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4WD Battery

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What Is a 4x4 Battery? There's no better way to upgrade your off-road vehicle than installing a good 4WD battery in it. 4WD batteries or 4x4 batteries are designed for heavy-duty use with extra strength and endurance to power large 4WD rides. These batteries can be categorised into three types: Starting batteries, dual-purpose batteries, and deep-cycle batteries.

Starting batteries are also called cranking batteries and are mainly for powering your vehicle under harsh conditions or extreme temperatures. They're usually great for bumpy, outback roads or any rough terrain. Dual-purpose batteries, on the other hand, combine the benefits of both cranking batteries and semi-cycling batteries. This means that they can kickstart your engine while leaving enough cycling abilities to run your appliances in the vehicle. Lastly, we have deep-cycle batteries. These have long cycles ideal for providing power to your camping equipment over an extended period. For the best kind of system, try installing a 4WD dual battery setup. This kind of installation involves installing a 4WD auxiliary battery apart from your starting battery, so you have enough power to start your engine and operate your appliances at the same time. You can buy separate batteries for this, or an entire set such as a Kings Dual Battery Kit.

In terms of types, 4WD batteries can either be lead-acid or lithium batteries.  While lead-acid is the cheaper option and has lots of types including AGM batteries, the most ideal pick would be 4WD lithium batteries. Lithium, particularly LiFEPO4, are known for their quality performance and safety features. They pack a higher capacity and has a longer lifespan that lasts for up to 10 years with proper handling. These battery power packs are also incombustible and have a built-in battery management system that protects them from over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, and short circuits. 

How Long Does a 4WD Battery Last?

A 4WD battery typically lasts 4 to 5 years if used properly. If you have a lithium deep-cycle battery for powering appliances, this can stretch for a couple more years and can power your devices even at an 80% discharge rate. However, no matter your battery type, it is important to be aware of factors that affect your battery's overall lifespan. These include exposure to extreme temperatures as well as dirt. Like going on short drives? This can affect your battery life too since there won't be enough time for your alternator to charge your battery, which could result in sulfurisation. Lastly, having too many devices inside your car that rely on your battery for a charge can cause it to decline in the long run, so make sure to either size up your off-grid battery properly or make sure you only use basic camping appliances.  

Can a Standard Deep-Cycle Battery Be Used As a Starting Battery In a 4WD?

In a 4x4 or 4WD setup, deep-cycle batteries are usually better as secondary batteries for powering appliances. They can start your motor in a pinch, but a dual battery system is usually more recommended. Starting batteries and deep-cycle batteries have very different construction meant for entirely different purposes. Cranking batteries have thicker plates that are able to withstand higher, concentrated bursts of power for a short period of time. Deep-cycle batteries, on the other hand, are designed to provide a lower, more consistent stream of power for a longer timeframe. Using it to power your engine may cause issues especially if the draw needed to crank it up is too high to be sustained.

What Are the Benefits of 4WD Batteries?

So, what edge do 4WDs have over regular car batteries? For one, 4WD batteries have a stronger build and can withstand pressure and continuous vibration from rough terrains. They are also able to tolerate high temperatures, mainly because they are enclosed in a polypropylene cover with an internal liquid to keep them cool for longer. 4WD batteries are also known for having an increased capacity suitable for powering engines. Equipped with a minimum of 600 cold-cranking capacity, there's no need to worry about your battery not kicking in, regardless of the weather conditions. Even better, if you install dual batteries in your 4WD vehicle, you get the best of both worlds-a nicely powered up engine plus extra power to keep your beers cold in a mini-fridge! Charging is a breeze as well! In fact, you can use solar power to top up your 4x4 batteries. A simple installation of a solar panel setup will do wonders for your trip and make it convenient to charge on the go. 

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