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Inflatable Christmas Decorations

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How would you like a holiday scene perched in your garden or backyard? It could be rows of Christmas trees and snowmen or an image of Santa being pulled by his reindeer. Fortunately, you can now achieve this easily with inflatable Christmas decorations!

Say goodbye to lugging heavy statue-type Christmas ornaments and complex assembly. These Christmas inflatables will have your home ready for the holidays in an instant so you still have time for other preparations such as decorating your traditional Christmas trees or putting up your solar Christmas lights.  

Inflatable Christmas decorations come in different designs and sizes, perfect not just for homes but also for parades or parties. You can often get them deflated and packed in a carry case along with an included pump that looks similar to most pumps for mattresses or other inflatable items. They are also constructed with heavy-duty material meant to withstand all kinds of weather. 

Christmas inflatable decorations are typically used for outdoor spaces so they're big on durability. Whether it snows, rains, or shines, your blow up santa and reindeer inflatables are sure to stay intact provided that you have set them up properly and kept them well-maintained. 

If you're searching for "inflatable Christmas decorations" Australia, you'll be greeted with tons of options. You can easily get some Bunnings Christmas inflatables or browse through numerous online shops including Outbax. We have rows of blow up Christmas decorations to choose from, all ready to be displayed in your home!

Can Inflatable Christmas Decorations Get Wet?

Blow up Christmas decorations are generally designed to be weather-resistant. They're usually made with nylon and other synthetic materials, plus even the fans that come with them are just as durable too. You can expect most inflatable Christmas decorations to fare well on a rainy day or even in the snow however it would still be best to provide extra care during not-so-ideal weather conditions to ensure they won't be damaged. 

For instance, while Christmas inflatables can be left outside during a drizzle, you want to make sure they're away from puddles or any area that floods easily. If it's a stormy day with strong winds and rain, it would be better to store them inside until the weather settles to keep them in their best form. 

What about the winter season? Just like your favourite solar outdoor Christmas decorations, these fan-powered ornaments can also withstand moderate snowfall. Just remember to take them inside once the temperature drops below freezing level or if they've been outside in the snow for several days already. 

Your inflatable Christmas decorations will also stay stored for most of the year. Make sure to keep them clean after use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for storage and handling so you can use them again for next year's holiday season. 

How Do You Keep Inflatable Christmas Decorations Stable?

Blow up holiday decors are light and airy, so they have a tendency to sway or fall over during a breeze. However, you can follow these sure-fire tips to keep them upright in their place. 

Locate them properly

Visuals are not the only factor to consider when choosing a location for your inflatable Christmas decorations. They might look stunning next to your outdoor fairy lights arrangement but if the area doesn't offer anything that can support or hold down them down, you might find yourself chasing an inflatable snowman down the street every now and then!

Add weights

Some Christmas inflatables have openings at the back so you can put something heavy to weigh them down, such as sandbags. This will effectively keep them from being blown away by the wind or swaying excessively on a breezy day. 

Make use of stakes

If your inflatable Christmas decorations are sealed, you can hold them up using a garden or metal stake. Some blow up ornaments have loops at the bottom for this but if yours doesn't you can tie a thin rope around its body and loop it around the stake instead.

Tie them up

Do you know what would make those rope lights in your Christmas tree even better? A giant inflatable Santa with his reindeer! Tie it up on one of the branches-just far

enough so the bark won't damage it and your holiday ornament will stay in place easily. You can also tie your Christmas inflatables on fences and gates if you want to!

Are Inflatable Christmas Decorations Worth the Money?

Inflatable Christmas decorations add a festive vibe to any space with minimal effort. Aside from convenience, these holiday ornaments typically don't use up a lot of electricity. They usually consume about the same amount as a strand of string lights lined on your roof and since you'll be using them mostly at night only, you won't really have to worry about next month's bill blowing up. 

If you plan on using multiple Christmas inflatables, go for ones lit up with LED lights and pair them with LED solar lights such as solar icicle lights and motif lights. This is the most energy-efficient and safest combo you can go for when decorating your home plus, LED Christmas lights have a longer lifespan and runtime so you can enjoy your twinkles for more holidays to come. 

Another thing to consider with blow up Christmas decorations is your yard size. These figures are large and will definitely take up space so you want to make sure everything is measured up properly including other large ornaments you want to put up like pre lit Christmas trees

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