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100 Amp Hour Lithium Battery

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When you need good reliable power but are far from grid power, then going with a 100 amp hour lithium battery is an excellent choice. These can be set up in most locations and can store energy to be used at a later time, they are rechargeable with solar panels, or a portable generator. To work out how many batteries you 'll need, you can add up the number of amp hours (Ah) your appliances will use in an hour and multiply that by how often you 'll be using them. For the best results, it 's ideal that you take this number and add in at least another twenty-five per cent.

The number of Ah that you arrive at will decide which battery is best and how many you 'll need. You 'll also need to consider how you 'll be recharging the batteries, so factor in what you 'll be using and how long that will take. For a 120w solar panel you generate about 70Ah in a day (approximately seven hours) for a 12v system, so if you need to use more than that you 'll need additional, or higher wattage, solar panels.

A 100 amp hour lithium battery can be set up as a single unit, or you can set up an array for extra power. These batteries from the Outbax online store are highly portable and durable. They do not need any maintenance and are suitable for camping, installed into recreational vehicles and caravans, or installed on site to an outbuilding that needs power. These can store and deliver power to run most appliances, including power drills, and refrigeration units.

Does a 100 amp hour lithium battery require a special charger?

To keep your 100 amp hour lithium battery in the best condition it is recommended to use a charger that is designed for use specifically with lithium batteries. The best way to recharge these batteries is either with a charger designed for use with mains power, solar panels, or a portable generator. If you have no other option it is possible to use a standard lead-acid charger to recharge a lithium battery. To do this, you 'll need to make sure the charger is adjusted to the appropriate settings; this includes having the automatic equalisation mode turned on and the maximum voltage set to the correct level. Most modern chargers will have these settings available, if you don't, you can still use the charger, but you need to be ready to disconnect the battery once it is at or near a full charge. As a lead-acid battery has the potential to damage your lithium battery and reduce its lifespan, we 'd recommend not using it unless you 're in an emergency and have no other options.

How to maintain a 100 amp hour lithium battery?

If you have a 100 amp hour lithium battery from Outbax, then you are in luck as it doesn 't require any maintenance. Keeping the outside clean with an occasional wipe down is all it needs, other than that nothing is required to keep it working in peak conditions. To increase the expected life of the battery you can use partial discharge cycles; this means to only use 20-30% of the batteries capacity before making a recharge, and try to avoid full discharges. It is best to keep the battery charged by using the correct charger, which is either a suitable lithium battery charger or a slow charger like you 'd get from a set of high quality camping solar panels.

Where can I buy a 100 amp hour lithium battery?

At Outbax we have a 100 amp hour lithium battery available in our online shop. There are several different models to choose from and they are suitable for camping, boating, and other applications where you don 't have access (or don 't want to connect to) grid power. Shopping at an online store is the best way to get exactly what you need, and it can be done from any location provided you have a reliable internet connection. At Outbax we can deliver your batteries directly to any address in Australia in as little as 3-7 days. In addition to lithium batteries, you 'll find that we stock many items suitable for the outdoors, this includes UGG boots for cold winter nights around the campfire, or inflatable spas, and above ground pools to keep you cool in your backyard on a hot summer's day.

Finding what you need in outdoor power solutions is easy in the Outbax online store. You can use the filtering functions and look through our easy to follow menu system to quickly get what you need. We have camping solar panels, and solar blankets, that are all capable of recharging a 100 amp hour lithium battery. After you place your order, we'll get busy picking and packing it ready to send directly to you. All orders are processed within 24 hours; you 'll be sent a tracking code as soon as they are ready to be shipped. For peace of mind that nothing happens during transport, we highly recommend taking out postal insurance on your delivery. If your items arrive with any damage please get in contact with our team and we can start the insurance proceedings on your behalf.

Shopping online is the most convenient way to find anything you need and at Outbax we are happy to give you a helping hand if you have any questions. You can contact us through email, or phone during business hours (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm) and we 'll answer all your questions.

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