, so they remain as good as new the next time you need to use them. 

Lithium RV batteries cannot be discharged completely

Unlike lead-acid batteries which cannot be discharged below 50%, lithium batteries can be fully discharged despite its BMS automatically stopping the process at 80-90%. A lot of people are unaware of this though because RV lithium batteries only display amp-hours which is not indicative of how much power it actually holds. 

RV lithium batteries should be 100% charged all the time

This is true for lead-acid batteries, not for lithium. In fact, it's more ideal to partially charge your lithium battery most of the time since it improves the number of times it can be cycled. However, a full charge every now and then is also a good idea since it helps restore the battery's capacity.

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Here at Outbax, we cater to every RV owner looking for a good lithium battery pack. Our range of LiFEPO4 are guaranteed to be of quality and are reasonably priced to accommodate campers on a budget. Planning to pair your battery with solar panels? We got your back! We have different types of solar panels like flexible solar panels and folding solar panels for you, plus solar panel accessories for easy installation. Anything you need to make your outdoor adventure extra convenient, we have them here. Just browse, add your pick to your cart, check out, and we'll have it delivered to you!

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