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Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia and is known for its sunny, youthful vibes. With such a large space, this Queensland city naturally houses a lot of camping sites. If you're residing here or simply planning to camp or go for a road trip in the area, you can get cheap batteries from either a Battery World Brisbane outlet, Battery Central, or an online shop specialising in outdoor gear like Outbax. We have a range of portable battery packs including lithium batteries like LiFEPO4. 

In Brisbane, campers usually opt for solar batteries when going out and about. A solar battery is typically incorporated in a solar power setup and is used to store the electricity generated from your solar panels. This energy can be used for times when your solar panels are not providing enough energy to power your essential appliances, such as during the evening and on cloudy or rainy days. 

Is It Worth Getting a Solar Battery?

In residential settings, the value of solar power sources is usually dependent on a lot of factors such as the type of your house's roof, location, and peak sun hours. However, when it comes to camping, they usually make great deals. Solar batteries in a solar panel setup, for instance, offer several benefits when used as an off-grid battery. They supply dependable energy regardless of where you are, so you won't have to worry about running out of power to operate the equipment you brought into the campsite or in your RV. Best of all, they're a widely available and free source of fuel. Unlike generators, you won't have to look for and haul a fuel container with this-as long as the sun is shining, your solar panels will be able to generate energy and store it in your battery bank. Overall, solar power batteries offer you a cost-effective way of keeping a bit of luxury in your camping trips for added comfort and convenience.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? 

Solar batteries can last for 5 to 15 years most of the time. This makes it such a great investment whether for home use or if you're an avid camper. If you want something that offers the best quality and lifespan, go for deep-cycle batteries, particularly a LiFEPO4. Aside from longevity, it also offers increased capacity and best of all, enhanced safety during operation. While solar batteries generally last for a decent amount of time, this could still be affected by a number of factors. These include your battery type and how you use your battery. It is also important that you keep them in an area with optimal temperature to maximise both their life and efficiency. When buying a solar battery, look for the warranty too. Lead-acid batteries are most likely to offer the lower end of warranty coverage, whereas their lithium counterparts offer coverage of up to 10 years or more. Lastly, make sure to maintain your battery even when you don't use it every day. Maintenance costs around $150 to $300 annually, while repairs could go as high as $3,200. If you want to make the most out of your solar camping battery or caravan battery, follow your manufacturer's instructions on how to care for it properly. 

How Much Does a Solar Battery Cost in Australia?

Solar battery price in Australia falls from $800 per kWh to $2000 kWh depending on how much energy you need, where you're staying, and how long you're going to go off-grid. If you're going to utilise it as part of a solar system, you need to consider additional installation costs as well. This may seem like a lot but when you think of it in the long run, you'll actually be saving more especially if you use it often. Currently, the market offers some of the best solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall. This one comes in a larger size with a capacity of 13.5 kWh and is usually used at homes. It's also the most popular solar battery as of 2022. If you're going to use it for outdoor trips, there are smaller ones you can choose as well, such as the LG RESU solar battery and of course Outbax batteries. 

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