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The Ultimate Camping Gear List

The Ultimate Camping Gear List

Leaving home to go camping without a check list is never a good idea. Chances are you will forget something and it could be the essentials like tent poles and pegs!A camping list should include all basic camping equipment, clothing, footwear and first aid and when camping with kids, sources for entertainment, like balls and frisbees.

Here's a guide to creating the ultimate camping gear list:



For an enjoyable camping experience, always ensure your tent is large enough so that everyone can sleep comfortably - as a general guide a four man tent sleeps two and a six man tent sleeps four. Ignore the packaging, as you need to make room for storing bags and other items.When choosing your tent, consider your destination. If it's likely to be hot, take a summer tent that is lightweight and comes with lots of ventilation. The new Bestway Montana tent is a great example. If the forecast says rain and wind, a three season tent will keep you cosy and warm.You will also need to consider the ease of the tent, as the last thing you want to do is spend four hours putting the thing up when you could be getting ready to toast marshmallows by the fire. If you are new to the camping game, have a practice run putting the tent up before you leave.


The first step to finding a generator is to determine what it is you want to power. If you are planning to power computers, phones and other electronic devices, you will need to use an inverter generator. Inverter generators are easily transported, light and quiet - qualities that are a must when camping. The Gentrax 4.4KVA Puresine Inverter Generator Silent comes with pure sine wave output (perfect for sensitive equipment) and around six hours continuous output on load.

Sleeping bag and air mattress:

If there is a chance your tent could become wet, always opt for a synthetic fill sleeping bag. Down sleeping bags turn into a heavy, soggy mess when wet and will need hours upon hours of drying time. As for warmth, a three season sleeping bag will work well in almost any climate. If you like a bit of extra warmth, however, look for a mummy shaped bag.For ease and convenience, the Comfort Quest 2-In-1 Fold ˜N' Rest Camping Bed includes an inflatable bed and sleeping bag that can either be used together or separately. The bed will prevent the cold coming up from the ground and the sleeping bag will keep you snug as a bug.


Forget carrying a lantern with you everywhere you go and instead pack a 5 metre LED strip roll. With 12 volts of new generation high intensity LED, your lights can easily be attached to the inside of your tent or awning and will provide plenty of light to the surrounding area.

Stove, cookware, cooler, utensils etc:

It's worth investing in specialised camping kitchen tools, as not only are they lightweight and durable, but often pots and pans can come with foldable handles great for transporting. Many items are also designed to handle environmental issues such as wind - problems you don't encounter in your kitchen at home!

First Aid

Accidents can happen when camping, therefore it's essential you pack a well-equipped first aid kit. Wherever you go on your camping holiday, your first aid kit should go too. Items to include are: Band-Aids, gauze pads, tape, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic cream, aspirin, mossie spray, diarrhea tablets and sunburn lotion.


Basic hygiene products are needed when camping, such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and hand sanitiser. You will also need to pack a washcloth and towel.For staying clean when you're in the middle of nowhere, try an outdoor shower such as Bestway's 20 Litre Solar-Pro Shower. Both compact and easy to use, the Solar-Pro can heat up 20 litres of water, meaning the whole family can be treated to a nice hot shower. It also has a reinforced handle, great for hanging and transporting.

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