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4X4 Battery

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Large four-wheeled vehicles or simply 4WD vehicles require a lot of power to start and continuously operate. This is the main purpose of 4x4 batteries, sometimes referred to as 4WD batteries. Heavy-duty and designed for extra strength, these batteries function as car batteries as well and can be classified into three categories: Starting batteries, dual-purpose batteries, and deep-cycle batteries. Starting batteries are built to withstand extreme conditions and rough terrains.

Meanwhile, dual-purpose batteries supply ample power to kick start your vehicle's engine while powering portable appliances at the same time. They are a combo of starting and semi-cycling batteries. Last but not the least, deep-cycle batteries are best utilised for longer cycles such as for running your camping electronic equipment.

Just like your typical camping batteries, 4x4 battery boxes can either be lead-acid or lithium. While lead-acid has been used for years now and has several types, recent years have seen more and more people switching to lithium batteries. Why? Well, although both battery types are made up of the same standard component including a cathode, anode, separator, and electrolyte, the use of lead in lead-acid batteries makes it a lot heavier and less portable than lithium battery. Lithium batteries specifically LiFEPO4, in comparison, are handier and pack more capacity all while offering improved safety features.

So, is it a good idea to switch your usual car battery to a 4x4 battery system? Yes! They 're designed to be stronger than regular car batteries so no matter what kind of road you find yourself in, these batteries will remain as reliable as ever. They offer increased capacity perfect for off-grid camping plus, 4WD batteries are also built to withstand high temperatures due to their internal liquid composition that helps it to stay cool longer.

How Long Does a 4x4 Battery Last?

On average, 4WDs and regular batteries last for 3-5 years with proper maintenance. This is also one of the reasons why it's better to opt for a LiFEPO4 battery, as it doubles the lifespan of conventional batteries so you won't have to keep replacing them. It's also good to keep in mind that your battery's lifespan is dependent on a lot of controllable factors too. Some of them include constant exposure to high temperatures, lack of regular cleaning, and frequently leaving your lights on after using the car. Short drives may also decrease the life of your battery in the long run due to the lack of time for the alternator to recharge your battery, which leads to sulfurisation. Lastly, avoid powering too many unnecessary devices in your car since this will keep draining your battery, affecting its overall longevity as well.

What Is the Best 4x4 Battery For My Vehicle?

To determine if a lead-acid or lithium 4x4 battery setup is better for you, consider the areas you're planning to visit. How is the temperature and terrain there? If you're going somewhere with a higher temperature, better go for lead-acid but if you really want a lithium battery, make sure to opt for a LiFEPO4 for added safety against overheating. Next, it's good to have an idea of how much starting power your car requires. Lithium is not really suited as a cranking battery so if you need a lot of power to start your engine, a lead-acid might be a better idea. If you go on road trips frequently, then lithium is for you since it has a longer life cycle. See? Choosing the best 4WD battery is not black and white. Of course, besides this, there are certain technical specs in your car that you need to take into account too.

Is 4x4 Dual Battery Setup Better?

Going for a dual battery system is not necessary for every 4x4 application but doing so definitely makes everything more convenient. A starter battery coupled with a 4x4 auxiliary battery-especially a deep-cycle one-will help ensure you never get stuck in the middle of the road with a flat battery. Even better, it offers additional comfort by smoothly running appliances that you want to bring with you including fridges, coffee makers, lights, and more.

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After considering your location and car features, you're ready to buy your 4x4 battery. Outbax has a collection of lithium batteries that will be perfect for this, including other camping essentials like lithium battery chargers, inverter generators, and solar panels. Our aim is to provide every outdoor lover with quality gear at an affordable price, and with our wide range of items, you're sure to find something useful for your next adventure.

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