Top 43 Camping Equipment to Take on your Long-Term Camping Trip

Top 43 Camping Equipment to Take on your Long-Term Camping Trip

Camping brings a lot of fun to adventurers who love trekking, hiking, boat fishing, and kayaking. The challenge is how to accomplish these fun activities whilst ensuring that everyone is safe and comfortable. When you go camping, you leave the safety and comfort of your home. Because of this, you have to make sure that you bring the right camping gear for your survival, protection, and comfort.

Here is a list of the important camping equipment that you should consider bringing in your next adventure, especially if you're camping for a number of weeks or months.

Camping Gear

1. Caravan solar panels

You could go camping without worrying about discharged batteries, laptops, and mobiles. Caravan solar panels are portable enough to fit in your bag and powerful in collecting sunlight and producing power for your gadgets.

2. Battery bank

Don't leave this behind if you want to prolong or charge your mobile phone. The best power bank should be a lithium-ion device rated 12,000 mAh. It should feature the charging status and power-on indicators.

3. Portable generator

If you're not up to bringing solar panels, a portable generator may be more suitable for you. A portable generator is lightweight and good enough to power your mobile devices, LED lamps, electronics, and kitchen appliances. Choose one with a true sine wave for efficient power supply and a safe output for delicate devices such as laptops and mobiles.

4. Headlamp

It is a convenient tool when you are working with both your hands, such as when fixing a car engine or when you are hiking and holding other important gear.

5. Rope

This allows you to create knots for an emergency situation and a clothesline to dry your things under the sun. You may also need it for hiking or river crossing. You may also want to bring a reflective rope. Tripping over your own tent or another guy's camping area in the dark is something you would want to avoid. This reflective rope will ensure that you avoid such a mishap.

6. Sun-lighter

A device that harnesses sunlight to burn a bush, twig, or paper, a sun-lighter is perfect when you don't have any cigarette lighter, match, or fuel.

7. Toolbox

A handy case should contain screw tips of all sizes, a measuring tape, long-nose, circuit continuity tester, and a wrench. Don't leave this behind if you are driving your vehicle on a challenging terrain.

8. GPS device

This is indispensable if you are exploring an unfamiliar or remote area. Use its multifunctional capabilities such as voice navigator, editable maps, compass, and multi-layered map whilst driving or hiking.

9. Handy antenna

It can be very useful, especially when the mobile signal is too weak or non-existent in remote areas.

10. Emergency flashlight kit

This one contains a whistle, compass, Band aid, flashlight, gauze, and vinyl gloves, topped with a LED-embedded cap.

11. LED lantern

A lantern made with LED is best for safe and non-combustible lighting. Don't go camping without this on a long-term camping trip. It can provide lighting whilst you nap, sleep, or have night conversations with your friends. You can charge a LED lantern with a solar panel or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

12. Smartphone

This gadget features functionalities beyond text messaging and calling capabilities. With GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities, a smartphone can be turned into a life-saving device to keep you from getting lost in far locations. With its mobile data functionality, you can search the internet, post messages on social media, or send messages via electronic mail.

13. Multipurpose knife

A must for outdoor activities and emergency situations, a multipurpose knife contains miniaturised tools such as knife, screwdriver, flat screw, scissor, filer, tweezer, and LED mini flashlight.

14. Backpack

You'll need this bag to organise and keep all things in one go. A good backpack should feature several compartments, extra pockets, and insulated sections to accommodate a bottled water, a personal hygiene kit, and a folded hammock.

15. Cigarette lighter

Rubbing sticks may not be ideal in the camp especially when it is raining. Lightweight, durable, and small lighters can give you a quick fire. Other Incendiary devices may include matches and solid alcohol with a stand kit. A solid alcohol is best as a non-explosive and non-toxic alternative for fuel.

16. Cleaning tools

Tidy up your dishes with cleaning tools such as trash bags, scrubbers, dishcloths, and liquid soap. This will minimise food contamination which could be serious if you are miles away from the city's medical facilities. Aside from rubbish disposal, garbage bags can also be used as a raincoat, makeshift shelter, or storage for clothing.

17. Survival hatchet and knife

It is a handy tool for splitting firewood or clearing your way into thick vegetation. Just make sure you don't harm indigenous flora and other protected species in the process. You may also want to bring a survival knife. It should be lightweight and versatile to cut through rope or vegetation. A quality knife with carbon fibre material will allow you to prepare fish filleta charming meal in the wilderness.

18. Shockproof and leak-proof watch

It is durable enough to withstand water and shock. Aside from showing the date and time, it also has a compass to guide you in your trek.

19. Shovel

A long or mini shovel is useful for digging embers/logs, squashing bugs, banging in tent pegs, or designing a temporary toilet.

20. Solar powered camp shower

If you need to shower in the morning, you can use solar heat to warm up the cold water with this device.

21. Portable toilet

If you have a caravan or a car, you may want to bring a portable toilet for your utmost convenience. It is best that you do not leave any waste behind.

Kitchen equipment

22. Cooking ware set

Portable and organised cooking ware such as pots and pans would allow you to cook various types of meals during your camping trip.

23. Thermos bottle

This is useful for keeping your water cold or hot, depending on your needs. An instant coffee or tea would be wonderful in the morning.

24. Water container

An indestructible water container would be the best device to keep your precious water supply safe.

25. Water filter

If you don't have access to clean water, a filter can turn any non-potable water source into safe drinking water. It can remove microbes, microns of particles, and the chemical aftertaste.

26. Press coffee maker

Bring this to make an ice cold or hot coffee with just a press.

27. Jar of peanut butter

Given its long shelf life, peanut butter can provide a good source of protein for a quick meal. Make sure you don't have peanut allergy, though. After you emptied out the peanut butter, the jar is useful for a lot of things, such as storing potable water, medicine, or food.

28. Foldable grill

If you want to roast chicken or seafood, this one will provide you with a quick platform to leave a delicious and crispy grilled mark on the meat.

29. Leak-proof cooler bag

Bring one if you want to keep your drinks cool for the rest of the day. It is also great for keeping tumblers, bottles, or icicles.

30. Portable camping stove

Fuelled by butane gas, a portable camping stove is ready to fire its bluish flame with a turn of the thermostat.

31. Collapsible beverage dispenser

With its collapsible body and adjustable faucet, this is very handy when you need to free up more space or when you need to pack more items.

32. Foldable table

It is great for meal preparation and holding other camping tools and kitchen utensils. You may also want to bring chairs, bin bags, extra canopy or tarp, and extra furniture that will make your dining experience in the wilderness more comfortable. Other items in this category include paper plates which are easier to use with any meal. You may also need corkscrew if you have brought bottled beverage; firewood, cups, mugs, cooler, roasting sticks, tablecloth, pot, cooking spoon, spatula, paring knife, paper towels, extra bin, foil, biodegradable soap, storage containers, foil, and fuel.

33. Portable camping chair

Made from sturdy aluminium and stainless steel and wire mesh, a portable camping chair can provide you comfort whilst sitting beside a river or lake, cooking a pot roast, or reading a book.

Sleeping Equipment

34. Hammock

This is a must if you want to take a nap beside a lake or riverside. A hammock features the support of reinforced webbing and heavy-duty ratchets. It's foldable and would fit inside a knapsack or bag.

35. Tent

With starlight windows above, you could rest at night outdoors whilst viewing the beauty of the stars and moon. A zipper and reinforced plastic would keep your tent closed and protected from rain, snow, and wild animals.

36. Sleeping bag

It works best to protect you from extreme cold at night or prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from feasting on your body.

37. Self-inflating camping pad

This cushioned camping pad is easy to store and unfold. It will give you added comfort, especially when using a sleeping bag.

38. Inflatable mattress

Use an inflatable mattress for comfortable napping and sleeping or to mimic your home's traditional bed. This is easy to carry inside your camping bag.

39. Pocket blanket

You can protect yourself from mosquitoes and other bugs or from the cold with this pocket blanket. Your body can easily fit into this pocket blanket without the worries of folding or heaviness. For utmost convenience, consider bringing extra blankets and pillows.

40. Hiking boots

These indispensable footwear will keep your feet protected from the long walk and sharp stones. You may also want to bring rainproof clothes whilst trekking. It is indispensable when you suddenly face torrential rains or snow. You can also use this clothing type to prevent wetting your documents, food, and other clothes. Meanwhile, a microfiber towel is an additional tool that will keep you dry after swimming or remove sweat from your body.

Medical supplies

41. Medical first aid kit

Don't go camping without a list of portable medical supplies. A good medical kit should contain these items: antibiotic eyewash, antacid, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic solution, bandages, Calamine lotion (for poison ivy and stings from plants or animals), finger splints, Benadryl, first-aid manual, moleskin, hand sanitiser, latex gloves, sterile eyewash, sterile gauze pads, first aid kit book, syringe, thermometer, sunscreen, triangular bandage, tweezers, plastic resealable bags, sticky tape, pocket mask, safety pins, antiseptic cream, scissors, painkillers, triangular bandages, skin rash cream, eyewash or bath, antihistamine cream and tablets, sticky tape, cough medicine, and distilled water. Also bring an insect repellent to avoid insect bites from bees and mosquitoes. It usually comes in the forms of lotion or anti-insect bite spray.

42. Survival whistle

It is a great tool for calling the attention of others when you are in distress, such as being in a dangerous area.

43. Radio

Use a radio to listen to emergency hotlines, weather forecasts, and relevant news.

Personal items

To prevent exposure to extreme sunlight, use sunscreen lotion that is specified for certain time exposure. For your personal hygiene, don't forget to bring soap, alcohol, and toothbrush. Toiletries are also essential for eating and wiping. You can also use them for cleaning utensils in the absence of water.

Other things you need to bring

Make sure that you also bring daytime clothes, gloves, easy-on shoes, slippers, swimsuits, sleepwear and hats. In any situation, a complete camping gear for long-term camping will help you adapt to any terrain, weather, and environmentwhether it is a desert, riverside, beach, grassland, or mountainous area. Organising camping tools into categories can help you sort out what you need in certain situations. Outbax can help you find these camping tools and accessories with ease, using our website's search tool and filters. Since 2012, we have been providing Australians with quality camping and outdoor tools. For a stress-free and relaxing camping experience, browse through our products today!

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