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100 Amp Deep Cycle Battery

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Why are 100 amp deep cycle batteries so popular among campers? Yes, deep-cycle batteries are really the preferred battery type for powering appliances, especially during off-grid campings but have you noticed that mostly, it is 100Ah batteries that are used for it? This is because 100 amps are like a standard or best size for carting around on trips. It's also just the right capacity for running essential electronic devices for a weekend camp out. 100 amp deep cycle batteries are usually ultra-portable yet pack enough power to keep most campsites comfortable throughout your entire stay. 

If you pair a 100Ah capacity with a deep cycle battery’s 80% DoD, you'll get an impressive runtime perfect for all your outdoor trips. This battery's increased capacity is the main reason why it works well in a variety of applications. It's the best house battery for a 4x4 dual battery system, you can use it as a deep cycle marine battery, and even as a battery backup for power outages. Deep-cycle batteries are also known for their long lifespan. It has several types as well including lead-acid, gel, and lithium. All of these can get the job done but if you want consistent quality and superior performance, go for a lithium deep cycle battery like a LiFePO4 battery. This will give you maximum efficiency and extra safety as well with its integrated battery management system (BMS). Despite the higher upfront cost compared to the popular 100 amp AGM deep cycle battery, a LiFePO4 is proven to be the more cost-effective choice for long term purposes. 

How Long Do 100 Amp Deep Cycle Batteries Run A 100W Appliance?

Ideally, 100 amp deep cycle batteries can last up to 120 hours powering 10W appliances. This is not the case though, as our appliances have different wattage requirements. If you're running a power-hogging appliance with 2,000W, you'll only be able to use a 100Ah battery for 36 minutes. Your battery type also matters. A lithium battery will significantly last you for longer compared to a lead-acid battery, especially if it's a deep cycle battery. Basically, the run time of 100 amp deep cycle batteries or any other power pack for that matter is largely dependent on a lot of factors. Some of these include frequency of use, access to another power source like solar panels, and simultaneous running of appliances. The best thing to do here is to calculate your power needs for camping first to determine whether a 100amp-hour deep cycle battery is suitable for you. You can do this by listing down each appliance with their amp-hour rating, adding them, and comparing them with your battery's capacity. There are also power consumption calculators available online.

Can 100 Amp Deep Cycle Batteries Be Overcharged?

Yes, 100 amp deep cycle batteries or any battery type that has a non-LiFePO4 composition can definitely be overcharged. This usually happens when you use the incorrect charger when topping off your battery. For example, if you have a 12V 100Ah deep cycle battery, you need to make sure that your charger's voltage is compatible with it. There are also specific types of chargers for certain types of batteries. In the case of deep cycle batteries, the best way to recharge them is through trickle charging

Overcharging 100 amp deep cycle batteries can lead to a lot of issues. One of them is overheating, which can lead to an explosion of the battery pack either while charging or during use. Another result of overcharging is corrosion. When you're battery's grid is already damaged, you'll eventually see a decrease in its performance and lifespan as well. This is why the charging process is crucial to most batteries. Most problems within a power pack stem from improper recharging, which can be prevented when you invest in a LiFePO4 battery. Aside from being suitable for deep cycle applications, its integrated BMS provides automatic protection against overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits. Having a LiFePO4 means one less thing to worry about while enjoying the outdoors, so you get to enjoy your time more.

How Much Are 100 Amp Deep Cycle Batteries?

Deep cycle battery prices vary depending on amp-hours, battery type, brand, and additional features. An AGM 100 amp deep cycle battery can start at $80 to $1,000 while a gel battery of the same capacity falls somewhere between $100 to $500. Lithium batteries are the most expensive type. These start at around $500 to over $2,000, which is why a lot of campers hesitate to go for them despite their stellar performance. However, if you take into account the decade-long lifespan of lithium batteries and compare it to the number of times you would have to replace a conventional lead-acid battery, you actually win with a lithium battery in the long run. 

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