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Lithium Batteries for Caravans

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Outbax is home to premium caravan lithium batteries that can power your vehicle and all its appliances for weekend adventures off the grid. These batteries enable you to go anywhere with your caravan and maintain access to amenities like lighting and air conditioning. That means you can make your morning coffee without firing up your portable backup generator.

Outbax is your one-stop online shop for outdoor equipment. We specialise in lithium batteries, inverter generator, power stations, and solar panels so that you never run out of power during your weekend excursions.

Our range of caravan lithium batteries undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that they are suitable for the climate in Australia. Explore our website to find products that can enhance your outdoor experiences.

There are many advantages to using a lithium lifepo4 battery for your caravan over a lead-acid battery. Our selection of caravan lithium batteries is rated to endure up to two decades, while most lead-acid batteries are built to only last up to four years. Moreover, you can use them for up to seven years before you even notice a decrease in power availability.

In comparison to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are substantially lighter, weighing roughly a quarter of their equivalent. Their lightweight design makes them suitable for caravans that can benefit from weight reduction. Lithium batteries are also compatible with solar panel systems, giving you unparalleled flexibility on how you want to recharge your energy source.

How to choose the right lithium battery for a caravan?

It is important to have a basic understanding of how lithium batteries work in order to choose the right one for your caravan. You must consider what appliances you use most often and come up with an appropriate power solution.

Most of our caravan lithium batteries support parallel connections so that you can connect multiple packs and increase your power capacity. Our goal is to help you formulate a plan, no matter how much power your caravan uses.

The following are some crucial factors to pay attention to when choosing a lithium battery for your caravan:

  • Capacity: The first step is to determine how much power you are likely to use every day to determine what battery capacity is suitable for your requirements. The majority of caravans can run on a lithium battery with a capacity of 100Ah.

If you are going to run some appliances for extended periods, choose a lithium battery with a capacity of 200Ah. Meanwhile, if your caravan has a full range of deluxe amenities, we recommend using a parallel connection to ensure you have a constant supply of power.

Unsure which option is suitable for your needs? Call 02 888 10 333 to contact our team of experts and get sound advice. You can also email us at support@outbax.com.au with your enquiry. 

  • Safety: A dependable battery management system is practically a necessity for caravan lithium batteries. Our lithium batteries all come with integrated battery management systems to protect them from issues like overcharging and short-circuiting. These systems also enable our batteries to perform optimally and achieve their estimated cycle life.
  • Warranty: The warranty indicates how much the manufacturer believes in their product to live up to its expectations. Our caravan lithium batteries have up to five-year warranties to give you confidence and peace of mind when you venture outdoors.

Are lithium batteries safe?

Caravan lithium batteries are significantly safer than conventional lead-acid alternatives since they do not contain toxic chemicals - no need to worry about dangerous leakages. These batteries also address the inherent charging inefficiency of lead-acid batteries. We even have units that come with integrated displays to show you information about battery health and how much charge is available. This feature can also help you plan your power consumption and determine the ideal times to charge your battery.

It is a good idea to have your batteries connected to a series of solar panels so that they can recharge during the day. In addition to caravans, lithium batteries are also widely used for:

  • Boat: Lithium batteries are great for boats because of their compact and lightweight design. These batteries add minimal weight to cargo and can easily fit in tight spaces.
  • Tiny home: Those who live in small houses off the grid can use lithium batteries to power their homes. These batteries can store the energy produced by solar panels to power appliances in tiny houses.
  • Golf cart: Compared to traditional golf cart batteries, lithium batteries are significantly lighter, allowing more speed, a smoother ride, and less power consumption.

How to instal a lithium battery in a caravan?

The way a lithium battery is installed in a caravan has a significant effect on its performance. You can always just drop it in to replace a lead-acid battery, but you would not be taking full advantage of its capabilities. It takes specialised equipment and some cable management to get the most out of a lithium battery. You can contact our team of experts to discuss the best approach you can take for your caravan. 

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