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200ah Deep Cycle Battery

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Deep-cycle batteries have indeed built a solid reputation in the battery market. In some ways, it has even become the standard whether for a camping battery, caravan battery, or even battery backup. Let's have a little refresher on how good these batteries are. Compared to regular batteries, deep-cycle batteries are built with thicker grids and plates that help support a longer lifespan. They have a higher density active material to hold a higher capacity as well, coupled with an improved cycling ability.

All these make deep-cycle batteries the ideal off-grid battery, but their standout feature lies in the impressive depth of discharge. Unlike traditional batteries that can only be discharged down to 50%, deep-cycle batteries can be drained up to 80% and still supply you with consistent power. These batteries are designed to provide a stable stream of power for an extended period of time, which is why they are often used as a service battery for running appliances for camping, RVs, or boating. 

Usually, outdoor lovers go for 100Ah deep-cycle batteries. However, if you want a little extra to ensure you never run out of power especially if you're in a remote location, 200Ah deep-cycle batteries would be a good idea too. A 200Ah lithium deep-cycle battery in particular is even better. Why lithium? Lithium deep-cycle batteries, specifically a LiFePO4, give you the best of both worlds: the longevity of a deep-cycle battery and the intelligent battery management system found in all LiFePO4 batteries. When paired together, you can expect superior performance from this at all times, in all suitable applications.

How Many Watts Is a 200Ah Battery?

Watts refers to the amount of power stored in your battery. This can be derived by multiplying the battery's voltage level by its amp-hours, so if you have a 12V deep-cycle battery with 200Ah of capacity, this would be equal to 2400W. A 24V deep-cycle battery with the same capacity, on the other hand, will give you 4,800W. Both of these will be enough to power a day or two of camping, given that you have properly calculated your power requirements throughout your trip, including every appliance's starting watts, running watts, and duration of use.

How Long Will a 200Ah Deep-Cycle Battery Last?

The longevity of your 200Ah deep-cycle battery or any battery is dependent on its discharge level and how much load you plan to put on it. Each electronic piece of equipment demands a certain number of wattage and this may vary still depending on how long you will be using them. For a little overview, let's say you have a fully charged 200 amp battery. This can supply you with 20 amps for 10 hours, or 10 amps for 20 hours. However, your appliance usage won't exactly be like this, so it's still best to have a good estimate of how much power you need to determine if your 200Ah battery will be enough, especially if you have no means of charging. 

A lot of campers are also curious if a 12V 200Ah deep-cycle battery will run a TV. Yes, it would. If your television draws 100W and you have a deep-cycle battery that can be charged down to 80%, this will give you a total of 1920W, which is equivalent to 19.2 hours of running your TV.

Why are Lithium Batteries Good For Deep Cycle?

As mentioned earlier, you can never go wrong with lithium's deep-cycle benefits. It's like having double the benefits of a conventional battery like lead-acid and AGM deep-cycle batteries. Check out some of the benefits that make lithium the best component to pair with deep-cycle batteries. 

Increased capacity in lighter form: Yes, you heard it right. Lithium batteries such as LiFePO4 are twice lighter than their lead-acid counterparts. If this isn't amazing enough, a lithium battery also packs more usable energy and can be safely discharged up to over 50% without incurring any damage. How efficient is that?

Improved charging: Lithium batteries charge four times faster than lead-acid batteries. This efficiency is also maintained when using solar panels, so you won't have to wait for a long time to have your batteries topped off whether you're in your RV or at a campsite.

Better durability & longer service life: Lithium is much more resistant to vibration compared to lead-acid and is less prone to heat damage. It can also last for up to seven years and even a decade with proper care, making it a cost-effective, long-term choice for avid campers. 

Environment-friendly: Because of their sealed structure, lithium batteries have a lesser risk of leaking harmful chemicals that cause environmental damage. 

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