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Lithium Battery Perth

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Blessed with an abundance of beaches, numerous campgrounds, and beautiful nature, Perth is the perfect city for outdoor lovers to unwind on a weekend or on a holiday. If you're a fan of camping, this is a place you should definitely check out, armed with all your camping gear including a good lithium battery, of course. Why lithium batteries when there are so many camping batteries available? Batteries now have evolved a lot and currently, lithium is considered the best component for them. Now, this is not the small cr2032 or cr2 batteries you usually see, nor is it similar to the lithium-ion batteries found in small gadgets.

Lithium batteries are different in composition and application. Lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFePO4 batteries in particular are at the top of the rank due to their integrated battery management system (BMS). This ensures that every cell in your battery is in optimal condition and protects it from overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits as well. A single LiFePO4 battery is better than multiple lead-acid batteries both in quality, lifespan, and efficiency. Particular about safety? You'll be thrilled to know that these batteries don't explode, nor catch fire even when punctured. On top of this, they are built compact and significantly lighter, making them the perfect power pack to cart around on camping trips.

What Causes LiFePO4 Batteries to Decline? 

Regardless if it's a 100Ah lithium battery, 200Ah lithium battery, or anything with a higher capacity, LiFePO4 batteries can last for seven to 10 years. However, as excellent as they are, LiFePO4 batteries can also be damaged especially due to improper handling and maintenance. Below are some of the most common causes of lithium battery decline and how to avoid them. 

Incorrect charging: This one goes first since a lot of battery types including lithium, suffer from damage due to improper recharging. Using whatever charger is available just won't cut it-a lithium battery needs an appropriate LiFePO4 charger not just for charging efficiently but also to avoid reducing its lifespan. If you're using a deep-cycle battery, trickle charging is the best way to top it off and if you're pairing it with solar panels, it's a must to use a solar charge controller in between them. Charging at the proper voltage is important too. For instance, a 12V battery pack should charge at a 14.6 voltage, while a 24V battery should charge at 20.2V. 

Improper storage: Storing your battery for quite some time is not a good idea in the first place, but keeping it in a place exposed to extreme temperatures is even worse. Ideally, lithium batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place, with a temperature of around 20°C. Additionally, make sure it is not discharged below 50% when you store it as this may lead to a shortened battery life too. 

Ignoring DoD: LiFePO4 batteries are deep-cycle batteries, so you can discharge them down to 80% safely, unlike lead-acid batteries with a DoD of 50% only. However, avoiding frequent deep discharges won't hurt and would even ensure maximum performance every time. Also, try not to drain your battery completely to prevent cell damage. A discharge level of 2.0V is recoverable, but anything below it will cause irreversible damage already.

Can I Replace My Car Battery With LiFePO4?

A lot of people have been trying to use LiFePO4 as a replacement for their car batteries and so far, majority have claimed that it works just fine. Generally, this is possible but proper attention and feeding are needed to achieve a long cycle and reduce the risk of early battery death. While LiFePO4 batteries can make a good replacement for your vehicle's batteries, you may encounter problems with the alternator or with the lack of protection against over-discharging. The best move would still be using the appropriate car battery for your ride and the LiFePO4 for suitable applications like a camping battery, part of a caravan battery setup, or a battery backup.

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Now that you know a few basics about LiFePO4 batteries, it's time to buy your first lithium battery pack. If you're looking for lithium batteries in Perth, there are actually a lot of choices, with some even offering batteries wholesale. Those who prefer online shopping or are outside Perth can get theirs from Outbax too. Our LiFePO4 packs are of high quality yet affordable, perfect for campers on a budget. It doesn't matter where you are in Australia-you could be after batteries in Brendale or batteries in West Gosford and we can still deliver to you! While choosing your battery, why not take a look at our other ranges as well, like inverter generators and solar panels? You might just find a great alternative or additional backup for your next adventure there!

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