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Deep Cycle Batteries Perth

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Deep-cycle batteries are quite popular in Perth, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. The city offers numerous beaches, parks, and campgrounds plus, it gets more hours of sunshine compared to other areas in Australia. If you're one of those who are planning to enjoy the outdoors here, you better start hunting for the best deep-cycle batteries now to ensure a great adventure. Why deep-cycle battery? Deep-cycle batteries are the most recommended type of batteries for extended periods of use like on campouts or boat rides.

They stand out mostly because of their ability to provide stable power at 80% discharge level and longer lifespan, perfect for off-grid activities and even as a battery backup

While AGM deep-cycle batteries are ahead in terms of popularity, lithium deep-cycle batteries win when it comes to overall quality. LiFePO4 in particular, make a great investment for avid campers despite its higher upfront cost. Aside from the long-lasting benefits that a deep-cycle battery provides, opting for a LiFePO4 also gives you additional peace of mind with its safety features. This battery type is incombustible and has a built-in battery management system (BMS) that protects against battery issues including overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. Awesome, right? You get to focus on having fun even while your battery is recharging and you never have to worry about it catching fire or exploding!

Are Deep-Cycle Batteries Good For Solar? 

Deep-cycle batteries also make reliable solar batteries. They're usually utilised this way in a caravan battery setup or any RV solar system. Installing a deep-cycle battery in your vehicle and pairing it with solar panels is one of the best combos to power off-grid campings since deep-cycle batteries will be able to store and supply you with power generated from the solar panels for a longer period. Most of the time, recreational vehicles use a 12V deep-cycle battery but if needed, you can also opt for something with a higher voltage output, like a 24V battery. The only thing you need to make sure of is to use a solar charge controller in between your panels and battery bank to regulate the power from your solar panels that flows into your battery.

What is the Best Deep-Cycle Battery For Solar System?

Each solar setup is different, so the best deep-cycle battery for you would largely depend on your system and power requirements. However, if you want an idea of the top-ranking ones that are currently available in the market, here are a few names to keep in mind. First would be the Renogy Deep-Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt 100Ah. Renogy is a prominent name in the lithium battery industry, and this particular model proves just how good its quality is. Despite being a bit bulky, this AGM deep-cycle battery makes excellent solar energy storage, is easy to install, and requires no maintenance at all. Another well-known name would be the Battle Born LiFePO4 100Ah 12v Deep-Cycle Battery. Made with non-toxic materials, this lithium battery is 100% safe and can operate well under extreme temperatures. It also supports a fast recharge and can last for up to 500 cycles with 100% depth of discharge. Here at Outbax, we have plenty of cheap deep-cycle batteries that are of top-notch quality as well. You might want to check them out too, especially our slim deep-cycle batteries if you have limited space in your vehicle.  

How To Revive a Dead Deep-Cycle Battery?

If you find yourself with a dead deep-cycle battery, there are a few easy ways you can try to bring it back to life. First, clean your terminals and ports to allow electricity to freely flow in and out of your battery. Then, using a trickle charger, top off your battery according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once you're done recharging your battery, test it by connecting an inverter and checking if it switches on. If not, don't stress-you can try charging it again since some batteries just need an extra push to get it working again.

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