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100ah Deep Cycle Battery

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Whether you're at a campsite or in a remote location, enjoying the outdoors requires a good portable power source to keep your essential devices up and running. It's even more important if you're going camping in your RV either for a day or longer as this will serve as your temporary home while you're out and about. Packing a reliable off-grid battery makes a whole lot of difference in any trip since it adds comfort and convenience, plus, it makes the perfect backup in case of emergencies. If you're looking for a good battery pack for your next outdoor trip, look no further than deep-cycle batteries. These are the best option for any camper, boater, and even household. A deep-cycle battery is known for its low discharge rate, meaning it's suitable for extended periods of use. It can supply you with stable, consistent power even at an 80% discharge level, great for use especially if you don't have quick access to a mains power. 

Aside from a camping battery pack, deep-cycle batteries also have different types for various applications. There are deep-cycle marine batteries, deep-cycle batteries for caravan, and so on. Among these, a 100Ah deep-cycle battery is commonly used for short overnight camping or day trips. In particular, a lot of campers opt for a 12V 100Ah battery since it supplies ample power to run basic electronics and a few portable appliances. This is not hard to find as well. In Australia, some of the well-known suppliers of batteries have deep-cycle ones, such as Aldi 100Ah Deep-Cycle Batteries and Century 100Ah Deep-Cycle Batteries. 

In terms of type, 100Ah AGM deep-cycle batteries are the most popular but if we’re talking about overall quality, it’s best to go with 100Ah lithium deep-cycle batteries. Lithium batteries like LiFePO4 win in both lifespan, efficiency, and safety. Built with an integrated battery management system (BMS), you can expect optimal performance from it at all times. It’s also maintenance-free due to the built-in protection you get from common battery issues like overcharging and overheating.

What Size Inverter Do I Need For 100Ah Battery?

The size of the inverter you can run on a 100Ah deep-cycle battery is dependent on your load. For example, if the largest appliance you will be running is a microwave, this will draw around 900W to 1200W. Therefore, you will have to install an inverter with a minimum of 1500W. This size will allow you to run not just the microwave, but other small devices as well like phones and mini fans. Commonly, 100Ah-150Ah lithium batteries can operate an inverter with a maximum of 1000W. Now, a lot of campers are asking if they can use a 2000W inverter with two 100Ah lithium batteries put together. The answer is no. While it can work for a short time, eventually, this setup will create a "ping-pong" effect among the batteries. This means that since each of the batteries only has a maximum of 100A, their BMS will automatically switch off if they reach the maximum current output. When this happens, all loads in the inverter will be disconnected and within 5 seconds, the BMS will switch on again. If the large load is still present, the battery will just shut down once again. 

Can a 100Ah Battery Run a Fridge?

Yes, a 100 amp deep-cycle battery can definitely fun a fridge. Based on estimates, a 100Ah lead-acid deep-cycle battery can run a fridge for 13.3 hours at 80% discharge. The recommended DoD for lead-acid batteries is at 50% though and if we're going to follow this, it can run your fridge for around eight hours only. If you're using a lithium deep-cycle battery, you can power your refrigerator for a much longer time-around 15.8 hours. Of course, this will still be dependent on compressors, and if you're running other appliances simultaneously.

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