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Deep Cycle Marine Battery

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Marine applications often call for two types of batteries-a cranking battery and a deep-cycle battery. Why is this? The way a boat operates is partly similar to a recreational vehicle in the sense that it requires separate power to start the engine and power the appliances on board. These two cannot be interchanged not only because they differ in function but also in structure. Marine cranking batteries have a lot of thin plates to increase surface area and make starting the engine as smooth as possible. They deliver short

bursts of power and this is the exact reason why they are not meant for cyclic use, unlike the house battery. Deep-cycle marine batteries, meanwhile, have fewer thicker plates and are designed to produce a continuous stream of power for trolling and powering electronic equipment. They are less likely to overheat and are able to withstand high temperatures during heavy current as well, making them suitable to use for an extended period of time. 

A lot of people get confused about the difference between deep-cycle and marine batteries. Actually, deep-cycle batteries and starting batteries are both types of marine batteries. Another option for powering your boat would be the dual-purpose marine batteries. These function both as a starting and deep-cycle battery, perfect if you have limited space on your boat. However, not all boats are suited for this plus, dual-purpose batteries are also prone to overheating in harsh conditions, which can be risky when you're out in the sea.

What Is a Good Deep-Cycle Marine Battery?

Nothing beats a lithium deep-cycle battery both in quality and performance. Lithium deep-cycle marine batteries especially LiFePO4 batteries are built for long-lasting, efficient use. Equipped with an integrated battery management system (BMS) that ensures every cell is in optimal condition, this type allows for a maintenance-free use as it also protects against the usual battery issues. In fact, lithium batteries are so good that they are widely used as camping batteries and even battery backups for homes as well. If you're after the best marine batteries, here are a few of the most popular lithium battery names you can go for.

BattleBorn 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery: This lithium battery is designed for harsh weather conditions and years of consistent service. Its built-in BMS is of the highest quality, allowing a 1.2kW continuous and 2.4kW surge power output. Boasting up to 5,000 cycles or 10-15 years of lifespan coupled with a low self-discharge rate, you can expect this boat battery to power your essentials efficiently throughout your entire ride. 

Renogy 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery: Renogy is another prominent name in the lithium battery market because of the high-quality batteries they offer and their 12V lithium marine battery is no exception. Aside from an intelligent BMS, this battery is designed for quick charging and has an IP45 splash-proof feature perfect for boating adventures. Best of all, it features an RJ45 port for easy monitoring of battery parameters and to allow for parallel connection too. 

Optima OPT8016-103 Deep Cycle Marine Battery: This one is not lithium but is considered among the best boat batteries as well. The Optima Deep-Cycle Marine Battery is an AGM battery built for maximum durability. It can withstand even harsh weather conditions and has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes for consistent performance. Featuring a 15% higher vibration resistance, this is guaranteed to supply you with stable power every time. 

Here at Outbax, we offer quality deep-cycle batteries as well. Our range of LiFePO4 packs presents a variety of options for anyone looking for marine batteries or even camping batteries. We even have slim deep-cycle batteries for those looking to save more space inside their boat without compromising on power output!

What Type of Marine Battery Do I Need?

There are tons of good marine battery suggestions but ultimately, the best one you could go for would depend on a lot of factors like the type of boat you have, the setup you want, and the amount of power you will need. Usually, boaters go for 12V marine batteries, while others go for higher voltage output, such as 24V batteries especially if they have larger boats. Some prefer a dual-purpose marine battery if applicable, while those who have extra appliances opt for a lithium dual battery system for added capacity. Before purchasing your battery, make sure you have a good estimate of your power consumption as this is one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind-you don't want to be stuck with a flat battery in the middle of the sea! Sizing your boat battery is pretty simple. You just need to add the average amp hours of each appliance you will use to give you a good idea of how much power your boat ride will require by dividing its wattage by the voltage level of your battery and multiplying it by the number of hours you plan to use it. 

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Housing several deep-cycle battery packs, Outbax offers boaters different types of lithium marine batteries to choose from. We also aim to make shopping for batteries better since everything is done online and our marine battery prices are more affordable than the usual boat battery cost range. Looking for marine batteries in Perth or marine batteries in Sunshine Coast? Easy-just choose your pick, add to cart, and check out. You'll have your power pack in no time plus, if you want alternative power sources for backup, we have marine generators and solar panels for you too. Shop now and level up your boat ride experience!

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