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Outdoor Fairy Lights

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One of the best things about Christmas is the rows of twinkling houses you get to pass by every evening. Most of these twinkles are outdoor fairy lights as they're quite popular for their dainty sparkle and variety of styles. These lights are also flexible in terms of arrangement, so you can use them to line your roof edges, display a shower of lights down your backyard trees, or drape on your fences. 

Gone are the days when putting up holiday lights requires a big fuss. The emergence of solar Christmas lights including these outdoor fairy lights has made decorating more convenient. There's no need for extensions anymore and if energy consumption is an issue, you can always opt for LED string lighting. LED lights use up around 75% less energy and last 25% longer than traditional incandescent bulbs for maximum efficiency. 

At present, outdoor fairy lights are sold left and right in almost every city in Australia. Solar fairy lights in particular are very popular because they're the best garden fairy lights you can go for in terms of overall quality. Plenty of solar lights styles are now available as well like icicle Christmas lights, solar candy cane lights, and motif lights

Whether you're after outdoor fairy lights bunnings, big W solar fairy lights, or any type of holiday light, you can easily get one. At Outbax, we also offer a full range of solar outdoor Christmas decorations which even includes pre lit Christmas trees. 

Are Outdoor Fairy Lights Waterproof?

Let's talk about the waterproof rating of outdoor fairy lights. Whether they're solar Christmas lights, LED string solar lights, or fairy icicle lights, anything designed for the outdoors should have good water resistance. Otherwise, they can be harmful or not worth the money since you will need to replace them within a short period of time only. 

The waterproof rating of most items including outdoor solar powered fairy lights is determined through the IP system. This refers to Ingress Protection and is followed by two digits-the first one indicates your light's dust-proof rating to ensure durability from dirt and other particles that may enter it. 

The second digit tells you how much your outdoor fairy lights can withstand a certain amount of water from any angle especially if they're subject to outdoor conditions. This rating indicator is used not just for lights but for all wired electronics such as speakers and some lithium batteries

When choosing your outdoor solar fairy lights or even plug-in lights, look for something with an IP65 waterproof rating. This means that your fairy lights can withstand low-pressure water, so they're safe during rainy days and the winter season. 

If you're planning to have your outdoor fairy lights submerged in water like in ponds or fountains, go for an IPX-8 rating instead. This is the highest possible grade for waterproofing and will allow for continuous water immersion of your lights in depths of over one meter. 

What happens if your outdoor fairy lights get wet? If you're using an IP65-rated set of holiday lights, you should have no problem. If however, you accidentally submerge them in water with an IP grade lower than IPX-8, they most likely need a replacement already since they would be unsafe even after being aired out.

How Do You Lessen Fire Hazard When Using Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights?

Worried about whether your outdoor fairy lights are a fire hazard? Don't let it stop you from hanging your favourite twinkles. While they pose a risk just like any other lighting system, you can take extra measures to ensure your home is safe while staying holiday-ready at the same time. 

This is where the advantages of LED Christmas lights kick in. Aside from helping you reduce costs, there are now low-voltage LED lights that remain cool to touch and are more durable. These are safer to use around traditional Christmas trees, fabrics, and children. 

Some LED lights also use connectable systems so if you have multiple outdoor solar fairy lights, you can easily put them together especially if you want them longer, like outdoor fairy lights curtain-style.

Perhaps the only con of using LED string lighting is that the transformer itself has a tendency to warm up. To ensure safety, see to it that you allow air to circulate around the device and keep it away from furnishings and fabrics such as carpets. 

A lot of fire safety measures lie in how you arrange you arrange your outdoor fairy lights. Make sure to place your cables somewhere you can easily see them, try not to overload sockets, and turn off the lights if you're leaving the house or going to sleep. 

Everything is pretty much basic but if you want to go extra, you can ask for assistance when buying your Christmas lights and ask questions about how safe they are from catching fire. You can also buy an RCD (Residual Current Device) which will automatically switch your lights off if there is a fault.

What Are the Best Features of Outdoor Fairy Lights? 

Solar Compatibility

Solar fairy lights are one of the most recommended kinds of outdoor fairy lights you can use. You basically win in every aspect with these-they're more cost-effective, durable, safe, and long-lasting too! Get something that comes with portable solar panels already or if you're particular about it, you can also get separate solar panels from another store.


Battery operated fairy lights save you from the hassle of finding a nearby socket or lugging an extension in the middle of your lighted garden. You can either go for Ni-MH, Ni-cd batteries, or lithium batteries for this, but not regular AA or AAA batteries. 


Most types of solar Christmas lights including outdoor fairy lights are meant more for decorating spaces instead of lighting them up. You want them to set the mood in your garden or backyard and not to be blindingly bright. Choose something with multiple light settings so you can easily switch up modes and brightness levels. 


There's no sense in keeping your solar powered Christmas lights on all night long. Having a timer along with your set of decorative lights is always a wise move, especially if you're trying to keep those holiday monthly bills under control. 

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