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Deep Cycle Caravan Battery

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Caravanning is just as popular as tent camping in Australia. Fusing your ride and temporary shelter brings a lot of convenience for adventurers, especially if it's equipped with a good power pack to keep everything running smoothly. This is where the benefits of deep cycle caravan batteries enter. 

For starters, a deep cycle battery is known for its ability to be discharged down to 80% without incurring any damage. This battery pack is great not just for caravans but for traditional camping, boats, and as a backup battery too. Anything that requires long-lasting power without needing a recharge can be covered with a deep cycle battery, making them ideal if you're planning to stay off-grid with no quick access to a mains power. 

Get to know more about deep cycle caravan batteries, how to maintain them, and where to get the best ones. Here at Outbax, we'll make sure you can enjoy high-power camping without breaking the bank so keep reading and get the best battery shopping tips!

What Are Deep Cycle Caravan Batteries?

Deep cycle batteries for caravans are typically used as service batteries. This means that it works separately from the starting battery and is mainly used for powering whatever electronics you have inside. Using dual batteries is not new for RVs and even 4WDs. A 4WD dual battery setup is the only recommended system for 4x4 vehicles and this is the same case with caravans too. 

The reason for this is to ensure that you have enough power to kickstart your engine and keep your appliances running. A starting battery cannot do this alone since it's designed for providing short bursts of energy only, unlike deep cycle caravan batteries which are meant to supply stable power for extended periods. 

Often, caravan owners use a 12V deep cycle battery because it's just the right size for most RVs. A 100Ah deep cycle battery, meanwhile, is preferred in terms of capacity. If you're staying in a remote area, you can also opt for a 200Ah battery or maybe pair your battery with caravan solar panels so you can charge them during the day and use the stored power in the evening. 

Deep cycle caravan batteries are great on their own but for best results, go for a lithium deep cycle battery like a LiFePO4 battery. This way, your battery will be equipped with a built-in BMS to ensure superior performance and automatically protect it from common battery issues like overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits.

A lithium deep cycle battery might be initially more expensive than going for a standard AGM deep cycle battery but it’s actually the cost-effective choice for long-term use, especially if you go on road trips often. 

How Long Does Do Deep Cycle Caravan Batteries Last?

A lead-acid deep cycle battery has an average lifespan of around six years. Lithium-based deep cycle caravan batteries can last up to a decade with proper maintenance, helping you save more in the long run. 

Keeping deep cycle caravan batteries in optimal condition does not require much. Most of the maintenance methods are pretty straightforward, such as not charging it below its original voltage level and switching it off when your caravan is not in use to prevent parasitic loads from discharging it. 

After you're done using your power pack, make sure to recharge it before storing it and try to run it a few times instead of keeping it stored for long periods. Your storage area also matters-make sure to keep it at room temperature and away from any source of heat or metal objects. 

If we're talking about longevity while in use, this will depend largely on a lot of factors such as state of charge (SOC), amount of load, and run time of each appliance. The best way to determine this is by listing down the power requirements of all your electronic equipment and their run time to calculate how much capacity you need or using a power calculator online for a faster method. 

Can Solar Panels Charge Deep Cycle Caravan Batteries?

Definitely! As mentioned earlier, pairing deep cycle caravan batteries with solar panels is a great way to power your outdoor trips. Caravans often use fixed solar panels or flexible solar panels, but you can also choose another type depending on what works best for your entire system. Having this caravan battery setup will allow you to camp anywhere because you're backed with a renewable energy source plus a battery bank for energy storage. 

This requires installation, though, so you're likely to take more out of your pocket. You also need additional materials such as solar panel accessories and of course, a solar charge regulator to prevent your battery from overcharging. A setup like this is usually recommended for avid campers but if you only go out occasionally, it might be better to use only one power source instead. 

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Outbax offers deep cycle batteries in different voltages like 12 and 24V deep cycle batteries. They're available in various capacities as well so whether you want something for your caravan or if you're looking for something different like a deep cycle marine battery, you're sure to get a good one here. 

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