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12v Marine Battery

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Boating is another well-loved outdoor activity among Australians. Naturally, this would require a power source just like camping and caravanning. Experienced boaters would know that you will need a dual battery system for this with a cranking battery and house battery functioning separately from each other. In terms of battery types, nothing beats 12V marine batteries for powering boats of different sizes. 

Getting a 12V marine battery is pretty easy with tons of battery shops providing one. For example, you could actually get a Century marine battery in any city, or the best deep cycle battery for powering all your appliances on board. Speaking of deep cell batteries, the most recommended kind of power pack for this would be lithium. 

12V lithium deep cycle batteries such as lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFePO4 batteries combine deep cycling abilities with the benefits of lithium composition. It's safer, lighter, and has a longer runtime-all of which are crucial aspects you need in a boat battery pack. 

Marine battery prices may or may not be expensive depending on the type. AGM batteries can cost you a few hundred dollars but deep cycle marine batteries can start at around $1,000. This can be a little overwhelming, but if you're after long-lasting quality and superior performance, it's always a better choice to invest in a lithium power pack. 

If you want to avail 12V marine batteries on the affordable side, try visiting Outbax. We have a collection of 12V deep cycle marine batteries for sale here which are all LiFePO4 based. Outbax is home to budget-friendly camping gear including portable power sources, so you're likely to find a quality battery here without breaking the bank.

What Is the Difference Between 12V Marine Batteries and Regular Batteries?

Regular 12V batteries mostly pertain to car batteries. These may look almost similar to 12V marine batteries but they actually have significant differences both in construction and application. 

Car batteries are generally designed for travel on smooth, sealed roads while marine batteries should be able to resist constant vibration from wave pounding and trailer support. This is why even the exterior of a boat battery is more durable since repeated vibration and wave impact on regular batteries can cause cracks, which will eventually lead to leakage of active materials and corrosion. 

In terms of power output, car batteries deliver concentrated bursts of power meant for starting the engine while marine batteries need a separate source of power aside from the starter battery to run board accessories. This is why 12V marine batteries are classified into three categories: starting/cranking, service, and dual purpose batteries. 

Starting/Cranking Batteries

As mentioned above, these types of 12V marine batteries are meant for kickstarting your engine with short, robust power bursts. These are not meant to run electronics, since they do not have the proper capacity and power output to deliver a continuous stream of power. 

Service/House Batteries

These should ideally be 12V deep cycle batteries for 80% of usable capacity. You want your batteries to last well, especially while you’re in the middle of sailing since you’ll most likely be away from other power sources. 

Unlike tent camping which usually uses a 100Ah lithium battery, it would bring you extra peace of mind to opt for at least a 200Ah deep cycle battery when boating. Choose a 12V deep cycle marine battery within this range or higher, just so you’re sure you won’t be short on power while onboard. 

Dual Purpose Batteries

These are power packs that perform both as a starting and service battery. A dual purpose battery is ideal for boats with limited spaces but is not suited for every type of boat. A good alternative for this would be getting slim deep cycle batteries

How Long Do 12V Marine Batteries Last?

The service life of 12V marine batteries typically ranges from 3-4 years for starting power packs. Deep cycle service batteries last for an average of 6 years or more if they are lithium-based. Their lead-acid counterparts fare for a shorter time so if you want something that will last you for a good number of years, try to invest in a quality LiFePO4 instead. 

You'd find that a lot of providers offer cheap deep cycle batteries too, so be careful when buying one. Some of these are inferior in performance and will leave you with more expenses instead of cutting down your total cost. Once you have your 12V marine battery, make it a habit to practice regular maintenance such as battery cleaning, proper storage, and correct charging to ensure longevity.

Do I Need a Special Charger For 12V Marine Batteries?

12V marine batteries usually don't need a special charger as long as it matches your boat's battery chemistry. It means that if you have a lithium deep cycle battery, you should use the appropriate lithium battery charger for it and this goes for all types of power packs to ensure optimal charging. 

Most engines can do the job of topping off your cranking battery for you. However, you still have the option to use an additional charger like an onboard or portable charger. Deep cycle battery chargers, on the other hand, are usually combined with an inverter and are considered high current because of the large bank it is charging. You can also have multiple recharging options for this aside from the main charger including solar and shore power charging

The size of your battery charger is associated with voltage and amperage (charge rate) instead of its actual dimensions. This varies depending on your boat and the type of batteries in it, so it's important to know what you need or consult the manufacturer's instructions on what size of charger to use. 

More from Outbax

Outbax houses a variety of lithium deep cycle batteries which will make ideal 12V marine batteries for powering your boat's appliances. What makes our power packs special is that they're LiFePO4 batteries but you can get them at lower prices without having to sacrifice quality. We even have solar panel and battery bundles now for outdoor enthusiasts who want an additional power source for their camping battery setups.

Another great thing is that everything here is online-based so whether you're looking for lithium marine batteries,  lithium batteries in Perth or batteries in Fyshwick, you can have them delivered to you fast and with FREE shipping. Looking for more portable power? Check out our range of inverter generators and solar panels too! It's every outdoor lover's haven here, so shop now.

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