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Fyshwick's scarce population, numerous campsites, and national parks make it a great choice when you want a peaceful camping experience. If you're looking to discover more of Canberra, make sure you don't miss out this spot and of course, bring good quality camping batteries with you. A good camping battery setup will provide added comfort and security while you're enjoying the great outdoors, so make sure you know exactly what type you need and which ones are considered the best when it comes to performance. 

There are a good number of battery stores in Fyshwick, such as The Battery Factory and R&J Batteries, but just before googling "batteries near me," it would be good to know that you have lots of online options as well. For instance, here at Outbax, we have an entire collection of portable lithium battery packs ideal for campsites and RVs. You just need to browse through our website, add your pick to your online cart, check out, and we'll have your battery delivered right to your doorstep. 

What's the Best Deep-Cycle Battery For Camping?

Despite several battery types, it's well-known that deep-cycle batteries are the most recommended kind especially if you're using them for camping and road trips. They're a win in longevity with up to 10 years of lifespan as well as in performance since it supplies reliable power output at an 80% discharge level. This makes it perfect when you're going off-grid for a couple of days and even when you need a battery backup for occasional power interruptions. 

When it comes to popularity, AGM deep-cycle batteries is the most sought-after especially if it's going to be used as a caravan battery. It's usually paired with solar panels mounted on an RVs roof for a free source of energy every daytime. Unlike wet cell batteries, AGM batteries or Absorbent Glass Mat do well even in higher temperatures and have a lower discharge rate. They also recharge faster and are safer to transport due to their fully sealed structure. AGM batteries make a great choice not just for camping but for boating too. 

In terms of overall quality and performance, deep-cycle lithium batteries is definitely at the top of the rank, especially the lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFEPO4. Backed by modern technology, these batteries pack more power in a lighter, compact unit. Compared to sealed lead-acid batteries, LiFEPO4 can handle up to 8 more charge cycles and can discharge completely without damaging their cells. They charge over 90% of their capacity in 1-3 hours, eliminating a big chunk of your waiting time when you're trying to top them up. Most importantly, LiFEPO4 batteries are famous for their built-in battery management system (BMS), which optimises every cell's performance and helps prevent usual battery issues like overheating and short circuits. 

How Big of a Deep-Cycle Battery Do I Need?

Aside from deep-cycle battery prices, you need to know what size battery you need for your camping trip first. While the ideal way to do this is to list down your appliances and total the power output they would all need, you need to consider a few things before you proceed with this. First, how long will you be without a mains power? The longer you need your battery to perform without charging, the bigger your unit has to be. Also, which appliances do you need to run simultaneously? There are power-hungry electronic equipment and in the event that you need to run more than one of these at the same time, you will really need extra power. You also need to consider if you have any other portable power source to help charge your battery, like solar panels or inverter generators

Once you have these sorted out, it's time to compute your power requirements. To do this, get the watts and estimated running time of each of your appliances. Next, calculate the watt-hours for every piece of equipment. For example, if a 35W portable fridge needs to operate for 10 hours, then that will be 350Wh. Do the same for the rest of the appliances and add everything together. After you're done, convert the result into amp hours by dividing the watt-hours by your battery voltage and depth of discharge. 

How Long Can a Deep-Cycle Battery Last Without Charging?

Since the timeframe of a battery's performance is highly dependent on a lot of factors, we will use cycles to measure this instead. Unlike car batteries in Fyshwick or anywhere else which tend to fail after 30-150 cycles when deep cycled, deep-cycle batteries can be discharged up to 80% from time to time. This is one of the reasons why they're ideal especially when you're camping in remote places without any other means to recharge.

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All set to buy those Fyshwick lithium batteries? Simply visit Outbax whether from your phone or laptop. We have available quality LiFEPO4 batteries that you can choose from at a more affordable price, plus other camping gear such as generators and power stations. Outbax is all about the great outdoors and those who love it, so feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any concerns or would like some help in choosing your equipment. We have the some of the best batteries that will surely serve you well whether you’re after batteries in Busselton, batteries in Bendigo, or even batteries in Capalaba. Shop now!

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